Quarantine showed me the beauty of indica strains

Quarantine showed me the beauty of indica strains

[Canniseur: Ah Indica. Love it. I wish we no longer had this distinction between Sativa and Indica, but that’s not going to change anytime soon. I frequently don’t know when to use “Indica” other than bedtime when I can’t truly enjoy the Indica effect. It does help me sleep, but it also does other wonderful things for me. Terrific story and terrific strains!]

The hardest thing about being a cannabis journalist is balancing productivity with all the weed I consume. While writing about weed for a living is a dream gig, I’ve lost countless days to overconsumption. Spiraling into the lazy vortex of bong rips and bad TV means deadlines begin to pile up like the emails in my inbox. The only thing I manage to answer on those days is a shameful “Yes” when Netflix asks if I’m still watching.

Before quarantine, I had been a sativa-only stoner for over a decade. Like many, I viewed indicas as a productivity-inhibiting treat reserved for after work or before bed, a desert but never a meal. Though I was aware of the controversy surrounding the incorrect labeling of flower as indica or sativa, the market doesn’t reflect the weed world’s relatively new aversion to this kind of distinction, and I didn’t realize just how incorrect I was. As someone who has adhered to that method of categorizing intoxication since high school, it was branded into my brain, an inherent bias I had yet to eradicate.

Then, quarantine hit. Things slowed way down. In trying to navigate the overabundance of free-time, I found my sativa-dominant lifestyle was no longer cutting it. The same strain that used to fill me with energy to run errands and finish my articles was turning me into a ball of anxiety with nowhere to go and no one to interact with outside of my own negative thoughts.

I began incorporating indica strains into my daily routine, realizing that the type of strains I’d written off due to their categorization as indicas held the key to balancing my productivity all along. Exploring this relationship in these months of isolation has forever changed the way I look at flower.

The mislabeling of indica and sativa

“Labeling strains as indica or sativa ultimately is a disservice to patients and consumers because it sets up false expectations around experience,” said Emma Chasen, a cannabis educator and industry consultant with a degree from Brown University in Medicinal Plant Research.

“Indica and Sativa are species designations for cannabis plants. Species are defined by their genetics, the physical manifestation of the organism, not how an organism might make a person feel when consumed.”

While most consumers associate sativa with an energized high and indicas with a sleepy “in-da-couch” vibe, the indica/sativa distinction is actually based on the physical characteristics of the plant. Sativa-dominant plants tend to have thinner, sharper leaves with seven or more leaf blades per leaf and take longer to flower. Indicas tend to be squatter with five broadleaf blades per leaf and experience a shorter flowering time.

“The chemical compounds, or chemotype, of the plant is what has influence on the experience. Those compounds are subject to environmental factors just as much as they are coded for by the plant’s genetics,” Chasen said. “Therefore, there is no guarantee that something labeled as an Indica will make someone feel sleepy and something labeled as a sativa will make someone feel energized.”

Chemotypes, terpenes, and cannabinoids

The chemical compounds, or chemotypes, that Chasen is referring to describe the terpene profiles and cannabinoid ratios in the flower. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these terms, terpenes are the organic compounds responsible for the plant’s flavors and aromas. They influence the experiences cannabis will produce, as well as potential medicinal benefits. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds like THC and CBD. Each strain has a unique cannabinoid makeup with accompanying effects.

When it comes to determining how a strain will affect you, every plant is unique and there are numerous factors at play. While it depends on the chemical makeup of the plant itself, it also depends on how those cannabinoids and terpenes react with your endocannabinoid receptors, as well as how you react with your surroundings. While cannabinoids like THC or CBD put you on a specific roller coaster, terpenes determine what kind of ride you’re going to have.

“Effects differ from plant to plant,” said Justin Heady Monster, a legendary grower responsible for the genetics behind some of the most iconic strains in existence, my personal favorite being Pink Starburst. “In the past decade or so, we have found that the terpenes present play a larger role in determining the high than the growing characteristics.”

Because traditional indicas tend to contain terpenes like myrcene and terpineol, they are associated with couch-lock. If you’re like me and associate that spicy, piney smell with a sativa high, it’s because pinene (pine smell) and limonene (citrus smell) both have energizing effects. These characteristic highs have nothing to do with the plants being sativa or indica, as any of those terpenes could just as easily be found in a plant with the physical characteristics of either one.

“Pink Starburst is a great example of this situation,” Monster noted. “It grows identical to your stereotypical ‘indica’ plant, however, the dominant terpene limonene gives the high something that is euphoric, creative, and what would be described by most as more of a sativa effect. Then you have some hazes, (hazes are categorized as sativas), that start out racy and intense before becoming a crashing, sleepy high due to the amounts of myrcene present.”

How to pick the right indica for you

Throughout these months spent quarantined with a large variety of “indica” strains, I’ve gained a far deeper understanding of the cannabis plant. Never have I had so much control over the way I utilize the plant medicinally and recreationally. Instead of falling victim to taking a huge bong hit of a “sativa” that happens to be high in myrcene early in the morning — and spending the day bleary-eyed and slow, bumbling around the kitchen — I can now tell by smell alone how a flower will make me feel.

When shopping for flower with specific effects, there are a few different methods you can employ. One is to pick a strain you like and look up its lab results. Take note of the dominant terpenes and cannabinoid ratios, then find strains with a similar chemotype. Another much cooler way is to take the time to learn your terpenes and train your nose. The smell of a strain’s dominant terpenes will provide you with a much more accurate depiction of the high than labeling ever could.

The beaches are closing, Americans can’t go to Europe, and no one wants to order a cute seasonal salad next to a two-gallon jug of hand sanitizer. This summer is clearly shot. We all have a ton of free time coming up, so use this time to educate yourself as a consumer. To get you on your way, here are some  “indica” strains with terpene profiles that produce a broad spectrum of effects, and which helped me handle the ups and downs, closings, openings, and then re-closings.

Also, strains I’ve recently tried

22Red: Caramel Gelato  

Red22 is a new cannabis brand by Shavo Odadjian, who was not only the bassist of System of a Down but clearly knows his shit when it comes to weed. One of my favorites from this list, Caramel Gelato is sweet and fruity with a bright, fun high that’s as much of an upper as it is a downer.

What it’s best for: late mornings, early movies, and tricking yourself into having fun cleaning the house.

Available: California

Caliva: Alien OG and Venom OG

Here is a perfect example of two indicas with drastically different effects.

Caliva’s Alien OG has a pungent, sour pine smell, meaning it has high levels of pinene which is a terpene that increases alertness and focus. The high reflects that, as there’s an energized overtone to its euphoric, mellow effects.

What it’s best for: sex, editing articles, hanging out on Zoom.

Caliva’s Durban Poison falls at the spectrum with its fruity berry smell, berry chocolate flavor, and dark purple buds. As intoxicating as it looks, this flower produces a lackadaisical high that is comfortable and chill.

What it’s best for: menstrual pain, bedtime, dealing with boredom.

Lowell Farms: Strawberry Banana 

The name Strawberry Banana says it all. Fruity and flirty, Lowell Farms’ “indica” tastes exactly like strawberries and bananas. Euphoric and silly, the high is exciting, making everything and everyone around you feel more fun.

What it’s best for: socially distanced socializing, playing with pets, daydreaming.

Aster Farms: Rainbow Chip

This spicy, herbal strain has a decadent and complex flavor, with an air of black cherries or chocolate. The high is focused and clear but also very intoxicating and heady, like an astronaut flying weightless in outer space.

What it’s best for: after work, after sex, after hours.

Available: California


This floral, fruity strain from vape god STIIIZY’s new line of flower is more of an upper than a downer. When it comes to Rosay, the high is light enough that it doesn’t interfere with my productivity, but heavy enough to take the edge off the monotony of existence.

What it’s best for: work, errands, motivation.

Available: California

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Top 6 Marijuana Strains To Unleash Your Creativity

Top 6 Marijuana Strains To Unleash Your Creativity

Original Article: Green Market Report: Top 6 Marijuana Strains To Unleash Your Creativity

[Canniseur: OH BOY!!! My personal favorite kind of cannabis are cultivars that make me feel or be more creative. The feel part is probably the most important point. Enjoy these strains!]

Editors Note: this is a guest post.

Cannabis can be used in countless ways. It relieves stress, chronic pains, and a wide plethora of other conditions. Besides medicinal uses, people consume marijuana to relax or help them fall asleep.

The great thing about the times we live in is that it’s an era of marijuana legalization and getting a hold of exactly the type of weed you’re after is easier than ever. If you don’t believe that to be true and you’re in Nevada, just look up Las Vegas Dispensaries and large cities in other legal states are increasingly becoming hotspots for cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

One of the most popular misconceptions about cannabis is that it turns you into a lazy, unmotivated couch potato. While it certainly rings true for some of the strains out there, it is worth remembering that there are others, which can fire up your imagination, breathe life into conversations, and expedite the creative process.

The trick lies in knowing which strain to choose for those particular moments when you are trying to get in the right headspace to get that creative spark going. If that’s what you’re after, be sure to check out one of these six strains listed below.

Jack Herer 

Named after one of the greatest cannabis rights activists in history, this strain will elevate your mind up to a point where you will be spitting out new ideas one after another.

Besides the euphoric effect, Jack Herer is a treat to smoke due to its fruity, peppery flavour. Whether you’re enjoying it in the form of a joint or bong hit, it will pack a punch that you will not soon forget. Another advantage is that contrary to other popular strains, Jack Herer leaves you clear-headed without the all-too-familiar dazy feeling one might get after the high goes away.

Jack Herer was recognized for its inspiring qualities by the international community of enthusiasts, having won numerous awards for its potency and creativity-friendly effects.

Berry White 

Also known as Blue Widow or White Berry, this particular strain of cannabis is a sativa-dominant hybrid, which already gives away that you’re in for an energizing kick!

A hit of Berry White will definitely inspire many creative endeavours. Additionally, the high is very balanced, eliminating the risk of increased anxiety and paranoia which is often associated with sativa-dominant hybrids.

Berry White will leave you energized and ready to create, while keeping your mind focused instead of going all over the place and ruining your experience.

Tangerine Dream 

Many people in the community will refer to it by Tangie, but regardless of the name it goes by, this strain is recognized and appreciated by artists and other creative individuals. Its main benefits include a long-lasting high — an uplifting experience with just enough relaxing qualities to keep you in the zone for a while.

What makes Tangerine Dream really stand out though, is its refreshing aroma and an unmistakable, fruity flavor. Aptly named after tangerines, this strain really does bring to mind those delicious citruses.

Whether you’re a musician, writer, or any other type of a creative soul, Tangerine Dream is definitely a strain that should end up in your stash one day.


An incredibly powerful strain with a non-threatening name, Jillybean is the queen of fun. The effects are almost immediate, and the most reported feeling after consuming it is overwhelming bliss and euphoria.

Jillybean is a favorite of creatives and social butterflies alike, as it enhances the quality of your social interaction and increases empathy for fellow human beings. You can recognize it by the strong aroma of orange with a hint of mango — it’s similar to Tangerine Dream in this aspect.

This particular creativity-enhancing strain works especially well if you’re in need of a long, uninterrupted session of brainstorming and piecing together your ideas, especially if you’re participating in a collaborative effort!

Kali Mist 

If your creativity is hindered by a lack of energy, then this strain might just be exactly what you’re looking for to boost you up and get those creative juices flowing at a higher rate.

The perfect pick-me-up strain, Kali Mist’s rejuvenating qualities were oftentimes hailed as “psychedelic” by users, due to its focus-enhancing and ego-crushing abilities. Kali Mist is the perfect choice when you need to open up your mind to new, challenging ideas.

Be wary of its side effects though — if you’re planning a longer session in Kali Mist’s company, make sure you have enough water to stay hydrated, as this strain is infamous for causing intense cottonmouth in some users.


Although its name may suggest otherwise, the LSD strain won’t make hallucinate or trip out like you would on psychedelics. The similarity lies in the euphoric feeling that comes with smoking this type of cannabis.

Just like all of the strains listed above, LSD is also a sativa-dominant hybrid, but the characteristic attribute that sets it apart from the rest is the strong, but not overwhelming body high that accompanies the energizing effects.



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Orange Skunk – Cultivar Review (Sativa)

Orange Skunk – Cultivar Review (Sativa)

Orange Skunk Cultivar Review: Total Score: 92

This week’s Orange Skunk cultivar review is for a “sativa” purchased at Arborside Compassion in Ann Arbor, MI. The grower is unknown. Arborside Compassion is one of the few medical marijuana provisioning shops in Ann Arbor remaining only as medical, choosing not to get an adult-use license. The buds were generally small, but not overly trimmed and it was not dried out like much of the flower I’ve purchased in Ann Arbor.

Orange Skunk – Appearance

Orange Skunk Cultivar Review

Photo Credit: Steve Haskin

For our orange skunk cultivar review we found the buds small with a lot of frost (trichomes) all over the flowers including the little bits of stem. And there were lots of orange stigmas to see. It wasn’t overly trimmed, but I still would have liked to see more leaf. That’s me though.

Appearance Score: 18/20

Orange Skunk  – Aroma

Wow! If this was a wine, I’d call it a fruit bomb. In the wine world, a fruit bomb is a wine that has a massive aroma and taste, sometimes very simple taste. The aroma was not simple. It started with a massive aroma of fresh orange-like fruit. I could not detect any pinene or other terpenes that are normal in this kind of sativa bud. That’s not a bad thing in and of itself. The bud had very prominent fruity aromas. I don’t believe I’ve ever smelled as fruity and luscious aroma as this. I do, however, wish I knew who the grower was. This one certainly was exceptional in the aroma.

Aroma Score: 19/20

Orange Skunk – Taste

The aromas came right through the taste. Perhaps the cure wasn’t long enough or it was too dry, but it was a bit harsh on the first toke. There was some coughing, but not a lot and it got mellower as it smoked down in the bowl. The taste went all the way through the process and you could still taste the delicious fruitiness in the exhalation and the fruity taste lingered for a while. In wine, this would be the finish and Orange Skunk had a pretty good finish. A few points lost for the harshness.

Taste Score: 17/20

Orange Skunk – Effect

The Orange Skunk cultivar is called sativa by the dispensary. While I don’t believe in sativa or indica as terms, the bud did have more of what I would call a ‘sativa’ effect. It was very uplifting. The mind effect had several nuanced layers in it. They were distinct from one another but worked together as a whole. Very uplifting and somewhat euphoric. And funny. Many things seemed humorous. There wasn’t much body effect until about 2 1/2 hours after smoking. Then it was just relaxing and maybe a bit sleepy. It was very easy and relaxing to laugh while under the influence.

The effect started about 3 or 4 minutes after we had our first toke. First, my mind felt relaxed and happy. Then my mind seemed to sharpen and the events of the day seemed humorous. It was a fairly focused effect and I liked it a lot.

Effect Score: 18/20

Orange Skunk Strain Review Summary

I was impressed with Orange Skunk. It was excellent, and probably one I’ll purchase again, especially if I knew who the grower was. The dispensary did allow me to pick out the buds.

My only objection to this strain has nothing to do with the grower, but the package it was delivered in. This shop let me select the buds, but then put them in a plastic bag that they then stuffed into a ‘pharmacy’ container like a lot of dispensaries use. The advantage of a ‘pharmacy’ container is the flower doesn’t get crushed. I like to crush (or grind) my flowers when I use them, not in the package thank you. Please dispensaries, if you’re listening, stop using plastic bags. And especially stop using plastic bags and then stuffing them into a container. I had never seen that before in Ann Arbor, MI.

Orange Skunk created a memorable effect. If you like a brain buzz, you’ll really enjoy this strain. If you want a strain that enhances creativity and gives lots of energy, Orange Skunk is that strain. A light session of 1 or 2 puffs will get your brain going for a few hours, but won’t give you that burst of creativity you might want.

Orange Skunk Strain Review Total Score: 92

Acapulco Gold Cultivar Review (Sativa)

Acapulco Gold Cultivar Review (Sativa)

Acapulco Gold Cultivar Review: Total Score: 94

I’m just back in Taos from a short trip to Telluride. If you’ve never been there, go if you can. It’s set in a stunning narrow valley surrounded by 14s (14,000-foot mountains). Telluride a marvelous place to chill for working and hiking. For a town this size, there are a lot of dispensaries. Some are chains while others are locally owned and operated. I like locally-owned dispensaries best and visited a few. This Acapulco Gold cultivar review is the first of several reviews from this trip to Telluride.

Acapulco Gold!

Photo Steve Haskin

One of the dispensaries I visited was The Green Room. It was my second visit and both times I was warmly greeted. This time they showed me some new strains. One was labeled “Landrace” Acapulco Gold. I remember Acapulco Gold from the 70s. It was always hard to find, but as I recall, the rewards were well worth the search. Is this really Acapulco Gold? Would it be as good as I remember? Check out this Acapulco Gold cultivar review for the answer.

What is Acapulco Gold Cannabis?

Acapulco Gold is a legendary landrace strain since the 1960s. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to find. This cultivar has the reputed effect of great happiness and energy. It’s an original Sativa. The effect is purported to be uplifting and intensely mind-bending. Let’s see if the new product lives up to its legend.

Acapulco Gold: Appearance

Nice bud of Acapulco Gold Photo: Steve Haskin

I bought an eighth. Included in the 8th was a huge bud (seen here) and several smaller buds. They were fairly loose-knit and not overly compact. That tells me there were no Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) used in the fertilizer or anywhere else during the growing process. The buds weren’t gold, but rather more celadon green with some, but not an overabundance of pale orange pistils. This is good, as pistils do nothing for the buzz (contrary to some opinions) and while they look pretty, an overabundance of them is one sure sign that PGRs were used in the growing operation. There were seed-like pods, but no seeds. I really liked the completely natural look of this Acapulco Gold cannabis. Some might not like it, but beauty is in the eye.

Appearance Score 17/20

Acapulco Gold: Aroma

The aroma was a blast of something from the past. I’ve been learning to identify the kinds of terpenes in the blend of a particular cultivar and this one was loaded with myrcene. It was earthy, musky and a slight fruity note not unlike grapes. There was a hint of pine and a citrusy scent. It was all put together well and had a very harmonious aroma. The aroma as it also brought back memories of the 70s. There’s not enough I can say about that. It smelled heavenly.

Aroma Score 19/20

Acapulco Gold: Taste

This Acapulco Gold was really well cured with a smooth, rich and mellow taste – a very good taste. The aromas followed directly into the taste. Not all that common these days. It’s all good. This bud tasted a lot like the musky terpene (myrcene) along with undertones of orange and perhaps a bit of pine. I really liked the way my bowl smoked. And I wanted to smoke it all up, so I did.

Taste Score 18/20

Acapulco Gold: Effect

Very focused. Cerebral. Uplifting and euphoric. What more is there to say? Acapulco Gold has a terrific effect. After the first puff, I knew something special was going within 3-4 minutes. After that, I kept getting happier, and happier, and happier. The overall effect kept getting better and better. My thinking became more focused at the same time as the euphoria stepped up its game. While it might not be the most potent cannabis I’ve ever consumed, it has a terrific buzz. I wish I had bought a quarter or a half after my taste and effect test!

Effect Sore 20/20

Acapulco Gold Cultivar Review: Summary

Holy smoke. This is the most highly rated strain review we’ve done. Some people might not like this strain because the THC is only listed at 16.8%, which is plenty for me. Landrace (original) strains are difficult to find in the marketplace because of all the hybridization cultivators are doing these days. But when you can find a landrace like Acapulco Gold or Panama Red or Thai, grab it as fast as you can because if you don’t, it’ll be gone. This example of Acapulco Gold was close to stellar and the score shows it. Terrific strain and I’d bet you could find it in a bunch of dispensaries in Colorado. Now I need to find someone who’s growing it in Michigan!

Acapulco Gold Strain Review Overall Score: 94

What Is “Purple Punch” Weed and Will This Strain Give Your Brain a Wallop?

What Is “Purple Punch” Weed and Will This Strain Give Your Brain a Wallop?

Original Post: Merry Jane: What Is “Purple Punch” Weed and Will This Strain Give Your Brain a Wallop?

[Canniseur: Purple Punch! We all need mellow these days. Chilling out with this wonderful sounding strain sounds perfect. Check out your local dispensary to find out for yourself.]

Just say the name: Purple Punch. It’s fun. It feels good. The words conjure thoughts of grape drink mix, freezer pops, fruit-infused cocktails, and other colorful cascades of mouth-watering excitement. Right away, you can almost taste it as “Purple Punch” rolls off the tongue.

If a weed strain takes on the moniker Purple Punch, it’s automatically got some sense-tingling standards to meet. It should smell like fresh-picked citrus, taste like a combination of Kool-Aid and blueberry muffins, and put smokers in the joyful, no-worries mindset inherent in such elemental pleasures.

It’s MERRY JANE’s pleasure to report that the Purple Punch indica strain does just that and more. It’s sweet, relaxing, and ideal for blazing up specifically to mellow out — to the point that sleepiness can definitely result. That factor is what makes Purple Punch weed increasingly popular as a late-night go-to for getting lit. So if you’ve been searching for Purple Punch weed facts, we’re here to enlighten.

Purple Punch image
via Deanz Greenz

Is Purple Punch Actually Purple?

Purple Punch is a hybrid derived by unknown breeders who crossed two indica-leaning strains, Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. Given that rich reefer legacy, Purple Punch definitely lives up to its name and legendary potential.

With fluffy, sugary nugs, and lush, dense purple and green highlights, Purple Punch has rightfully taken its place among beloved bud varieties of the same hues such as Purple Haze, Purple Trainwreck, Purple Skunk, Purple Dream, Sour Grape, and Grape Ape.

Purple Punch conveys all the strengths of other purple marijuana strains, bolstered by its own candy-scented merits. High among those is the aforementioned aroma and flavor. Purple ice-pop juice and robust berries absolutely dominate, with notes of vanilla and herbs enhancing each inhale. Earthy, pungent tones then turn up on exhale.


Image via The Herbal Cure

OK, That’s the “Purple” — What About the “Punch?”

Although containing a relatively restrained 20 percent THC factor, Purple Punch is a potent brew, and it delivers unmistakably mellow head and body results in short order. The strain’s 1 percent CBD quotient has much to do with that.

Intense waves of relaxation kick in, typically up under the scalp and behind the eyes. From there, Purple Punch’s pleasure factor rolls along down the spine and out to the limbs. The mind, meanwhile, happily follows along — releasing tension, clouding out distractions, and delightfully dipping ever deeper into cerebral bliss. Just un-focus and feel it.


Will Purple Punch Weed Put Me to Sleep?

Purple Punch’s ultimate impact feels like a light lift-off into carefree, airborne, everything-is-cool-everywhere sense of sedation. Just be prepared: Purple Punch can space you out so much that drowsiness can come easily and with irresistible power. Adjust your dosage accordingly.

What Else Can Purple Punch Do For Me?

Beyond getting high, Purple Punch smokers report the strain is first-rate for helping to address and alleviate mental and emotional stress, racing thoughts, body aches, migraines and, as indicated earlier, insomnia.

Given all these qualities, Purple Punch is perfect for firing up after a dope meal or at the end of the day. Plan to enjoy it while crashing on the couch to watch a fun flick or listen to chill music. You won’t be going anywhere and, believe us, Purple Punch will make you feel blissed AF to be exactly where you are.

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What Is “Sueño” Weed and Is It Really the Strain That Dreams Are Made Of?

What Is “Sueño” Weed and Is It Really the Strain That Dreams Are Made Of?

Original Post: Merry Jane: What Is “Sueño” Weed and Is It Really the Strain That Dreams Are Made Of?

[Canniseur: Every once in a while a new strain comes along that I’ve just got to try. I don’t know if it’s available outside California, but I’m going to find out! This sounds wonderful; Couch lock with an active and creative mind. WOWIE!]

In Spanish, the word sueño usually translates to “dream.” But sueño can also refer to the act of “sleep” itself or to the state of “sleepiness,” and all three interpretations apply equally to the marijuana strain “Sueño” and its effects.

Sueño, the weed variety, is a relatively recent arrival within the cannabis scene. Most reviews for it don’t appear until 2019, and Google Trends doesn’t display any search term data for various terms related to Sueño as a pot plant. Nonetheless, Sueño has been on smokers’ minds and imaginations for well over a year, like Queen Mab riding a weed-powered fairy chariot across Dream Land.


Where Does Sueño Come From?

According to the legend, Sueño is a cross between Blue Dream and Sour Diesel, two iconic strains in their own right. Sour Diesel is known for its ability to get the eyes heavy-lidded but the mind and spirit racing, and Blue Dream gained its fame from its heady effects that bring deep brain chills while still keeping consumers’ thoughts active and creative. If Sueño truly is a hybrid of these other two hybrids, then its breeder developed Sueño into a strain that incorporates some of the best parts of its famous parents: Instant relaxation from head to toe coupled with smooth waves of insightful introspection.

However, no one really knows who originally bred Sueño, meaning the truth behind the strain’s purported genetics reside largely in the realms of speculation.

What Are Some of Sueño’s Qualities?

Strain review websites claim that Sueño consistently cranks out around 27 percent THC. THC levels that high sit comfortably in the above-average range, though potency can always vary based on how the bud is grown, cured, packaged, and stored. Regardless, that value is nothing to sniff at (but certainly something worth catching a whiff of). Most weed only produces about 15 to 20 percent THC.

Since Sueño is so new, there isn’t a lot of lab data available for it. However, based on tokers’ self-reports, we know that Sueño smells of berries, fruit, with undertones of spice and, of course, that heavy, dank scent of gas or diesel that characterizes weed known for getting folks stoned AF (just like Sueño’s parent, Sour Diesel).


Image via

Based on the scent alone, we can make an educated guess on the prominent terpenes found in Sueño: Likely, it’s a combination of caryophyllene with myrcene and limonene or pinene. Don’t be surprised if there’s some humulene or linalool in there, too.

Basically, if you’re looking for something to complement that warm milk or herbal tea to help you slip off into a night’s worth of quality sleep, and possibly even some vivid dreams (if you can even dream after getting lit), look for some Sueño, roll it up, take a puff, and pass TF out.

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The Best Strains to Celebrate Springtime

The Best Strains to Celebrate Springtime

Original Post: Cannabis Now: The Best Strains to Celebrate Springtime

[Canniseur: There are some really terrific strains in here. Some of them are absolutely springtime strains, but some, to me anyway, are year round strains. In fact, I guess most strains are year round strains.]

For the average person, images of sunshine, rainbows, blossoming flowers and lots of green grass usually come to mind whenever it’s springtime. But for people who like to smoke, it’s another excuse to combine to the best of both worlds and indulge in some season-inspired sessions. When it comes to spring smoking, it’s nice to reach for strains that are energizing and uplifting to match the boost in the weather if the sun is out where you live and go for calming strains that help you unwind in the evening to mellow out the hyperactivity of the day.

If you like going on the hunt for strains, keep an eye out for these at your local dispensary the next time you make a trip.

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What Is “Black Mamba” Weed and Is the Strain Really as Potent as a Snake Bite?

What Is “Black Mamba” Weed and Is the Strain Really as Potent as a Snake Bite?

Original Post: Merry Jane: What Is "Black Mamba" Weed and Is the Strain Really as Potent as a Snake Bite?

[Canniseur: This cultivar has a scary name. And I want to try it!. It’s indica, with a great body buzz. It’s also rare. I’ve never seen or tried this strain before, but if it comes from African stock, it’s bound to be good or even better than that!]

Context clues in the names of strains can tell us a lot.

While hardly a science, words like “dream” in the name of a strain suggest sleep, whereas alternatives named for automatic assault weapons are in fact connoting a link to the potency of a given variety of cannabis, as opposed to something more nefarious.

When we look through the shelves at a dispensary or scroll through the endless menus offered by delivery services, sometimes the name of a strain is the first thing to catch one’s eye. Though it’s always wise to proceed with caution when relying on the concept of strains and their associated terminology, there is also a reason these different varieties of cannabis are labeled as they are.

Sometimes the name of a strain appears to go hand-in-hand with the type of consumer who favors it. Is it any surprise that a strain with a name like Mimosa is popular among chefs, or that one known as Wedding Cake is beloved for its sweet, vanilla taste? Seriously, those who prefer Zkittlez equate the consumption experience to tasting the rainbow when they get lit.

In the case of Black Mamba, the reference point in question is not the late NBA superstar who brought the nickname into the mainstream, nor the character played by Uma Thurman in 2003’s Kill Bill. While both can now be retconned into fitting with the strain’s vibes, they are not, as it turns out, the inspiration for this moniker.

The strain is, in fact, almost certainly named after the deadly African snake that also has a penchant for striking with great force. (By the way, there’s a term for a snake biting something and injecting it with venom: envenomation — the more you know!) Though the true genetics of Black Mamba are unknown, it is believed to have descended from the Granddaddy Purple line, though others speculate that it derived from crossing Blue Bubblejuice and Domina.

Black Mamba produces extremely dark, green leaves (sometimes bordering on purple or even black), but it is perhaps best known for its incredibly dense, aromatic nugs. The scent — semi-sweet notes of grape — is another hallmark of this relatively rare, indica-dominant strain.

The high associated with Black Mamba is one that comes on hard and fast. In this sense, perhaps Kobe Bryant does have more in common with this strain than just a nickname.

However, while Bryant was maybe a fan of cannabis in his own right, those firing up some Black Mamba should not be expecting to start cashing jumpers and signing sneaker deals. Instead, this strain will send most consumers into a period of blissful inertia. Yes, in a true antithesis to Bryant’s infamously rigid dedication to staying active, this strain has a reputed penchant for putting butts firmly on couches.


From a medicinal standpoint, Black Mamba has potential benefits for those suffering from depression, stress, disorders that affect one’s ability to focus, as well as some pressures related to glaucoma. Conversely, given the high potency of this strain, individuals prone to THC-induced panic are advised to steer clear, or, at the very least, start low and go slow.

While there may not be basketball to watch at the moment, taking a hit of Black Mamba may make whatever is airing on television feel like an NBA Finals-caliber moment. Just pace yourself — and perhaps keep a Gatorade nearby.

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Original Post: Merry Jane: What Is "Black Mamba" Weed and Is the Strain Really as Potent as a Snake Bite?

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