Canada’s Most Searched Cannabis Strains in the First 3 Months Since Legalization

Canada’s Most Searched Cannabis Strains in the First 3 Months Since Legalization

[Editor’s Note: Most of these strains are familiar to cannabis consumers, but a few seem new. It might be nice to try a few of the unfamiliar ones.]

In the three months since cannabis was legalized across the country, Canadians have only just begun wading into the evergrowing options of legal bud available. And, while Canadians have shown high interest in strains like Pink Kush, Blue Dream, and White Widow since the very beginning, the tastes and preferences of cannabis consumers continue to evolve. Here are the strains that Canadians are most curious about according to Leafly searches in the first three months of legalization.

Gorilla Glue (GG1)

This hybrid strain has captured the curiosity of Canadians, but being a proprietary name means that on Leafly, you’ll find Gorilla Glue listed as Original Glue (GG4), or related phenotypes, New Glue (GG5) or Sister Glue (GG1). As its name suggests, the Glue family of strains delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation that’s often equated to feeling “glued” to the couch.

Pink Kush

Canadians interest in Pink Kush has hardly waned. The indica-dominant hybrid has been a top-searched strain since the very first month of legalization and remains popular for its potent body-focused effects and bright green buds that smell like sweet vanilla and candy perfume. The potency of this strain could be considered overpowering, and often small doses are all you need.

Blue Dream

Also retaining its status as one of the top-searched strains on Leafly Canada, Blue Dream is a strain that has achieved legendary status. By crossing a Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze, the sativa-dominant hybrid balances calming, full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration that will appeal to novice and veteran cannabis consumers alike.

White Widow

Another mainstay on this list is this famous hybrid that boasts white buds with crystal resin, warning you of the potent effects to come. First bred in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds in the ’90s, White Widow has graced every Dutch coffeeshop menus since and owes its enduring popularity to reported effects that include a powerful burst of euphoria and energy that stimulates both conversation and creativity.


Rising in popularity as the dust from legalization settles, this indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Rockbud and Sensi Star that is known to deliver strong cerebral effects without debilitating sedation. Leafly reviewers report this potent strain is “amazing for menstrual cramps, as well as headaches,” while others bill it as “fantastic for stress, depression, headaches, migraines, and insomnia.”


This fruity strain has piqued Canadian interests with its reputation for a sweet berry flavour and high THC content. Known to produce relaxing effects and a long-lasting sense of euphoria, this indica might be the right strain for consumers looking to contend with pain and stress.


Another fruity indica that Canadians are curious about is Mango, a strain that’s notable for producing buds as big as baseballs. Copper-coloured trichomes and a scent that’s “sweet, mellow and with a hint of pine,” are among its most appealing characteristics according to Leafly reviewers who also report relaxed and happy effects.


This Canadian-bred strain combines genetics from Kish (a cross of two Shishkaberry parents) and God Bud (see below) to produce buds coated with crystal resin. Solidifying its status as a strain worthy of seeking out, Nuken is renowned for its sweet, herbaceous aroma and strong but even-keeled effects that will typically leave consumers feeling functional enough to still enjoy hobbies and the company of friends.

God Bud

A mix of Hawaiian, Purple Skunk, and the mysterious Canadian strain known only as “God,” this indica-dominant hybrid has proven popular for its dense, resin-coated buds that produce relaxed euphoric effects. High in alpha-pinene, the potent strain is known to exude a tropical aroma that’s simultaneously earthy and citrusy, while the flavour is sweet and musky.

Lemon Skunk

Conceived from two separate Skunk phenotypes that displayed exceptionally zesty traits, this hybrid strain will wake up your senses with its skunky, citrus flavour and a happyenergetic buzz.

Photo by Jesse Milns for Leafly

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Diamond Mining: A Photographer’s Journey Inside the Super-Shiny World of THCA Diamonds

Diamond Mining: A Photographer’s Journey Inside the Super-Shiny World of THCA Diamonds

[Editor’s Note: Actually, diamonds have only had value since the DeBeers made their brilliant marketing moves in the 1950s. But this story isn’t about DeBeers and their marketing prowess. It’s about a diamond that is nearer and closer to our hearts. A THCA diamond! These are beautiful photos.]

Seattle photographer Steinfarm captures the glory of the THCA diamond, a beautiful and potent extract that might not survive in legal cannabis markets.

Diamonds have been considered the quintessential precious gems since the age of antiquity —unadulterated expressions of the crystal form, prized both for their luminous clarity and all-but-unbreakable strength. This innate fascination with carbon diamonds is partially behind the rise of THCA “diamonds,” the latest craze in cannabis extraction and the reason your dispensary’s concentrate shelf looks like a jewelry store display case.

Steinfarm, a Seattle-based photographer who specializes in photographing THCA diamonds, says that the similarities between the two types of diamonds was central to his transition into professional cannabis photography. Before becoming a cannabis photographer, he spent eight years working as a commercial product photographer and the majority of his clientele were in the jewelry business. The most common item he was paid to photograph? Diamond rings.


Stacked diamonds on a dab tool of the strain Middlefork from DabX

As it turns out, there aren’t that many aesthetic differences between carbon diamonds and cannabis diamonds, and as soon as he started photographing them, Steinfarm realized he already knew what he was doing.

“I was shooting diamond rings, and I started seeing these [crystalized] concentrates come out,” he says. “I was looking for an edge into the industry and the diamonds are kind of where it hit off, cause honestly, they’re really similar to earth diamonds.”

That similarity explains the appeal of cannabis diamonds, but what are they, and why does it seem like they’re everywhere lately?

Mandarin Headband from DabX

The diamonds are made from THCA, which is the acidic compound in the plant that becomes THC when it is exposed to heat. Crystalline THCA has been widely available for several years, but even at purity levels as high as 97 percent, it tends to have a powdery appearance to the naked eye. Then, Guild Extracts in California pioneered the use of molecular isolation and became famous for their large THCA crystals with purity levels over 99 percent. Some other companies managed to more or less reproduce Guild’s results with lower potency isolation, but the large crystal refinement wasn’t ever consistently replicated by anyone else, largely because of how technically involved the process is.

Then, as the tastes of dabbers turned from shatter to sauce, which is basically just a semi-separated mixture of viscous high-terpene extract and small THCA crystals, extractors found a simple, low-tech method for encouraging larger crystal formations. These “sauce diamonds” have become an object of obsession for many concentrate connoisseurs and are a favorite on social media, where their striking aesthetics make for some dazzling imagery, whether it’s a casual snap from a bragging dabber or a studio portrait of a massive crystal.

Legend of Nigeria from Phat Panda

How THCA Diamonds Are Mined

Cannabis extraction, in general, is all about removing inert plant matter and isolating the primary cannabis compounds desired by humans, which break down into two main groups: terpenes and cannabinoids. Terpenes, which give cannabis its unique spectrum of scents and flavors and play a crucial role in the entourage effect (the idea that cannabinoids work best in harmony with one another) are liquid at room temperature and regular pressure. On the other hand, cannabinoids — compounds which directly interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system to produce the physiological impacts of cannabis consumption — take solid form under typical conditions.

Almost all cannabis concentrates contain both terpenes and cannabinoids, making them susceptible to a process called nucleation, which ultimately causes them to separate. If you’ve ever seen what happens to an old envelope of shatter, then you’ve witnessed the result of nucleation, which is fundamentally the same physical process that creates sauce diamonds. The difference is that when shatter nucleates, it generally doesn’t form crystalline structures, at least not ones that you can see. But using a simple process sometimes called “jar tech” or “diamond mining,” you can create large crystal formations using little more than time.

Sour Tangie from Dab Lab

As I noted in my book with cannabis legend Ed Rosenthal, “Beyond Buds: Next Generation,” most large sauce diamonds start as BHO live resin, which is created by running fresh or flash frozen cannabis (instead of cured buds) through a closed loop extractor. The resulting oil receives a light purge without a vacuum to offgas most of the oil’s residual solvents. The liquid that remains is poured into jars and left alone for two or three weeks, at which point there should be substantial crystal growth. The process is based on separation, so you’ll also get a viscous, high-terpene extract with cannabinoid crystals.

Some extractors will boost crystal formation by adding other solvents, but not Josh Zeise, lead extractor at DabX, an extraction company based out of Oak Harbor, Washington that specializes in sauce diamonds.

“We do a live butane or propane extraction. We don’t use pentane — that’s called cheating,” he said. “We’ll use natural-derived, steam-distilled terpenes. All we use to make the diamonds is live resin for our live diamonds or fresh/cured material for our regular diamonds.”


Topical OG from DabX

Steinfarm says DabX diamonds are some of his favorite to photograph, and a glance at these images explains why. But he stressed that the quality can be both seen and tasted, and that he’s yet to find anything else quite like it in the Pacific Northwest.

“It’s crazy flavorful,” he said. “I haven’t found anything that tastes quite like it up here.”

Zeise said it’s fun to watch the crystals form in the jar, and that for a certain kind of cannabis consumer, dabbing a big THCA diamond is the ultimate experience. However, he said he also makes sauces with smaller crystals for those seeking a more even-handed potency.

“You get those THC chasers, so it’s always nice to offer the big diamonds just for them,” he said, adding that his deep stash of in-house genetics lets him dial in strains for both crystal size and terpene intensity. “The Orange Kush is what you need for big crystals, the Dutch Treat brings the terps.”

When it comes to Zeise’s favorite form of cannabis? It’s the same answer you hear from about 80 percent of extractors and hash makers.

“I actually smoke flower,” he said. “I just dabbed so much it gets me lifted for like fifteen minutes, but I love dripping the terps on the flower.”

Kiwi Skunk from DabX

Diamonds Aren’t Forever

The science behind “jar tech” is relatively uncomplicated, but as with many facets of the emerging legal cannabis industry — particularly in California — the regulations concerning extraction are dense and sometimes a bit arbitrary.

Rodney Galgiani is the head of extraction at Apex Solutions in Oakland, California and is responsible for their top-shelf products, including those from leading NorCal brands like Terp Boys. He says regulatory restrictions make “jar tech” as it’s practiced illegal.

At issue are the glass jars used to store the crystallizing hash oil. These containers don’t comply with the stringent process requirements for extractors under California’s regulatory framework, and while Galgiani has experimented with other containers and workarounds, he says it’s proven to be more trouble than it’s worth. He said the profit margins are already so slim that creating compliant procedures is hardly worth it.

Mandarin Headband from DabX

Unfortunately, he says he doesn’t see big sauce diamonds featuring in the legal market moving forward. During a visit to the Apex laboratory, he pointed to a 2-ounce jar filled with big, glimmering crystals sitting inside a vacuum oven.

“Those are the last big diamonds that’ll ever come out of this lab,” he said. “It’s all about applesauce [with smaller crystals] moving forward… when it comes down to it, you need the terps, and if you just have a couple of huge crystals in the jar, it’s not getting distributed evenly.”

Of course, the regulatory hurdles that seem poised to slap the lid on jar tech won’t affect producers like Guild, who create crystalline THCA diamonds using other proprietary methods, but if it becomes a little easier to distinguish your cannabis social media feed from a boutique in Antwerp in the coming months, you’ll know why.

Chem Brulee from Dank Czar

Behind the Hype for THCA Diamonds

Industrial applications notwithstanding, carbon diamonds are predominantly valued for their dramatic appearance in jewelry, and it’s really no different where THCA “diamonds” are concerned.

From a practical standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to chase large THCA diamonds. Most obviously, smaller crystal formations more evenly distributed throughout a terpene-rich base allow for more uniform potency. But also, the smaller crystals in terp sauce are quicker to produce, there are fewer testing and regulatory headaches for the extractor, and on balance, it’s a more useful product for the consumer.

Killa Gorilla from DabX

Still… I find myself gazing into the glimmering asymmetry of a 2.5-karat THCA diamond, regarding its luminescent clarity with a dreamy smile I’ve never given to a half-gram of hash before. I gingerly clutch the shimmering crystal with a pair of tweezers and raise it into a sunbeam that’s captured and refracted into prismatic flashes of sparkling rainbow light. These become more intense and frequent as I subtly tilt the diamond in the light, and for a moment I’m mesmerized, lost inside its jagged natural facets.

My hypnotic trance is broken by the insistent electric screeching of a timer I’ve set for my dab. With just the slightest pang of regret, I drop the gem into a warm banger. It melts into a bubbling puddle and vanishes into a wisp of mist and rides the light once more, as I exhale upward and that same sunbeam illuminates an angular blade of vapor, framing the turbulent trajectory of whirling spectral serpents on their first and final flight.

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California’s Top Pot Shops Predict 2019 Weed Trends

California’s Top Pot Shops Predict 2019 Weed Trends

[Editor’s Note: Check out what’s selling the best and why from California’s top budtenders.]

Four of the state’s most notorious dispensaries weigh in on last year’s consumer habits and trends, as well as what to expect on this next THC trip around the sun.

Today, shopping for cannabis in California offers more options than ever before. As dispensary shelves grow heavy with a myriad of products that range from dog biscuits to bath bombs, knowing what people in the country’s largest recreational pot market are purchasing — and why — may provide vital clues in our efforts to predict the industry’s future.

Following California’s first full year selling recreational cannabis, owners of top dispensaries in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles — Barbary Coast, SPARC, Harborside, and Medicine of the Angels (MOTA)— kindly agreed to discuss their observations and predictions with MERRY JANE. The conversations offered intriguing insights about what items are growing in popularity, and the shifting demographics of the customers they’re seeing each day.

Interviews have been edited for clarity and length.

MERRY JANE: What were the most popular products purchased at your dispensaries in 2018? Do you expect those products to continue to be bestsellers in 2019?

Jesse Henry, Executive Director of Barbary Coast (San Francisco): Flower and preroll are the biggest sellers, followed by cartridges, edibles, extracts, and topicals. This has been the trend more or less for a few years now, and I expect it to continue.

Erich Pearson, CEO of SPARC (San Francisco, Sebastopol, & Santa Rosa): Our top three categories for 2018 were flowers, edibles, and cartridges (in that order). We have seen customers lean towards lower THC and higher CBD items in all categories as many new cannabis customers have not used cannabis in many, many years — if ever — and are worried about how high THC items will affect them. We expect this trend to go on for quite some time as the market matures.

Steve DeAngelo, CEO of Harborside (Oakland & San Jose): Flowers still were the bestselling category, but [vaporizer] carts have been moving like crazy and are just about even with flowers (each about 31%). Gummies have pretty much knocked off most other types of edibles into “slow seller” categories.  Even though chocolate had a higher percentage for the year overall — and tinctures were also up there — if you just look at Q4, you can see they are starting to make more and more of an impact.

Luis Bobadilla, President of Medicine of the Angels (Los Angeles): I think with the advent of adult-use, the big transition has been the ever-growing share of the vape portion of the market. That’s the big one we’ve seen. Speaking to a few years ago, when vapes where a blip, they were still a piece of the business, but marginal. Edibles have now grown into a significant portion of the business, too. One reason is that the edibles market fragmented in the sense that high-dosage, medical consumers now buy their stuff from the black market. I think the restrictions on potency, on packaging, and the costs associated with them have driven the old medical consumers away, and they’ve been replaced by adult-use consumers who are interested in micro-dose, lower THC things. Edibles are still there, but it’s now different products that make-up those sales. We’ve lost the medical people, but somewhat replaced them with a micro-dose, adult-use consumer.


Above, a photo of Barbary Coast’s consumption lounge by Nick Wadler

Acknowledging that every person wants something a little different, did you notice any trends in flower sales specifically in 2018?  Are people drawn to “name brand” strains like Willie Nelson’s Willie’s Reserve line?

Jesse Henry / Barbary Coast: At Barbary Coast, we see a lot of tourists because of our downtown location and our consumption lounge. The customer base is still pretty new, so what we’re seeing is a lot of customers that have never tried cannabis or have had very limited experience. So they’re really trying things for the first time. As the market matures, there will definitely be a draw to specific brands.

Erich Pearson / SPARC: We have not noticed customers leaning towards brand names of high-profile individuals, rather than by cultivator. SPARC has been labeling its strains by cultivator for quite some time, as this helps with associating quality and price levels for the customer. By knowing the cultivator, customers can make better purchasing decisions. If there is a strain that they love and we happen to be out of stock, they know they can get the same level of quality and care they have become accustomed to by selecting another strain grown by the same group.

Steve DeAngelo / Harborside: Absolutely. Our flower is generally from our farm (or something we processed in-house), and prepack is branded flower we receive from outside sources. You can see that prepack items make up the large majority of flower sales as a whole, with branded pre-rolls also taking up a big chunk, and items we process in-house (mostly just our farm stuff) that is “white labeled” with Harborside logos is only 15% of the total in the last six months.


Above, an infographic of Harborside sales data, courtesy of Stevev DeAngelo

Luis Bobadilla / MOTA: In our experience, nobody cares about brands yet. Willie’s Reserve? Nobody cares. I think the best parallel might be wine. If Francis Ford Coppola’s wine wasn’t any good, nobody would care that it was by him.


A photo of SPARC’s entrance in San Francisco

Are people starting to ask more about the origins of flowers, like what farm they came from?

Jesse Henry / Barbary Coast: It’s definitely going in that direction. There hasn’t been enough time on the market for specific farms to establish themselves to customers. But people are definitely asking about the quality of the farm and how the product was grown.

Erich Pearson / SPARC: SPARC has always armed its employees with this knowledge, and it has always been part of our consultations we have with members. We have not noticed an increase in members asking about this information, but have not noticed a decrease either.

Steve DeAngelo / Harborside: Our retail general managers are better to answer this one, but new laws require that it be printed on the package so consumers don’t have to ask. Consumers are not more concerned with the origin than they used to be. Honestly, new consumers don’t care much — they are looking at the effect of the strain. They want it to feel a certain way or cure something they have. The original heads still ask every time, though.

Luis Bobadilla / MOTA: I think we now have a two-fold, bifurcated market. Old medical users still want a certain threshold of potency. I think the medical flower smokers have gone away. They’re being replaced by a broader demographic that’s really driven by how it’s going to make them feel, and [this group] also has a tendency to want much lower potency products. 


Prices have fluctuated pretty drastically since California’s recreational market officially got underway.  On average, how much flower are people buying?

Jesse Henry / Barbary Coast: Currently, eighths are the most available and comprise at least 90% of loose flower inventory. But pre-rolled joints are very popular, as well. Those two account for about 50% of sales for us. The other half consists of a combination of cartridges, edibles, topicals, and extracts. Of those, cartridges are definitely the most popular.

Erich Pearson / SPARC: On average, customers are buying one gram to an eighth of flower at a time. While many manufacturers are not packaging grams, our vertically-integrated manufacturing team is. This allows members to purchase more strains per visit in smaller weights to see which types of cannabis work best with them. Many of our customers are looking for smaller amounts, as they only use cannabis on special occasions or want to see how it will affect them before purchasing larger amounts. We appreciate the ability to offer smaller amounts to these customers so that we can work with them on finding the right items for them, creating a sense of trust so that we see them return.

Steve DeAngelo / Harborside: Overall, transaction size has decreased by about 20 percent, which we believe correlates directly with taxes and clone limits. Customers could previously buy 99 and now can only get 6. Although [Proposition] 215 allowed people to buy eight ounces, most of our customers were not actually doing that, so I don’t think the one-ounce limit is making as big an impact (except for during sales). When we did cheap ounces, customers were maxed out [after buying] a single item. So we think it might be better to do cheap half ounces to allow for more add-ons for every transaction.

Luis Bobadilla / MOTA: We don’t have ounce customers anymore. Joints are a much higher-selling item than in the past, and I think that speaks to exactly that. The average purchase is just way lower.


Crystal balls are of limited value when it comes to predicting the cannabis industry, but do you have any feeling for what types of strains you expect to be big sellers in 2019?

Jesse Henry / Barbary Coast: It’s hard to say. It will probably take the market another few years to balance out, in terms of the brand-new recreational customer versus the long-time patient who has a different tolerance.

Erich Pearson / SPARC: Strains that are robust in flavor have always been big sellers, and we don’t anticipate that to change. Many customers still use the age-old saying, “the nose knows,” meaning that if a strain smells good to you, there’s a high probability that you will like it. We have noticed, and anticipate, that items lower in THC have become and will remain big sellers. This is a big change from the medical market, where everyone wanted as much THC as they could get.

Steve DeAngelo / Harborside: I’m not sure of any one specific strain. Lemon-y strains seem to be making a comeback. Same with fruity, cookie kinds of crosses — honestly lots of companies are coming in with some awesome strains. I think the differentiator is more so the brand/cultivator than the specific strain.

Luis Bobadilla / MOTA: It’s like a wine sommelier versus people who are happy to have a glass of wine at dinner — there’s a much different level of engagement now. That’s the big change: the transition of who the customer is now. Medical patients in California were accustomed to a given price structure and a value proposition in so far as the cost of a milligram of THC. They’re much more substantial users, whether it was vapes or wax or shatter or flower or edibles or whatever. They were the largest consumers. The state, with its regulatory oversight and the price differential driven by taxes, has completely alienated that customer, who is now serviced by the black market. Our shops are now frequented by new, marginal-use customers.

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First Marijuana Recall Issued for Michigan

First Marijuana Recall Issued for Michigan

[Editor’s Note: Attention lower Michigan medical cannabis patients. Patches and tinctures have been recalled. Find out if your medicine is part of this recall.]

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has issued a voluntary recall on marijuana products.

According to LARA, the recall includes non-laboratory tested marijuana products that were supplied to provisioning centers by Choice Labs, LLC in Jackson. Patients or caregivers who have these affected medical marijuana products in their possession are advised to return them to the provisioning center from which they were purchased for proper disposal. During the recall, provisioning centers are encouraged to notify patients or caregivers that purchased these medical marijuana products of the recall.

LARA said Choice Labs will dispose of or retest the recalled medical marijuana products. All affected medical marijuana has a label affixed to the container that, at a minimum, indicates the license number of the marijuana facility that manufactured the marijuana product, as well as the production batch number assigned to the marijuana product, said LARA.

This recall affects the following batches under Processor License PR-000005:

  • 1A4050100000900000000035
  • 1A4050100000900000000046
  • 1A4050100000900000000064
  • 1A4050100000900000000073
  • 1A4050100000900000000075
  • 1A4050100000900000000077
  • 1A4050100000900000000138
  • 1A4050100000900000000164
  • 1A4050100000900000000167
  • 1A4050100000900000000340
  • 1A4050100000900000000339

The following products sent to the provisioning centers listed are subjects to the recall:

Mary’s Transdermal Indica Patches

  • 5 & Dime
  • Compassionate Care by Design
  • Om of Medicine
  • 3843 Euclid, LLC – Dispo
  • Montrowe, LLC – Greenhaus
  • Exclusive PR Center
  • Bloom City Club
  • Cannarbor, Inc – Arbors Wellness
  • Five Star Relief, Inc.
  • Green Skies – Far West, LLC
  • Green Skies – Hoover, LLC
  • Green Skies – Healing Tree, LLC
  • Utopia Gardens, LCC
  • Choice Labs – Ann Arbor Rd
  • The Green Mile Detroit

The Remedy Tincture-Mary’s

  • Bigfoot Wellness
  • 5 & Dime
  • Five Star Relief, Inc.
  • Choice Labs – Ann Arbor Rd
  • Choice Labs – Page Ave
  • 3843 Euclid, LLC – Dispo
  • 3843 Euclid, LLC – Dispo
  • Om of Medicine, LLC
  • Green Skies – Far West, LLC
  • Compassionate Care by Design
  • Green Skies – Healing Tree, LLC
  • Cannarbor, Inc – Arbors Wellness
  • Bloom City Club

Mary’s Transdermal Patches CBD

  • Montrowe, LLC – Greenhaus
  • 5 & Dime
  • Compassionate Care by Design
  • Om of Medicine, LLC
  • 3843 Euclid, LLC – Dispo
  • Exclusive PR Center
  • Bloom City Club
  • Green Skies – Far West, LLC
  • Green Skies – Hoover, LLC
  • Green Skies – Healing Tree, LLC
  • Utopia Gardens, LCC
  • The Green Mile Detroit
  • Cannarbor, Inc – Arbors Wellness

The Coltyn 1:1 Tincture

  • 5 & Dime
  • Five Star Relief, Inc
  • Choice Labs – Ann Arbor Rd
  • Choice Labs – Page Ave
  • 3843 Euclid, LLC – Dispo
  • Utopia Gardens, LCC
  • Exclusive PR Center
  • Green Skies – Far West, LLC
  • Green Skies – Hoover, LLC
  • Compassionate Care by Design
  • Bigfoot Wellness
  • Green Skies – Healing Tree, LLC
  • Bloom City Club
  • Cannarbor, Inc – Arbors Wellness
  • 5 & Dime

Mary’s Transdermal 1:1 Patches

  • Compassionate Care by Design
  • Om of Medicine, LLC
  • Exclusive PR Center
  • Bloom City Club
  • Five Star Relief, Inc
  • Green Skies – Far West, LLC
  • Green Skies – Hoover, LLC
  • Green Skies – Healing Tree, LLC
  • Cannarbor, Inc – Arbors Wellness

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Fight the Munchies With These West Coast THCV Products

Fight the Munchies With These West Coast THCV Products

[Editor’s Note: Pass the avocado toast please! Another new cannabinoid is being discovered and pursued. This one actually suppresses appetite. We always thought weed and munchies went hand-in-hand. ]

It seems like each day is a new opportunity to discover something great about cannabis. After all, there are over 100 different kinds of cannabinoids out there and we’ve only begun to scratch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to researching the unique effects of each.

One especially promising cannabinoid is THCV. THCV, or Tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a cannabinoid that can be found in strains like Durban Poison or Pineapple Purps. A few health benefits at a glance include stimulating bone growth, managing sugar levels, and boosting memory.

The most interesting, however, is the claim that THCV can help suppress your appetite, allowing you to smoke all day long without fear of the munchies taking over. But keep in mind that even though some strains contain higher THCV, they may still have a good amount of THC—so they can help curb the munchies, but not rid them all together.

I set out to find the most THCV products out there and put that claim to the test. Check out the results below for products available in California and Washington.

Stimulate THCV Tablinguals by Level Blends

THCV product: Stimulate THCV Tablinguals by Level Blends(Courtesy of Level Blends)

Where to find it:

It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Level Blends. The California-based company utilizes rare cannabinoids like CBG and THCV to create everything from sublingual pills to PAX Pods and beyond.

Part of what makes Level Blends so alluring, is the convenience you get with each product. Their newly released Stimulate Tablingual 1:1:1 THCV:THC:CBG is one of my new favorite cannabis products to date. Simply slip one under your tongue and wait 20-30 min before you start to feel the effects kick in.

CBG is another cannabinoid that’s extremely good at managing anxiety thanks to its gentle sedative effect. Add some THC and THCV to the mix and you get a tablet that’s calming without being sedating. Each pill contains 15mg THC, 13mg THCV and 15mg CBG. It’s an extremely unique experience with a gentle head buzz and a whole lot of focus. One pill at 9am and I’m not hungry until past 2pm.

One of the strains that’s been sitting on my canna-bucket list for years is Doug’s Varin. It was one of the first cultivars that came up when I searched for THCV and is extremely rare to come across. I’ve never actually seen the strain in any dispensary before. Which is exactly why California Cannabinoids’ Doug’s Varin Vape Pens has me jumping for joy. This sleek little beauty contains 25-30% THCV produced in California with full sun. Two versions of the pen are available: the first is a THCV standalone pen while the other has extra CBD added to it.

Both pens are beautiful, hit extremely smoothly and produce a satisfying amount of vapor. The effect of the THCV here is subtle. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the sensation of smoking without feeling overly sedated and is most definitely the thing I now go for when munchies strike at 9pm.

Zero Vape by Suicide Girls

THCV product: Zero Vape by Suicide Girls(Courtesy of Suicide Girls)

Where to find it:

This vape pen is especially interesting owing to the fact it was created as a “diet weed” with appetite suppression in mind. Part of their Chill, Hustle, Zero line, the Zero Cartridge contains equal amounts of CO2 extracted THCV and THC (60%).

“Durban Poison was a really popular cannabis strain many of the SuicideGirls were [using]. We loved it because our appetites weren’t out of control after smoking, and we thought it was something we should bring to the cannabis community,” said Milloux Suicide in an interview with Merry Jane.

Where’s My Bike and Dutch Treat Cartridges by Heylo Cannabis Extracts (Seattle, WA)

THCV product: Where’s My Bike & Dutch Treat Cartridges by Heylo Cannabis Extracts(Courtesy of Heylo)

Where to find it:

The good people at Heylo Cannabis have not just one, but two high THCV products. One is their Where’s My Bike c-cell cartridge. It contains both THCV and a delicious 4.4% of CBG (you can check out the detailed lab results on their website). The draw is extremely smooth and satisfying, giving me a nice creative kick with a side of mental energy that’s perfect for daytime smoking.

The other is their PAX Era Pod Dutch Treat, and let me tell you, this is a really special pod. It contains double the amount of THCV as the Where’s My Bike cartridge, boasts 11% terpenes and has the magical ability to put my hunger in its place.

A few hits of this will soothe even the most savage of hungry bellies for a short time, so keep it handy wherever you go. It’s also predominant in terpinolene, a terpene known for inducing a calm mental state.

Original Post: Leafly: Fight the Munchies With These West Coast THCV Products

The Best THC Cartridges of 2018

The Best THC Cartridges of 2018

[Editor’s Note: Check out these top rated THC cartridges ranked by flavor and potency. Buyer beware though. Make sure you know how your choice of cartridge was made.]

There are tons of THC cartridges to choose from. Here are some of this year’s best

THC cartridges made getting high while visiting family a breeze this holiday season. They look just like e-cigs and best of all they won’t leave a smell on you. So there was no need to Febreze yourself on the way back from that “walk” with your cousins.

The concentrated cannabinoid content and the consumption method make cartridges perfect for anyone in need of discreet and quick relief. If you’re not a fan of waiting to find out whether you’ll be in the 9th dimension or nowhere with edibles, cartridges are the move for you.

Their convenience has made them one of the most popular cannabis products over the last few years and as a result, the market is now saturated with tons of brands to choose from.

How is a consumer supposed to decide? You won’t know what you’re getting until you buy it, try it and have it lab tested at a reliable facility. If you’re not about that life, here are the best THC cartridges we came across this year.

Best in Flavor

MPX Strawberry Fields

MPX Strawberry Fields

Melting Point Extracts or MPX makes some of the finest cannabis products out of Nevada and Arizona.

This is an extremely accurate representation of the actual Strawberry Fields strain. The sweetness from the Strawberry Cough lineage comes out strong on every pull,

710 Labs Lemon Tart Pucker

Best THC Cartridges of 2018

710 Labs

710 Labs products are available in California and Colorado. Their team selects the genetics and grows them in-house before extracting some of the most sought-after products in the industry. Their sauce pens contain no distillate or cutting agents. It comes from the

This is another one with flavor to match its name. On the inhale you get the sour lemon and on the exhale, the taste of baked goods lingers on your tongue from the Dough Dawg (Animal Cookies x Stardawg) in the lineage. The effects were euphoric and energetic, providing enough energy to walk around and socialize for a couple of hours.

Green Dot Labs Coin Style Full Spectrum Extract

Best THC Cartridges of 2018

Green Dot Labs

Green Dot Labs is an extract focused cannabis-brand based out of Colorado. Sticking to their belief of “Quality In, Quality Out,” they make some of the highest quality extracts in every consistency a connoisseur could ask for.

Their Full Spectrum Extract brings the familiar flavors of their concentrate line into a portable cartridge for on-the-go enjoyment without any extra baggage. That means no additives.

Exclusive Melts Lemon Banana Sherbert

Best THC Cartridges of 2018


Exclusive Melts is the winner of several High Times Cannabis Cup awards, including TWO first place victories at the last World Cup. They use strains and flowers from some of the world’s most renowned breeders, including DNA Genetics.

The flavor was prominent and mouth-watering. It was a smooth and tasty hit down to the last drop and there was enough potency in the high terpene extract for effects to settle in after a few pulls. With a flavor that enjoyable and no distillates or additives, it didn’t take long for the cartridge to empty out.

Nexus OG Live Resin Sauce

10 Best THC Cartridges of 2017

Nexus Live Resin Sauce Pens were one of the first to bring natural terpenes and potency to the California market. Live resin lovers looking for something more convenient than a messy wax pen have found the answer.

It tastes like the flower smells. Not like some added flavoring. Nexus claims there is no additives and no distillate. You get a large cloud with every pull and strong effects follow. One of the smoothest, cleanest hitting cartridges on the market. The OG has that gassy aroma you usually only find in the actual OG Kush flower or live resin.

Like the rest of the live resin sauce or high terpene extract carts on this list, you won’t be able to keep it for long.

Even though there are tons of vape pen cartridges on the market it’s hard to find ones that shine. The best THC cartridges function properly from start to finish. They’re also filled with clean, quality medicine that hasn’t been tampered with.

Best in Potency

Happy Sticks Orange Crush

Best THC Cartridges of 2018

Happy Stick

Happy Sticks are an up and coming cannabis brand based in California with a focus on cartridges. They’ve won a High Times Cannabis Cup and recently took 5th and 7th in the cartridges category with their new line of sauce pens at the Emerald Cup competition.

Their Orange Crush is a great flavor that matches the name. When vaporizing, you can expect smooth vapor going in and out.

In fact, it can take multiple hits back-to-back with minimal irritation. The flavors are tasty and usually unlike cannabis. If you prefer the taste of cannabis-derived terpenes, their La Jolla Diesel sauce pen has a taste unique to weed.

It never takes long for the potency to settle in. One to two large hits should have you cruising for a while.

Field Sour Sunset Sauce Pen

Best THC Cartridges of 2018

Field Extracts

Field Extracts pheno hunts and cultivates the flowers they use for their hash and cartridges in-house in California. Their cartridges are a mixture of distillate and high terpene extracts. The ratio of distillate to sauce varies by the viscosity of their high terpene extracts.

Taking a big pull from their Sour Sunset sauce cartridge was a slap of gas from the sour diesel and sunset sherbet with some earthy undertones from the Cookies lineage. The potency crept after three moderate hits. It was a wonderful mix of being couch locked and euphoria.

Honey Vape Girl Scout Cookies

Best THC Cartridges of 2018

Honey Vape

HoneyVape is based out of California. They were one of the first brands to put distillate in cartridges and they’ve maintained a quality product and excellent customer service over the years.

Their Girl Scout Cookies cartridge smokes smoothly with earthy notes and a hint of sweetness. Each pull is packed with potency, it only takes a few hits to blast off.

Each cartridge is filled with clean distillates and tasty terpenes. There is no hint of additives or residuals.


10 Best THC Cartridges of 2017

Stiiizy is attempting to influence, inspire and innovate the cannabis industry. They quickly made a name for themselves, racking up tons of positive reviews, a strong following and an award at the High Times So Cal Harvest Cup.

The stealthiest and most convenient cartridge on the market. You just plug in a pod of THC distillate and inhale. Repeat until the cartridge is empty, toss, and replace. You’ll never experience any burning.

When taking a huge pull, it chucked clouds, but there was some irritation.

Best of Both Worlds

Tree Base Klear Str8 Lemonade

Best THC Cartridges of 2018

Tree Base Klear

Tree Base Klear is making unique flavored cartridges that hit hard but taste smooth. They’re made with clean distillates for high potency with natural terpenes that have flavors and aroma that come from cannabis plants.

Tree Base Klear collaborated with Str8 Organics to bring us their Str8 Lemonade cartridge. On the first inhale, you can tell where the name comes from. It starts with a piney and sweet citrus that’ll leave your mouth watering for more. On the exhale, there were gassier notes.

On top of great flavors, the distillate provides potency on a consistent basis. It only takes one or two large pulls to get to where you need to be.

The best THC cartridge will depend on your preference. If you’re looking for potency, go with a distillate cart. Flavor chasing connoisseurs are better off with sauce pens and full spectrum extracts.

The Best THC Cartridges of 2018 was posted on High Times.

Pinene-Rich Products to Ramp Up the Holidays

Pinene-Rich Products to Ramp Up the Holidays

[Editor’s Note: We love the fresh smell of pine and the pinene terpene is just a terrific aroma.]

One of the best things about the holiday season are all the comforting smells that come with it. We’re talking freshly baked sugar cookies, spicy cinnamon wafting out of mulled ciders, and—if you’re lucky enough—the smoky goodness that comes with roasting marshmallows over a cozy fireplace.

While all of these holiday scents are intoxicating in their own way, one stands alone: the fresh, aromatic delight of fragrant pine needles on a Christmas tree farm, AKA the scent of Pinene. Inspired by this beloved winter scent, I decided to round up my favorite pinene-rich products for you to enjoy this holiday season.

Beta Pinene by True Terpenes

(Courtesy of True Terpenes)

If you, like me, can’t get enough pinene in your life, then get ahold of the terpenes themselves. True Terpenes offers a wide variety, ranging from the pure Alpha and Beta Pinene bottles, to strain-specific terpenes that are high in pinene. Strains containing the highest amount of pinene include ACDC, Blue Dream, and Green Crack.

Keep in mind that you can’t use the terpenes straight out of the bottle—you’ll need to dilute them first and read the FAQ. That said, the versatility in which you can use these terpenes is truly stunning.

OG Kush Candle by Kush Candles

(Courtesy of Kush Candles)

Sure, there are Christmas tree scented candles, but why not take it to the next level? Go straight to the source with Kush Candles. Infused with honest to goodness organic terpenes, each candle has its own unique scent inspired by a unique cultivar. There are several tantalizing flavors to choose from, but this winter, I’m all about the OG Kush Candle. It’s infused with α-pinene and myrcene, smells bright and floral like a mix of lemongrass and jasmine, and burns for over 50 hours. Light one up, take a deep breath, and get ready for the entourage effect to start working its magic.

Corazon Extract & Pineapple Express Chocolate by Peak Extracts

(Courtesy of Peak Extracts)

This Portland-based company consistently produces some of the best, most terpene-rich products in Oregon. All of the products at Peak Extracts are single-strain and extracted in-house using flower from Yerba Buena and East Fork Cultivars. You can taste the quality of the flower in their terpene-heavy cartridges like the Corazon, a high-CBD varietal clocking in at 61% CBD, 3% THC, and an impressive 3% CBG.

The signature “terp-lock” process ensures that the terpenes stay as fresh as possible for your smoking experience—and yield some of the tastiest cartridges I’ve yet to smoke.

Did we forget to mention their delicious chocolates? Single-strain and made from the finest quality gourmet dark chocolate, the Pineapple Express Bar is filled with pinene. It tastes as good as it feels (which is to say, I may have gobbled up the bar in one go).

Relief Vaporizer Pen by Surterra Wellness

(Courtesy of Surterra Wellness)

One of the most remarkable properties about pinene is its ability to act as a bronchodilator, expanding the chest and airways in just a few seconds. Add in some big players like THC and CBD and you’ve got one hell of a product. The Relief Vaporizer Pen by Surterra Therapeutics uses a 1:9 CBD to THC ratio, along with the power of terpenes to provide relief from a variety of symptoms ranging from muscle pain to anxiety. The pen contains 230mg of cannabinoids, and advises using 23mg as a daily dose, yielding a 10-day supply per vaporizer.

Be Calm CBD Inhalers by CBD Luxe

I have been absolutely fascinated by the idea of cannabis-based inhalers, so you can imagine my sheer delight at discovering CBD Luxe’s line of inhalers. They look exactly like their conventional medical counterparts, with only the product name on the side to distinguish them.

Available in three varieties, Be Calm, Be Clear and Be Alert. The Be Calm inhaler is made from lavender and a-Pinene extracted from chamomile. Throw some CBD into the mix and you get an herbal combo that packs a powerful punch. It’s also a great way to dose precisely, with each spray containing 8.0mg of active cannabinoids.

Dutch Treat Pax Era Pod by Heylo Cannabis

(Courtesy of Heylo)

Based in Seattle, WA, the good folks at Heylo Cannabis are nice enough to put the lab results from their products right on their website. This encourages us to explore their offerings at length which led me to their fantastic new Dutch Treat PAX Era Pod.

While Dutch Treat is already naturally high in pinene, the unique extraction process at Heylo ensures that the terpenes are never separated during processing, yielding a product where the terpene count in the pods is nearly what you’d get in the flower itself. There’s also a some terpinolene and myrcene to round things off, resulting in the kind of pod you can happily smoke on all day long.

Original Post: Leafly: Pinene-Rich Products to Ramp Up the Holidays

Cannabis-Infused Gifts for Colorado Grandparents

Cannabis-Infused Gifts for Colorado Grandparents

[Editor’s Note: Why should seniors be left out of the fun? There are plenty of grandparents who are comfortable toking away on a “J”, but there are many more who need a gentle introduction to the joys of cannabis!]

Many of us have aging parents or grandparents who would truly benefit from cannabis medicine. Lately, cannabis has become so mainstream that previously opposed seniors are even seeking it out! The holidays are a perfect time to help them with an infused gift.

We’ve put together a gift guide for the enlightened senior citizen in your life. These products are also perfect gifts for anyone who is new to cannabis.

Micro-Dosed Buttermelts

sweetgrass buttermelts(Courtesy of Sweetgrass)

Sweet Grass Kitchen’s Mojito Mint Buttermelts are bite-sized candies infused with full-flower cannabutter. Each Buttermelt contains 2.5mg THC—a perfect dose to use while figuring out your comfort zone. The instructions on the package are newbie-friendly, comparing one piece of candy to one alcoholic drink. A container of 40 mints retails for around $25.

Stillwater Coffee and Tea

(Courtesy of Stillwater Tea)

Stillwater Brands’ high-CBD coffee and teas are designed to relax, not intoxicate. Your elders will feel the effects in as little as 15 minutes. Each beverage contains 10mg CBD and 0.5mg THC. Three varieties are available:

  • Caffeine-free Mellow Mint tea is designed for relaxation.
  • Lightly-caffeinated Gentle Green tea helps boost energy and control anxiety.
  • Clockwork instant coffee has a full dose of caffeine for energy, combined with CBD to kill the jitters.

The beverages come packaged in a classy tin canister that’s perfect for gifting. Each canister contains ten coffee or tea sticks and retails for around $25.

Mary Jane’s Medicinal Salve

(Courtesy of Mary Janes)

A quick survey of budtenders revealed that Mary Jane’s Medicinals’ Cannabis-Infused Salve is the go-to product for the older crowd when they have aching joints, sore  muscles, and other painful ailments. It contains essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and orange. The silky-smooth texture absorbs easily into the skin. The salve is available in 4 oz ($45), 2 oz ($30), and 0 .5 oz ($10) sizes. The THC:CBD ratio is 3:1, with the 4-oz version containing 270mg THC and 90mg CBD.

Binske Olive Oils

(Courtesy of Binske)

These oils are excellent for the senior crowd. They’re sugar-free, gluten-free, discreet, and very easy to use. Just sprinkle the contents of a dropper over your meal to add 3.3mg of CO2-derived THC. My friend’s grandmother carries a bottle wherever she goes.

The intricate packaging art and high-end ingredients in Binske’s single-origin, organic, extra-virgin olive oil, makes it a lovely gift. Each 30ml bottle costs $25 to $30 and contains 100mg of THC. The oil comes in four flavors: Fire (infused with chipotle peppers), Earth (infused with garlic), Water (infused with Lemon), and Wind (straight-up olive oil).

LucidMood Vape Pens

(Courtesy of Lucid Mood)

LucidMood takes their slogan “Mild & Dialed” seriously. Their products are designed to help consumers change moods without clouding their minds. To this end, all their pens have a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio. The CO2-extracted cannabinoids are combined with botanically sourced terpenes. This combination is thought to produce targeted effects.

LucidMood’s Wellness line includes pens for Calm, Relief, Sleep, Focus, and Lift. Their Lifestyle line includes pens for Energy, Chill, Party, Bliss, and Relax. Each 200mg pen contains around 40% THC, 40% CBD, and 20% terpenes. And the best part? LucidMood pens have no PG, PEG, or other additives. You can pick one up for around $30.

Original Post: Leafly: Cannabis-Infused Gifts for Colorado Grandparents

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