Hot New Cannabis Products Promise Precise Effects

Hot New Cannabis Products Promise Precise Effects

[Canniseur: Each strain of cannabis affects us differently. It’s a good idea to describe cannabis by its effects rather than by ‘strain’, or even sativa or indica. The proliferation of strain names is getting tiresome. This all said, some of these products read like science fiction. Do we really want to micro-manage our moods by what we ingest? And, this might take some of the fun out of experiencing a new strain.]

“How is this going to make me feel?”

That’s by far the most common—and the most important—question asked by cannabis consumers.

“Will it stimulate my creativity, or help me sleep? Will it relieve my pain, or pique my appetite?”

To help answer these questions, and boost sales, more and more brands are labeling their offerings as “Chill,” or “Creative,” or “Relax,” or “Inspire.” They claim their gummies and vape pens can not only get you high, but reliably change your mood from active and energetic to calm and relaxed. Every drug—botanical or not—can affect different people in different ways, and there’s much more science to be done. But early data has led to these cutting-edge, effect-specific products from top California brands. Get ready to feel different.


(Courtesy OLO)

Moods Offered: Chill, Focus, Social, Active

The result of a rigorous two-year period of research and development, OLO comes from a team of biochemists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and cannabis experts determined to go “beyond strains.” They honed in on how blends of marijuana’s main active ingredients —cannabinoids and terpenes—alter nervous system functioning.

This is not an entirely new concept.

Traditional connoisseurs long-held that certain cannabis types sedated people, while other physically different types uplift and stimulate. Recent research challenges that simplification and points to cannabis’ aroma—its terpenes— as mood modulators.

Companies dial in effects a few different ways. Some blend cannabis with other herbs, like lavender for sleep or ginseng for energy.

Brands like OLO isolate the dozen-plus main active ingredients in cannabis, called cannabinoids, and re-blend them in precise ratios. As little as 2 milligrams of pot’s two main molecules—THC and CBD—can cause mild, manageable feelings of well-being, dubbed “euphoria”. Add in some terpenes, and you can enhance that high, or calm it further.

OLO has four formulas with reliable, specific effects, based on consumer tests. OLOs come in the form of mouth strips that goes under the tongue. Each contains 5 milligrams or 10 milligrams of THC. OLO dissolves quickly, with effects manifesting within 15 to 20 minutes.

Level Tablinguals

(Courtesy Level)(Courtesy Level)

Moods Offered: Elevate, Soothe, Calm, Stimulate, Relieve

Ready for a futuristic, reliable way to dial in a mood?

Level brand products contain exotic cannabis molecules that dissolve under your tongue, providing discreet relief.

This is cool, because nowadays you can choose how you want to ingest cannabis. Smoking or vaping rapidly transfers THC to the brain, via the blood and lungs, bringing on effects within minutes. It’s easy to adjust your dose—stop toking—when you start to feel high.

By contrast, edibles must first traverse the stomach and liver, which alters cannabis’ effects—potentially making them longer and stronger. It can take up to two hours for edibles to kick in, and you can’t stop digestion once effects get strong. The high can last hours.

Lastly, “sublinguals” (under the tongue) take effect much faster than edibles. Taking a tincture, mouth strip, or tablet under the tongue delivers a substance directly to the bloodstream, and thus the brain in about 15 minutes.

Level’s Elevate tab bills itself as a “classic high,” delivering 3 milligrams of THC per tablet, but the rest of the offerings are more interesting.

Soothe uses a slightly different, more rare version of THC called “Delta-8.” It should be less stoney and spacey.

Calm Tablinguals each contain 3 milligrams of cannabigerol—CBG. This weed molecule won’t make you giggly, so it’s gaining more attention for its possible medical applications.

Level also offers vape carts and Pax Era pods, and their website has a search function designed to help people find products with specific effects.

Kiva Camino

(Courtesy Kiva Confections)(Courtesy Kiva Confections)

Moods Offered: Chill, Balanced, Uplifting, Social

The newest product line from California’s cannabis chocolate powerhouse, Kiva Confections, the four flavors of Camino gummies blend terpenes and cannabinoids intended to affect mood. The first three varieties contain 5 milligrams of THC per piece. Wild Berry uses terpenes derived from an indica strain to induce a Chill vibe. Blenheim Apricot uses terps from both sativa and indica cultivars to bring Balanced feelings. And Pineapple Habanero blends “energy-stimulating sativa terpenes with ripe pineapple and a touch of heat for the perfect daytime lift.”

Only one flavor, Sparkling Pear, uses CBD to reduce anxiety for a Social formula, with 2 milligrams of THC and 6 milligrams of CBD per piece.

Again, effects can vary. Solid peer-reviewed science is scant. Edibles made from an indica strain could affect you differently than an edible made from a sativa strain, but it’s unclear how eating cannabis-derived terpenes affects mood. Terpenes are found in the vast majority of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that we eat.

Kikoko Tea

Moods Offered: Tranquil, Positive, Sympathetic, Sensual

Brilliantly blending complementary herbs with varying ratios of THC to CBD, these teas offer four distinct moods. Sensuali-Tea, aimed at increasing sexual arousal, uses 7 milligrams of THC per serving along with hibiscus, rose, and cardamom.

Tranquili-Tea combines 2 milligrams of THC with 5 milligrams of CBN — a sleepy drug— plus chamomile and lemon myrtle.

Intended to combat pain and anxiety, Sympa-Tea contains a 20 milligrams of CBD and three milligrams of THC along with turmeric and ginger. Only one tea contains caffeine—Positivi-Tea—a blend of mint, green tea, 10 milligrams of THC and 5 milligrams of CBD, intended to bring on feelings of joy. You can also boost the power of your tea by adding a new Kikoko Honey Shot, with Calm CBD and Buzz THC options for further mood enhancement.


(Courtesy Canndescent)(Courtesy Canndescent)

Moods Offered: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, Charge

The first brand to abandon traditional strain names, Canndescent simplifies shopping for weed. They grow traditional strains extra-consistently, and give them alliterative new names based on intended effect.

Canndescent’s joints (dubbed prerolls), and buds come in sleek packaging, and Charge promises to energize your body and mind while Calm relaxes it. The effects of Cruise, Connect, and Create fall somewhere in-between. Canndescent offers a classy, tame way to introduce new users to the effects of cannabis flowers, so look for their flights of five different prerolls to sample all of the different experiences.

Aces Vapes

(Courtesy Aces)(Courtesy Aces)

Moods Offered: Energize, Uplift, Inspire, Unwind

Aces offers effects-based cannabis oil blends for portable vaporizer pens. A sativa cannabis oil called Energize contains a popular “terpinolene-forward” blend. Inspire comes from hybrid cannabis oil with a myrcene-forward terpene blend, “known to stimulate your mind and arouse your curiosity.”

Aces Uplift offers citrusy Super Lemon Haze oil. The Unwind balances THC extracted from an indica varietal with equal amounts of CBD to facilitate relaxing.

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Say Hello to Spring With These Floral Cannabis Accessories

Say Hello to Spring With These Floral Cannabis Accessories

[Canniseur: It’s been a long cold winter. Time to get out the spring pastels and new designs. Hello Spring! New toys for your consumption pleasure.]

As March slowly pokes its head out from under layers of snow and ice, we’ve all begun to wonder: When will it finally be spring again?

One of the best parts of spring is when all of the gorgeous flowers start to bloom. The first thing I feel when I see a freshly bloomed cherry tree is a sense of wonder—quickly followed by an urge to smoke a nice joint to take it all in.

Flowers and cannabis are a natural combination, which is why these floral cannabis accessories are so delightful. Honor the beginning of spring by treating yourself to a new treat, a nice hike, and a thoughtfully scenic smoke.

Vase Bongs by My Bud Vase

(Courtesy of My Bud Vase)

Price: varies

These are, hands down, some of the loveliest bongs you’ll ever see from My Bud Vase. Delicately crafted, small and sleek, they come in a variety of types, many of which feature flowers.

The Rachel is adorned with tiny pink roses, while the Aurora pairs a gorgeous peacock feather with a purple rose and rainbow body. They are almost too pretty, and also come with a variety of flower based accessories like this sweet little flower poker.

Purple & Pink One-Hitters by Mariposa Glass Designs on Etsy

(Courtesy of Mariposa Glass Designs on Etsy)

Price: $16.99—$19.99

As far as one-hitters go, these pink and purple ones from Mariposa Glass Designs are as magical as it gets. Each pipe is four inches long, handmade, and covered in beautiful flowers that cascade around the pipe body.

The bright color gradient—combined with strategic swirls—renders this a piece of art, adding a touch of class to a traditional accessory.

Gilded Flower Ashtray from Urban Outfitters

(Courtesy of Urban Outfitters)

Price: $12

One of my favorite ways to enjoy cannabis is by smoking a small joint to myself during a rainy day. Spring showers never looked so good.

Pay homage to that moment of hygge with this Gilded Flower Ashtray. Each one is etched with raised petals to give you a tiny hit of visual satisfaction with every toke. Dipped sides allow for convenient joint storage in a pinch.

CBD Lit Kit by Kush Queen

(Courtesy of Kush Queen)

Price: $19.99

Kush Queen has figured out the perfect way to welcome spring. Start with a bath bomb filled with 25mg of full-spectrum CBD, add in a 25mg CBD edible, and a lovely flower pre-roll for their CBD Lit Kit.

It’s one of the best self-care kits I’ve seen and it’s a guaranteed way to turn a blah day into a day devoted to a little self-loving and care.

Water Color Rose Grinder from Walmart

(Courtesy of Walmart)

Price: $32.99

Available in five different colors, each Water Color Rose Grinder displays a laser etching of two roses on the outside cover, reminding you of the beauty found in all flowers with each grind.

Blush Pink and Red Watercolor Floral Rose Lighter by Zippo

(Courtesy of Zippo)

Price: $44.20

Great big cartoonish flames, skulls, flaming aces … in my experience, 90% of Zippo lighters look like they were ripped off the Vegas strip. Which is exactly why it’s so refreshing to finally find a Zippo on the other end of the spectrum.

This Blush and Pink Rose Lighter is covered in a vintage-inspired rose print and comes in one of four finishes, including a matte version. It also comes with a “fix it free” lifetime warranty, meaning you get to class it up for life.

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Chew On This: Cannabis Snus Is Here

Chew On This: Cannabis Snus Is Here

[Canniseur: Cannabis chew? I’ve never been a fan of chewing tobacco also called snus (a Scandinavian thing). Now someone has made chew out of cannabis. Because of the way it works, this sounds like it might catch on. Except for the spitting thing.]

You can smoke it, drink it, vape it, dab it, eat it, or rub it in like it’s Lubriderm. Now, you can chew cannabis like tobacco, too.

Cannadips, based in California, modeled its new cannabis chew after Swedish snus. The chews, which come in Mint, Citrus, and “American” flavors, contain monk fruit, essential oils, and a dry cannabis tincture stuffed into a small pouch composed of coconut fibers. The company fashioned the tincture with water-dispersible cannabinoids, which absorb through the mouth’s lining and directly enter the bloodstream, skipping the liver.

Since the cannabis in Cannadips bypasses the liver, it should kick in faster than conventional edibles. The high shouldn’t last as long, either, which is ideal for folks on the go. Case Mandel the co-founder of Cannadips, told Green Entrepreneur he got the idea from his business partner, Cliff Sammet.

“…we grew up in Santa Cruz, California, which is considered Surf City, USA. In the surfer community, a majority of men dipped tobacco,” he said. “That was a ritual. But it’s highly addictive and not good for you. So that’s something that we were trying to find a solution for. Something that people can use to help them get off smokeless tobacco or use as an adjunct to smokeless tobacco.”

Could cannabis help tobacco addicts kick the habit? Some research says yes, while other research suggests combining weed and tobacco could worsen tobacco addiction. Regardless, replacing tobacco chew with a pouch product like Cannadips should be on any hygienic dipper’s itinerary. Unlike freely shredded tobacco chew, chew products in pouches don’t get spat cowboy-style into a spittoon or cuspidor. Instead, you can remove the pouch from your mouth and discard it like gum or a chicken bone.

Cannadips isn’t the first-ever cannabis chew, but it’s the only one currently available for purchase. For now, you can only find it in California, but someday soon, cowpokes may be able to rope some in beyond the Golden State’s boundaries.

Chew On This: Cannabis Snus Is Here was posted on Merry Jane.

Sploofs 101: How to Reduce the Smell When Smoking Cannabis

Sploofs 101: How to Reduce the Smell When Smoking Cannabis

[Canniseur: We didn’t know what sploof meant as we’d never seen the term before. It’s in the Urban dictionary though, so it’s real. Is it a Canadian or an American term? We all have the issue of smell while we’re smoking flower.  And these products can mitigate the smell of burning cannabis even if they can’t totally eliminate it.]

Regardless of whether weed is legal where you live, we still have to contend with roommates, parents, and neighbours, some of whom might take issue with the conspicuous scent of smoking cannabis.

So, strike a compromise: Continue smoking but take actions to minimize the risk they’ll smell it in the first place.

We all know about the trick of stuffing a towel under the crack of your closed door. But there’s something else that helps that you need to look into: a sploof.

These are handheld devices that typically contain carbon filters. You blow through one end, and out the other comes a whisper of the smoke you exhaled into it. They’re never 100% effective but using a sploof should be the difference between having happy roommates and getting an eviction notice.

We couldn’t write a sploof review without first bringing up the Smokebuddy. You’ve probably seen them being sold at your local headshop—this brand really seems to have a stranglehold across North America, as you can find the device in smoke shops across Canada and the US.

While the SmokeBuddy can be held in your hand, it is probably too big for your pocket.

It comes in a variety of visually designs, including tie-dye, camo, or your favourite primary and secondary colours.

The company boasts that it can last up to 300 exhales through regular use, at which point you’ll find a ton of resistance when you try to blow into the Buddy.

We won’t lie, we didn’t count how many exhales it lasted us, but the Smokebuddy easily lasted more than a month of regular use.

What didn’t we like? The plastic packaging is a real pain to open: You’ll need a pair of heavy duty scissors and a calm mind. And Smokebuddies are for one-time use: there is no replaceable filter system and the device’s outer plastic shell makes it nearly impossible to recycle.

Americans can buy the Smokebuddy right on Amazon for $12.50 USD, while Canadians will need to shell out $24.95.

The Smokebuddy also has a smaller “junior” model as well as a larger “mega” model. So if portability or long-lasting use are your top wants, you might want to try those variations.

Eco Four Twenty

Photo by Jesse Milns for Leafly

This small, cylindrical, device is a heavyweight that exudes, “I am unbreakable.” It’s billed as a sploof made with “aircraft grade aluminium casing” and including a “2 stage medical grade filter.” While it costs a bit more than the Smokebuddy, the Eco Four Twenty also boasts a replaceable cartridge system that uses activated carbon as well as HEPA, good for 500 exhales.

The Eco Four Twenty feels good in your hand. And the thought of buying replacements that are cheaper than purchasing a new Smokebuddy really piqued my interest.

There’s just one problem: The filter lasted for less than a week of regular use—we tried twice. There is no way in hell this thing lasts anywhere close to advertised 500 exhales. If we had to guestimate it lasted us a fifth of that, at most. Maybe they’re testing it on bong-smoking ants?

Still, the Eco Four Twenty does have some positive points, especially due to its small size and the sleek design that makes it the sploof you would most want to see on your coffee table. That replaceable filter, also makes it one of the more eco-friendly options.

The creators behind the EFT are Canadian, so if you live north of the US border chances are you can find it in your local headshop. You can also expect fast shipping from Toronto if you order it directly from the company.

The device costs $26.95 USD and a pack of two replacements


Photo by Jesse Milns for Leafly

One of the first competitors of Smokebuddy, the Sploofy, has a legion of fans. The device has now gone through three iterations, begging the question—how much did the first version suck? Well, pretty badly, at least when we first tried it. A significant amount of smoke leaked from the front of the device before it even had a chance to go through the filter.

Having recently released a third generation, the V3 redeems itself with a re-designed mouthpiece, and in our tests it alleviated the problems that we had with the first version. The V3 also boasts a HEPA filter that the Smokebuddy doesn’t.

While Sploofy’s website doesn’t estimate how many exhales you get, this bad boy lasted us quite a while. It’s even taller in size as the Smokebuddy and just as wide, and it appears that the filter is bigger than the SB—meaning you may get even more use out of it.

The device is covered with a sheath of hard plastic, which reveals an ugly undercarriage containing the filter and a big wad of glue holding a mesh screen on to the filter. But hey, does anyone’s car look clean under the hood?

The bulky filter cartridge is also replaceable. The Sploofy V3 retails on online for $19.99 USD.


Photo by Jesse Milns for Leafly

A new competitor will soon be on the block, and Leafly was able to snag its hands on a prototype. Coming in a hot-red plastic casing, Angel hopes to disrupt the commercial sploof market and take on the Sploofies and Smokebuddies of the world with a design that easily slips into your pocket and allows for a tight grip when being used.

We didn’t test it to its limits, but if we had to guess, its smaller size likely makes it last for a shorter period of time than the Smokebuddy and Sploofy (but hopefully more than the Eco-Four Twenty).

Flow Filters, the developer behind the device, tells Leafly that they are hoping to sell it at the same or lower price than the Smokebuddy.

While not on the market just yet, we’re cautiously optimistic that the Angel sploofy will turn out to be a big hit: the team is taking months to perfect the design and the filtering medium, so you have a sense they want to put out a quality product when it comes time to hit the shelves.

A DIY Solution

Photo by Jesse Milns for Leafly

Need a sploof fast and at practically no cost?

All you need to McGyver your own is: a finished toilet paper roll, dryer sheets, and elastic bands.

Stuff the roll with dryer sheets, and then take a few more dryer sheets and lay them flat on one end of the roll. Use the elastic bands to secure the dryer sheets snuggly on to the end of the roll.

And there you have it, a sploof that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

You can even decorate it too. Want to call it “David Blowie,” in honour of the rockstar’s 1976 arrest for marijuana? Go right ahead! You can even bedazzle it with fake jewels if you’re into arts and crafts.

What’s great about the home-made sploof is that it masks and freshens the air around you, something none of the store-bought sploofs can do (we smell an opportunity). Conversely, the store-bought units may not do as good a job at masking but it

Look, your home-made sploof isn’t going to be as air tight as the chamber holding the filter of a manufactured sploof, so you’re always going to have at least a little bit of smell linger. But if you have marijuana-skeptic roommates or parents in your residence, the decision between no sploof and a home-made sploof is easy.

Which sploof is the best? That’s a hard question because there’s so many factors, and each sploof has its own pros and cons. In our tests, all of them were able to dissipate the smoke, leaving only a very transient whiff of cannabis odor. So whether you’re looking for something that fits in your pocket, starts a conversation while sitting on your coffee table, or that provides a long-lasting solution, there’s a sploof for you.

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Herbal Night Cap: 6 Cannabis Cultivars That Help Induce Sleep

Herbal Night Cap: 6 Cannabis Cultivars That Help Induce Sleep

[Canniseur: For those of us that have trouble sleeping, these strains sound perfect. many of the strains mentioned also combat anxiety.]

Sometimes the best way to get to sleep – and stay asleep – is to ease an anxious mind or an achy body, and cannabis is an effective sleep aid.

There are 40 to 70 million Americans currently suffering from sleep disorders nationwide, according to the Center for Disease Control, which also found that four percent of adults use prescription medication to fall asleep.

More Americans are ditching the pharmaceuticals for cannabis. In fact, one of the main reasons users report consuming cannabis is to relieve a sleep disorder. Study after study shows that cannabis is an effective sleep aid. Research has also shown cannabis use is an effective treatment for pain, anxiety, stress, and many of the underlying factors that cause sleeplessness.

Girl Scout Cookies

Sometimes the best way to get to sleep – and stay asleep – is to ease an anxious mind or an achy body. According to HelloMD, GSC is a potent strain that’s commonly consumed to relieve stress, pain, anxiety, and depression — all of which can seriously disrupt our ability to sleep. The versatile, hybrid strain is known for its cerebral highs, and full-body relaxation — which can be particularly effective for focus, and sleep. GSC is also reported to help ease muscle spasms, which can result in better rest.

Granddaddy Purple

The strain was specifically developed to fight pain and insomnia, according to Leafly. Users report intense, heady and physical highs that feel like “[…] a warm thick fuzzy blanket was gently placed around your entire body.”

According to Leafly, “your thoughts may float in a dreamy buzz, [but] your body is more likely to find itself fixed in one spot for the duration of GDP’s effects,” the site adds, “Like most heavy indica varieties, Granddaddy Purple is typically pulled off the shelf for consumers looking to combat pain, stress, insomnia, appetite loss and muscle spasms.”

Afghan Kush

This internationally renowned indica packs some seriously sedative properties. The strain has been sought out for centuries for its relaxing effects. According to MassRoots, Afghan Kush “is known to induce intense relaxation that may hinder functionality, induce drowsiness, and increase appetite.” In other words, it’s a perfect strain to end the day with!


Though it recently hit American markets, Erez is a best seller in Israel, where the strain was developed. Erez was created by Tikun Olam, and named after their first patient. The serene strain is indica dominant (70 percent), and high in THC (15-18 percent). It’s scientifically proven to effectively treat sleep disorders. According to the Israeli-based cannabis company,  it’s best to use at nighttime. It’s also effective at relieving “severe pain, […] tremors, muscle spasms, PTSD, and Parkinson’s. Erez also relieves intestinal inflammation, helps reduce nausea and improves appetite.”

Tahoe OG Kush

This hybrid strain is consistently ranked as one of the best nighttime strains on the market. Dubbed the “stay at home strain,” by MarijuanaBreak, Tahoe OG Kush induces relaxation (and most likely, the munchies), a heavy body sensation, and a feeling of weightlessness that will ease your body into a deep sleep. The strain comes highly recommended for those suffering from insomnia, pain, or lack of appetite.

9 Pound Hammer

This earthy, sweet and (mostly) indica strain packs a powerful punch; in fact, it gets its name from its heavy hitting and long-lasting effects. 9 Pound Hammer is born from the genetics of three strains — Jack the Ripper, Hell’s Angel OG, and Fruity Goobery – but the hybrid mostly prompts calmness and relaxation.

According to Pacific Seed Bank, the strains offers “a euphoric rush to the head that will leave you happy for the first half of the high. The second half will leave you deeply relaxed and chilled out. […] 9 Pound Hammer is somewhat of a lullaby that will gradually help you fall (and stay) asleep throughout the night.”

Original Post: Cannabis Aficionado: Herbal Night Cap: 6 Cannabis Cultivars That Help Induce Sleep

This Is The Best Way To Store Marijuana For The Apocalypse, According To Science

This Is The Best Way To Store Marijuana For The Apocalypse, According To Science

[Canniseur: We’re surprised. All these years and all the pundits telling us how to store our stash and we listened. Turns out they were all wrong. This is real research. Find out how scientists figured out the best way to store your favorite flower.]

You may want to rethink how you’re storing your marijuana stash long-term.

Many enthusiasts will tell you the best place to keep cannabis is in an air-tight container stowed somewhere cool and dark. But according to the results of a new four-year study, the freezer may actually be a better place—especially if you’re concerned about maintaining that all-important THC content.

Researchers in Italy were interested in understanding how time and various storage conditions (involving light, oxygen and temperature) affected the chemical composition of high-potency cannabis products. Past studies have also investigated this topic, but the authors of new research published in Forensic Science International last week noted that the potency of cannabis in today’s market is “extremely different” from years past.

Using six cannabis products of herbal and resin materials (which were seized by law enforcement and given to researchers to analyze), the study’s authors created 24 primary samples.

After collecting information about how much THC, CBD and CBN (that is, cannabinol, another non-intoxicating component in cannabis that occurs when THC degrades over time) each sample contained, the researchers stored the samples in four controlled conditions for a period of four years.

The testing conditions differed by light exposure (whether it was light or dark 24 hours) and storage temperature (including at room temperature, refrigerated at 4 degrees Celsius or frozen at -20 degrees Celsius). Over the span of the study period, the samples were tested 14 times.

In a finding that will likely be unsurprising to anyone who has stumbled upon an old stash of cannabis stored in a sock drawer, the study determined that the amount of THC decreased—thus increasing the amount of CBN—in the samples stored at room temperature. In the first 100 days of data gathering, the THC in the marijuana stored in both light and dark spaces at room temperature had degraded by 13 percent and 11 percent, respectively.

Meanwhile, the refrigerated cannabis did show some decline in THC and increase in CBN over time, though not nearly as pronounced as the samples kept at room temperature.

The THC content in the samples stored in below-freezing conditions, however, did not significantly change.

This finding indicates, as the authors write, “that freezing is the best storage condition to avoid the reduction of the cannabinoids content over time.”

As for CBD, the study found that the compound remained “relatively constant over time in all the considered samples.”

The authors point out that their findings could be important for forensic purposes. With their methods, they write, law enforcement may be able to figure out what the THC concentration might initially have been in degraded marijuana.

On a more basic level, the research could also help consumers better plan how to store their cannabis.

That said, with marijuana not exactly that hard to find—it’s not as if prohibition is very effective, and more states are legalizing cannabis stores in any case—most people probably won’t be seeking to intentionally store their supply for multi-year periods.

Unless, that is, you’re a prepper planning for hard times. In that case, just know that, according to this research, stuffing your stash in the freezer is best.

Photo courtesy of WeedPornDaily.

This Is The Best Way To Store Marijuana For The Apocalypse, According To Science was posted on Marijuana Moment.

What’s In a Name? 10 Tastiest Sounding Cannabis Strains

What’s In a Name? 10 Tastiest Sounding Cannabis Strains

[Canniseur: I’ve had a several of these strains, mostly in Michigan. These descriptions, while flowery are also a bit idealized. The dilemma remains: a grower growing a great strain in one state, won’t be found in another state. Such is the nature of the cannabis business in today’s world.]

Strawberry Cough by any other name would smell as dank.

Some people may pick a cannabis strain based on name alone. Many strain names sound random or downright comical to new consumers on the hunt for a ‘go-to’ strain. With cannabis being among the hottest trends, more and more people are becoming curious about the plant.

The confusion for these consumers, however, lies in the disconnect between cannabis culture’s long history and the recent cannabis surge. The seemingly misleading strain names are rooted in the deep values and ideals of a vintage cannabis era.

To help navigate the most flavorful strains—often the first choices for beginners—we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Tastiest Sounding Cannabis Strains and their effects.


The well-loved Italian frozen dessert is now in cannabis form. Gelato is a gourmet mix of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It has a medley of fruity, cookie, mint, and lavender flavors. This THC-packed strain is said to help with fibromyalgia, nausea, insomnia, and lack of appetite. Gelato provides a boost of energy and euphoric lift. Gelato’s potency is delightful and its delicious flavor-profile is the cherry on top.

White Cookies

White Cookies was developed by crossing White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies. It smells like a blend of lemon and pine, and has a buttery cookie flavor. The strong body high it produces works well to dissolve the tension of stress, mood issues, anxiety, and nausea. Despite a high THC-content, it won’t make you jumpy. White Widow relaxes, but also sparks creativity. This just might be your new yummy go-to wake and bake strain.

Courtesy of Crop King Seeds


Swap your cup of coffee for the delectable Chocolope. Seductive cocoa and coffee notes intertwine beautifully with sweet hints of melon. This name is a portmanteau of its parents: Chocolate Thai and Cannalope. Despite its funny (but still tasty) sounding name, Chocolopes mood enhancing and energizing effects are no joke. It is effective at curbing stress, depression, and PTSD. It perks you up in ways that coffee can’t: No jitters, just a lucid and euphoric high.

Cream Caramel

If you love custard desserts, you will adore this three-way cross between Blue Black, Maple Leaf, and White Rhino. It derives its name from the taste and aroma of crème caramel. Relaxing, anti-depressant, pain-relieving, and time-warping. It is the perfect sit-and-stay strain. Cream Caramel is the ultimate dessert-y, dream-like indulgence. You will find yourself begging for another bite, or puff.


Blueberry is a true classic strain. It’s a solid relaxer with a timeless flavor. It is one of the cannabis strains that taste and smell exactly like fruit. The smooth taste melts in your mouth as deep relaxation and euphoria set in. It scores more points for its potency, long shelf life, and lasting pain-killing effects. Blueberry will melt all the stress, worries, and blues away.

What’s In a Name? 10 Tastiest Sounding Cannabis Strains

Courtesy of Crop King Seeds

Strawberry Cough

It tastes and smells like juicy strawberries so much that when you close your eyes you forever melt into endless acres of strawberry fields. Strawberry Cough increases appetite and helps with a wide array of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, PTSD, and paranoia. While its flavor and aroma impress the senses, the thick smoke it produces throws even the most seasoned smokers into a coughing fit.

Candy Cane

You don’t need any festivity to light up Candy Cane. This holiday-themed hybrid has a fruity and sour flavor with mild menthol undertones. Besides its succulent taste, this strain is loved for its ability to keep your spirits high, stimulate appetite, and fight off fatigue and tension. Candy Cane is flavorful and powerful. It’s a great pick-me-up strain for those who find it difficult to make it through the day.

What’s In a Name? 10 Tastiest Sounding Cannabis Strains

Courtesy of Crop King Seeds


This strain has a distinctive smell and flavor that mirrors chewey bubblegum. Notes of berries, flowers, and cream linger on your tongue after the smoke is gone. Bubblegum gives a nice body and cerebral high. It offers relief from chronic pain, body tensions, menstrual cramps, migraines, headaches, anxiety, and nausea. It also causes a serious case of giggles—and then munchies.

Sweet Tooth

Entice your senses with a sweet berry scent accented by floral undertones and a sugary aftertaste. Sweet Tooth has an outstanding knack for stimulating the Endocannabinoid system in such a way that makes you instantly feel better. It conjures up warm and cozy feelings of being wrapped in a blanket. It works amazing for insomnia, depression, glaucoma, pain, and inflammation. Sweet Tooth lives up to its name. Even the most discerning smokers will find it enjoyable.

Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit almost meets the exact flavor profile of its namesake chewing gum. Those suffering from eating disorders, nausea, stress, and depression, and muscle spasms will find benefit from the energetic and relaxing effects. This happy strain also shifts your imagination into high gear and seemingly slows down time. Juicy Fruit tastes like a fluffy cotton candy dream, and feels divine. It also alters reality so treat it like an edible.

These tastiest sounding strains truly deserve their yummy reputations. Be sure to expand your cannabis knowledge by growing the tasty cannabis seeds of your choice and grow a real treat.

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Are You About to Puff on a Fake Vape Pen?

Are You About to Puff on a Fake Vape Pen?

[Editor’s Note: I’m not a fan of vape pens for precisely the reasons here. Including cartridges from dispensaries. I don’t really know what’s in them. Does anyone other than the people who made them. There is no transparency about vape pens or cartridges. We deserve transparency.]

The market for cannabis concentrates in the United States is on fire—well, not literally, because fire leads to combustion, and combustion leads to smoke (instead of vapor).

But it’s figuratively on fire, as evidenced by a report from Arcview Market Research that shows almost $3 billion in legal concentrate sales in 2018—a 49% increase over the previous year. By 2022, researchers estimate annual sales will reach $8.4 billion, putting concentrates roughly on par with smokable flowers.

What if everything about your vape game—from the pen itself to the oil inside—is fake?

As a catch-all term, concentrates can mean everything from BHO to rosin to distillate to hash, but according to the same report, 58% of concentrate spending last year came in the form of pre-filled cartridges designed to work in vape pens.

Consumers have been gravitating to vape pens because they’re portable, easy to use, easy to self-titrate, and potent, with THC levels of 70% or higher.

But what if this ubiquitous symbol of the cannabis legalization era has a dark side? What if everything about your vape game—from the pen itself to the oil inside—is fake?

Heavy Metal

While it’s undeniable that vape pens deliver discretion and important safety benefits, questions do remain about what exactly is inside those cartridges (popularly known as carts). A recent report by Leafly’s David Downs, California Cannabis Labs Are Finding Toxic Metal in Vape Carts, has raised concerns within the cannabis industry, among regulators and for consumers.

Since January 1 in California, all legal cannabis vape carts are subject to stringent new testing for heavy metals. At SC Labs, founder Josh Wurzer reports that about 0.5% of the vape cart batches he’s tested have failed for lead. “We’ve seen some issue,” he said. “Out of the thousands we’ve tested, we’ve had a very small portion over the limit.”

The specter of inhaling heavy metal vapor into your lungs should be of serious concern to anyone who has chosen vape pens as a healthier alternative to smoking flower. But it’s also important to recognize that we only know about this potential hazard because California’s new regulations are working as intended.

Vape pens (along with all other cannabis products) get tested in an accredited lab where standards are rigorous, and anything that fails for contaminants of any kind gets pulled from the supply chain before it reaches dispensary shelves.

But what if you’re not buying your vape carts at a licensed dispensary, because you don’t live in a place with legal cannabis, or you get a better deal on them off-the-books from a guy at your gym? A vape cart is a vape cart is a vape cart—right?

Sure, unless your vape cart is counterfeit.

It’s Not Just the Carts

Vape pen manufacturers have been aware of a growing counterfeit market for well more than five years, though until recently, there’s been little public discussion of the problem. And it’s not just the cannabis-filled vape cartridges that are getting knocked off. Sometimes it’s the actual pen.

Grenco Science manufactures the G Pen (retail $35 – $125), a leading line of high-end portable vaporizers that boasts celebrity endorsements from Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Burton snowboards, and other lifestyle brands.

In 2017, the company was awarded $47 million after suing 65 different online retailers for selling counterfeit versions of their products. They took the legal action not just in hopes of recovering lost revenue and deterring future violations of their trademarks and copyrights, but also to protect consumers from potentially dangerous hardware.

Counterfeit vape pens generally use non-certified batteries and materials, which either function improperly or not at all. If they fail to sufficiently heat, the vapor output will be minimal or nil. If the heating element gets too hot, whatever’s inside the cartridge will combust instead of releasing vapor. Or potentially hazardous materials surrounding the cart could release noxious fumes. Sometimes fake vape pens leak. And there has been multiple instances when they’ve exploded, badly injuring people.

Some people knowingly buy these counterfeits, but most don’t realize they’re getting conned. According to Grenco Science’s complaint:

Many of the unauthorized [retailers] named in the lawsuit are based overseas and go to great lengths to conceal their identities and thwart shutdown. This includes operating under multiple fictitious names, using numerous merchant accounts and illegitimate search engine optimization tactics to drive traffic away from the genuine Grenco Science online store. The defendants often used logos and images directly sourced from Grenco Science to further deceive possible customers.

Nobody Heats Up a Handbag and Inhales

While Grenco (and other vape pen makers) say counterfeiting of pens has been “rampant” since 2013, the thriving illicit market in fake vape carts appears to be a more recent phenomenon.

In a December 2018 article published by Marijuana Business Daily, Hannah Davis, chief marketing officer for Heavy Hitters, a line of disposable cannabis vape cartridges in California, said the company was “alarmed” just a few months prior when they learned that fake Heavy Hitters vape carts were being sold at unlicensed dispensaries in California.

There are unlicensed shops in California selling this product at a lower price. This could be potentially unsafe to consumers … buying it thinking that they’re getting a better deal from these unlicensed shops.

Just like with a knock-off Gucci handbag, counterfeit vape pens cost far less than their authentic counterparts because they’re made on the cheap, out of inferior materials, by companies that don’t pay taxes, don’t have to market or promote their brands, and don’t have to meet any standards whatsoever. The obvious (and ominous) difference is that nobody heats up a handbag and then inhales it deeply into their lungs.

So what’s inside all the fake vape carts currently found at unlicensed dispensaries and on offer from underground dealers in prohibition states? And how do they get them to look so much like the real thing?

Merry Jane’s Zach Harris found the answer on Instagram.

Under usernames like @vapen.cbd.thc, @cartridge_vape_factory, and @dreamervapor01, black market wholesalers are posting photos and videos of endless stacks of empty cartridges and packaging from three successful California-based brands in particular, King Pen, Brass Knuckles, and Heavy Hitters, as well as a number of other, lesser-known vape labels. There are dozens of near-identical pages across the social media site, each one requesting direct messages for order info and listing WhatsApp numbers and Hotmail addresses in their bios.

These unscrupulous online retailers will sell to anyone with money not just empty vape carts, but also all of the packaging material needed to make it look like a real King Pen. Most of these suppliers are located in Shenzhen, China—the same industrial center where legal companies outsource their non-cannabis production runs.

So the physical carts themselves are no different than what’s in the authentic product. And the branding looks so similar, it’s difficult for even the legitimate manufacturers to distinguish the fakes from the real thing.

But when it comes time to fill those cartridges, who knows what’s in them?

All we know for certain is that whatever’s inside a counterfeit vape cart was added by someone who rips off people for a living. And that it won’t be tested for potency, purity, or anything else before you start puffing away. It could be low-grade, pesticide-ridden cannabis oil, or a blend of synthetic cannabinoids, or something even more nefarious.

Manufacturers continue to pursue legal action against bootleggers and constantly update their packaging to stay ahead of fakes, but it’s essentially a game of Whack-a-Mole.

So What’s the Solution?

Consumers in legal states who want vape pens need to buy them from licensed retailers. And those stuck living in prohibition states will just have to wait for legalization to reach them. But no need to break up with your dealer—just stick with flower awhile.

And if you’re worried about getting high discreetly, maybe do like your elders did, and invest in a one-hitter cleverly disguised to look like a harmless tobacco cigarette.

Original Post: Leafly: Are You About to Puff on a Fake Vape Pen?

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