The Grown-Up’s Morning Marijuana Strategy

The Grown-Up’s Morning Marijuana Strategy

[Canniseur: This is a terrific article. Laughed my butt off while I was reading it. It’s a little over the top, but it is the way some people live their lives. And it has its own disclaimer.]

Just FYI: This article is for entertainment purposes only. There’s no single trick to getting high sans consequences in the morning. If you were hoping to follow our advice to the letter, you need more help than you thought.

Getting high in the morning is not like it was back in the day. Now, you might be thinking, “Wait, it isn’t?” while pondering your long-lost youth and the cannabis consumption habits that feisty little whippersnapper once maintained to get through the day.

If your regimen was anything like ours, then you enjoyed the kind of enthusiastic wake and bake ritual that had everyone at your place of employment looking at you funny when you first started.

You may have even worn your paranoia on your sleeve, prompting people to ask too many questions. Remember, back when you used to have to feed kitchen managers a line of BS about having allergies if they mentioned anything about you looking stoned? Even if you knew they smoked weed too, you really couldn’t reveal your secret. “No, I don’t do that,” you would tell them. “It’s the change of seasons… ragweed or something.”

More like a bag of weed.

But you were consistent in your acts of stoned servitude. You showed up to your shift each day completely blazed out of your mind, eyes squinty and redder than hell’s carpet. So, by the end of the first month, the higher-ups were just like, “You know what, maybe that kid really does have allergies,” and it was never mentioned again. They were just happy someone showed every day and did the work no one else wanted to do.

That was the grinding life of the canna-head way back when. Maybe it still is for some. It’s what needed to be done for us to keep our heads on straight while also making sure there was plenty of money in our pockets to pay the bills and afford more herb. Let’s face it, weed’s never been cheap!

But times have changed.

These days, you have a full-time job, maybe even a career — one that requires more attention to detail than when you were just washing dishes for a living. And let’s not forget about those kids. Kids need things, like fully functional parents to get them off to school, talk to teachers, and perhaps even help rally the troops before, during and after all of their extracurricular activities. This life we’re talking about right here, one that is commonly referred to by the millennial generation as “adulting,” is balls to the wall, Jack! It is not a life that can be easily conquered by those who linger in the ranks of the perpetually wasted. Therefore, getting too ripped on weed first thing in the morning is not the smartest approach to keeping the family unit on track to achieving its potential.

But you don’t have to stop smoking pot before starting your day. It would be ridiculous to suggest that grown-ups should renounce the coveted morning wake and bake ritual. Even though we have better jobs now, they still suck a big one sometimes. But it is not beyond the scope of reason that some regular users may need to change up their strategy a little to get through the day without getting fired or catching a surprise visit from CPS.

Some folks can make this adjustment easier than others. So for those of you who clicked this link looking for some heavy guidance on this very real, very serious issue, don’t worry about a thing. We’ve got you… for the most part.

Okay, so you cannot just open your eyes first thing in the morning and start doing bong rips right out of the gate. You’re not Seth Rogen. And, we can’t even believe we have to say this, but put that dab rig down. Heck no, man, you need a little finesse to fit into the big boy or girl panties you’re going to need as soon as those kids climb out of bed and start asking for breakfast.

Ever try pouring milk after dabs?

Meanwhile, you, yourself, must get ready for work, as the same sh*t different day routine still means clocking in at a business at a particular time of morning and being prepared to go-go-go once the boss starts barking orders. So, as soon as the alarm goes off, hit the snooze button and reach for the nicely packed bowl or vape pen on the nightstand. But take no more than two modest hits off that bad boy before putting on some pants and moving to the kitchen. This dose should provide you with enough of a head change to ensure the kiddos get the eggs, cereal or whatever their growing bodies need before it’s time for them to get dressed for school. Then lo and behold, you’ll get them fed without the oldest calling 911 because he’s convinced that you’re having a stroke.

While the kids finish getting ready, now is the perfect opportunity for you jump back into the bedroom for a refresher hit — no more than that, though. Otherwise you could end up mumbling about conspiracy theories during that early morning meeting with Principal Pritchett. You won’t have to worry about running concessions at Thursday’s basketball game once you spill out something like, “So, do you really think we landed on the moon, or is Alex Jones onto something?”

Start looking for a new school district now!

For all intents and purposes, let’s assume you have a job that does not nail employees to the wall with random drug tests, nor do they care if you all smoke weed on your own time, as long as you show up on time and kick ass. If you are one of those people where a pop whiz quiz is always lurching around the corner, like a factory worker or a federal employee, perhaps this article is not for you. Try this one on for size.

Okay, so where were we? That’s right, grind time. Now that the kids are safe in school and you’re en route to your place of employment, it’s totally acceptable to squeeze in another hit or two before you enter the parking lot.

If you are confused at this juncture, seeing as smoking more weed means you’d have to do it behind the wheel and you’re thinking, Jeez, I don’t know about this, Cannabis Now, isn’t that a little dangerous? Well, probably. But we’re all adults here, or at least we’re supposed to be, so don’t be self-righteous about it. We’re only trying to help. But let’s get real, if you weren’t getting high, you’d probably still be texting and stuffing an Egg McBig Mac down your throat at 70 mph. So, what’s the difference? At least you can still pay attention to the road with a smoking device in your hand. Or do we need to write a tutorial on that, too?

Listen, nobody is telling you that you have to take another hit before you get to work, just that it is (kind of) acceptable to do so. Pull over if need be. Just watch out for cops!

Maybe you’d feel more comfortable saving that pre-shift hit for when you are sitting in the parking lot, and that’s fine too. It is also not against the rules to skip it and wait until lunch to take your buzz up a notch. Depending on the potency of the strain, that might not be a bad idea.

Also, if it’s your first day, week or even month on the job, you might want to take it easy. But if this is a position you’ve been holding down for a while now, get to the headspace that you need to be in. Just remember to use those eye drops. There is no need going into work all red-eyed and obvious, unless you just feel like waxing nostalgic by explaining to your supervisor how your allergies are acting up.

That’s up to you… because our work is done.

TELL US, do you have a typical wake and bake routine?

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Jelly Belly Creator Launches New CBD-Infused Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly Creator Launches New CBD-Infused Jelly Beans

[Canniseur: If you like Jelly Belly beans, you’ll love this. Someone at Spectrum Confections has a great sense of humor. I want to see Jelly Stonies. In legal states, of course.]

The Jelly Belly jelly beans creator, David Klein, just launched a line of CBD-infused jelly beans under the brand name Spectrum Confections.

The product line features 38 flavors of jelly beans, WTKR 3 News reports, with each jelly bean containing 10 mL of CBD.

“The jelly bean is perfect for the proper dosage (of CBD),” said Klein. “We are putting 10 ml in each. If people want a small dose, they eat one. If they want 20 ml, they can eat two. They can decide what their proper dosage is.”

Some of the flavors include:

  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Spicy Licorice
  • Mango
  • Toasted Marshmallow
  • Cinnamon
  • Sour

The CBD jelly beans sold out quickly. The company’s website does not say when they will be back in stock.

Original Post: Only 420: Jelly Belly Creator Launches New CBD-Infused Jelly Beans

Work Hard, Play Harder: Weed Makes Us More Productive

Work Hard, Play Harder: Weed Makes Us More Productive

[Canniseur: If cannabis can help me work longer doing the things I love to do, that’s a very good thing. This is from a new academic study from Temple U and Johns Hopkins.]

Tokers often get stereotyped as lazy, apathetic, and altogether unproductive, but a new study suggests that older Americans work harder and longer in states with legal medical weed.

The study, co-authored by researchers at Temple University and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, looked at over 100,000 survey responses from individuals age 51 and older. When states approve new medical marijuana laws, researchers discovered a 5 percent increase in full-time employment among those surveyed. From a sample of surveys for participants who qualified for medical weed (citing chronic pain, glaucoma, or cancer), that number jumped to 7.3 percent.

Why are older Americans working more in medical states? The researchers argued these laborers’ health improved thanks to cannabis. Survey participants in medical marijuana states reported less pain (by 4.8 percent) and better health (by 6.6 percent) compared to participants living in states under full prohibition.

“These findings underscore the close relationship between health policy and labor supply within older adults,” said Lauren Hersch Nicholas, Ph.D., who co-authored the study. “When we’re doing policy evaluations, we have to think not only about whether the policy is changing health outcomes, but also whether it does it in a way that supports labor force participation.”

This isn’t the first study to show that cannabis use translates to better workers. In 2016, research from the University of Wisconsin found that employees in medical states took fewer sick days, about 8 percent less than workers in non-legal states. According to the CDC, workers calling out sick costs US businesses $225 billion every year, or about $1,600 per employee.

Although it’s always good news to hear that Americans are getting more work, are America’s seniors working too hard? Some research indicates working beyond the average retirement age can improve mental acuity, physical well-being, and sociability.

But working past the age of 62 can increase mortality, so maybe this is one public policy issue we shouldn’t expect weed to fix.

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Meet Your New Instagram Crush: 420 Old Fat Lesbians

Meet Your New Instagram Crush: 420 Old Fat Lesbians

[Canniseur: LOVE these lesbian’s sense of whimsy, silliness, and humor. It’s not hard to see why they’ve got over 70,000 followers on Instagram in just a few weeks.]

Are these your cannabis internet heroines? Instagram has answered with a resounding yes when it comes to Lee and Sue, a.k.a. the 420 Old Fat Lesbians. The retired duo started their account on March 3 on a lark, a fun way to entertain themselves, having moved from Florida to Maine after 10 years of coupledom. On the power of around 30 short, goofy, majority cannabis-themed clips, their follower count has swelled to 71 thousand in under a month. Lee and Sue now field their followers’ admiration and occasional adoption requests with grace and aplomb as they navigate their newfound virality.

“We are humbled and have nothing but gratitude for the kind words coming our way,” the pair told High Times.

What’s the secret to this wild popularity? Some may chalk it up to the pleasure of sharing the couple’s small moments of queer love, woefully lacking in the hetero-centric world of online marijuana personality. Take for example, a March 5th post from when Lee was in the hospital (recovering from a heart attack, it would be explained to a worried fan). Sue stole her away for a cannabis break in the hospital bathroom. The pair set up their phone’s camera, readied their medicated cannabis lollipops, and queued a Chicken Dance Elmo doll positioned between them on a windowsill. The doll flaps his arms and Sue and Lee follow his lead, sucking away happily on the canna-pops in what seems like a moment of real tenderness. Cue viral swoon.

But trust that the pair are hardly one-dimensional love bugs. Sue has a talent for fashioning smoking instruments from the unexpected — a mermaid doll’s crotch, a plastic unicorn, KY jelly container, and a green transparent gas mask have all been fodder for her cannabis creativity.

And of course, there’s the account’s light choreography to classic queer party tracks. A post featuring Friday night Sister Sledge session makes it impossible not to bop along. One shot of the two swaying to Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”, in which hard hat-clad Sue hoists said accoutrement, is a deadpan dream.

Not to mention their sweetly and clunky scripted lesbian puns. “About to tap this sweet lady,” Sue says, lighting up a DIY bowl-equipped Mrs. Butterworth’s maple syrup container. A certain self awareness runs throughout the bits. Not for nothing have the woman chosen an IG handle perfectly constructed to elicit both guffaws and a knee-jerk follow for queer marijuana consumers starved for relatable content (their IG profile’s subtitle: “The Likes of Dykes”).

We’re thrilled to witness the birth of two LGBT cannabis icons in their pre-blue check flush. Such was the ocean of our affection that High Times had to reach out to the pair to learn more about their thoughts on life, love, and dank herb. By the way, potential sponsors, Lee and Sue await your DM.

Courtesy of Sue and Lee

HT: Hi, friends. First things first — what are your favorite strains? Preferred ways to consume cannabis?

420 Old Fat Lesbians: White Widow, Blueberry Kush, Northern Lights, Purple Train Wreck … too many to list. We both like vaping and edibles, but alternate with bong rips and joints. Seems to work for us.

HT: Will weed will lose its outlaw cache should it become legalized on a federal level in the United States?

420 Old Fat Lesbians: We think it depends on the permit fees, taxes, etc. behind all of it! Smaller businesses may not be able to afford filling the government’s pockets, so we’re sure there will still be a black market.

HT: What has been the reaction among your friends and family to your newfound cannabis fame?

420 Old Fat Lesbians: Some of our friends and family are surprised, maybe a little shocked, but all care for us deeply and want the best for us.

HT: You’re both medical marijuana users who gave you followers the chance to check in with the two of you on Lee’s recent hospital stay. Has cannabis been aiding in her recovery process?

420 Old Fat Lesbians: Yes, some forms of indica keep Lee relaxed and we both use it for pain. It’s so much better than opioids that don’t work as well and cause addiction. No one has ever overdosed on marijuana.

HT: If I’m not mistaken, a lot of your fans are reacting to a queer relationship that seems to be thriving. What are your tips for reaching old fat lesbian status with a loved one?

420 Old Fat Lesbians: Accept each other without trying to change them, and if you’re lucky enough to find your twin soul like we have, the journey is just that much sweeter.

HT: Love is great, but sex … that KY jelly smoke sesh, I hear, was a fan favorite. Does cannabis plays a role in your sexual relationship? (When doctor’s orders allow, of course.)

420 Old Fat Lesbians: It helps relax our minds.

HT: What are your plans and goals for the future of 420 Old Fat Lesbians? Will you be doing more product reviews? DIY paraphernalia inspo posts?

420 Old Fat Lesbians: We will keep our options open. We are new to this and our minds welcome whatever possibilities come our way.

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Les Club des Hashischins: How Hash & Hallucination Dazzled Western Culture

Les Club des Hashischins: How Hash & Hallucination Dazzled Western Culture

[Canniseur: Fabulous article about the French “Club des Hashischins”. Many famous artistic and literary stars of the time belonged to the club. It began in France during the late 1700s, continuing almost until the early 1900s.]

When Napoleon Bonaparte’s army arrived at the great pyramids in Egypt, they were met by a fleet of 10,000 soldiers on horseback. Sometmes described as a mad man, Bonaparte is famous for his exhaustive crusades into foreign lands with superior militaries and home advantage. In the mid-1790s, Bonaparte had already defeated Austrian armies against the odds on behalf of his country. After claiming new territory for the French government, Bonaparte set his sights on Egypt.

The goal of the French invasion in Egypt was to disrupt the trade routes of a dreaded rival, the British. While the French achieved a degree of success in their Egyptian military endeavors, the nation’s expansion into the East sparked a new, oft undiscussed cultural shift back home — Napoleon’s crusade introduced 19th-century France to psychedelic drugs.

A Forbidden Herb at Les Club des Hachichins

According to Robert Clarke and Mark Merlin, authors of Cannabis Evolution and Ethnobotany, archeological researchers estimate that the use of hashish in Egypt dates back to the 12 century C.E. In its early days, archeologists suggest that hashish was most often eaten, with its active chemicals absorbed underneath the tongue and digested when swallowed. If historical records prove accurate, the cannabis paste was cheaper than other substances and was unrestricted by Islamic religious authorities at the time.

As such, hashish consumption rose in popularity until the 20th century, inspiring feelings of euphoria, provoking a meditative state of mind, and promoting sociality. The herb was particularly popular among the lower classes, who arguably consumed it as a more economical alternative to alcohol or opium. When French soldiers arrived on the scene, they were quick to introduce themselves to such a pleasant and unique social custom, much to the dismay of Bonaparte. For the first time in the modern history of France, cannabis was banned.

In October of 1800, Bonaparte issued a decree to his troops:

“It is forbidden in all of Egypt to use certain Moslem beverages made with hashish or likewise to inhale the smoke from seeds of hashish. Habitual drinkers and smokers of this plant lose their reason and are victims of violent delirium which is the lot of those who give themselves full to excesses of all sorts.”

Unfortunately for the General, however, the ban was a lost cause. The march into Egypt opened the first doors to the cannabis drug trade in France, and it was the educated elite that warmly welcomed the intoxicating herb into their social and intellectual lives. The primary attraction? Hallucinations.

Hash Eating Hallucinations

Without television or the radio, Victorian-era elites resorted to more unusual forms of entertainment. For prominent French writers, artists, and scientists of the time, that entertainment came in the form of a hash-eating club. Attended by famous names like Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, and Charles Baudelaire, Les Club des Hachichins was formed in 1844. Writers and artists attended out of creative curiosity, while at least one doctor attended to study mental illness and drug-induced mental alterations.

Inspired by new imports from Egypt, the group famously mixed hashish into coffee, along with pistachio, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, sugar, and other flavorful spices. The end result was, apparently, downright hallucinogenic. After consuming a lump of hashish rumored to be the size of an adult thumb, writer, journalist, and philosopher Théophile Gautier reports spiraling into a world filled with visionary creatures, ones which had only previously come to life in the visual arts.

“An enigmatic personage suddenly appeared before me,” writes Gautier in Les Club des Hachichins. “His nose was bent like the beak of a bird, his green eyes, which he wiped frequently with a large handkerchief, were encircled with three brown rings, and caught in the knot of a high white starched collar was a visiting card which read: Daucus-Carota, du Pot d’or….. (a reference to the fairytale writing of E.T.A. Hoffmann).”

“Little by little,” he continues, “the salon was filled with extraordinary figures, such as are found only in the etchings of Callot or the aquatints of Goya; a pêle-mêle of rags and tatters, bestial and human shapes.”

These visions, it seems, continued into Gautier’s dreams. According to a 1974 paper by Harry Cockerham, during the hash eater’s dreams, senses seem to blur into one another — a synesthesia that confuses taste, color, scent, and sound. Gautier writes in a local newspaper: “I had the most bizarre dreams: I heard flowers singing, I saw blue, green, and red musical phrases which smelled of vanilla.”

And yet, not all effects of hashish were frightening. In fact, Gautier articulated that the herbal concoction was far superior to alcohol. “I could no longer feel my body,” he writes in Le Club des Haschichins, “the bonds of mater and spirit were loosened […] I imagine this is how souls must be in the world of essences […] I understood, then, the pleasure felt by spirits and angels moving in the ethereal regions.”

Exploration Persists

After observing Les Club des Hachichins for several years, Dr. Jacques-Joseph Moreau, an influential figure in modern psychology, reported in his several-hundred-page investigation Hashish and Mental Illness, “I saw in [cannabis] a mean of effectively combatting the fixed ideas of depressives, disrupting the chain of their ideas, of unfocusing their attention on such and such a subject.”

They say history repeats itself. With cannabis, this common aphorism is proven true again and again. In 1800, cannabis products were banned by Bonaparte. Yet, the desire to explore the mind and test the boundaries of consciousness was too appealing for soldiers and civilians alike.

This same desire to explore persists today, despite decades of tension between policymakers hoping to control, and spirited wanders breaking laws to find freedom of mind.

Original Post: Cannabis Aficionado: Les Club des Hashischins: How Hash & Hallucination Dazzled Western Culture

Phone, Wallet, Keys, Weed: Hitting The Road With Your Stash

Phone, Wallet, Keys, Weed: Hitting The Road With Your Stash

[Canniseur: There’s lots of good advice and ideas to ponder in this article. If you’re going to hit the road with a little stash, read this first.]

Better safe than sorry, dear reader!

In the latest Adam Sandler Netflix special “100% Fresh,” there is a catchy little ditty, some call it a rap, in which he breaks down the only three things he needs before leaving his house: “Phone, Wallet, Keys.” The song progresses into some less than ordinary situations, in which the Sandman requires not only requires his phone, wallet, keys, but also a fourth thing: his passport, then his laptop, Tic Tacs and his backpack.

You get the gist of it. There is not a single person on the planet who can’t relate to mulling over in their head this checklist of necessities before going public.

But if you are a part of the cannabis community, which seems to be the majority of the population these days, there’s just one more prized possession that must be added to the pile of pocket clutter before joining the outside world. We need our phone, wallet, keys and weed! That’s right, can’t leave the house without the old equalizer. After all, it’s the one thing that keeps some of us balanced and, in many cases, even prevents a full-blown flip-out when we’re forced to mingle with dregs of society.

First, Consider the Cons

Hitting the road with a stash is not always as easy as tossing a canister of mints in your pocket. Sure, marijuana is now legal for recreational use in 10 states and the District of Columbia, but for the rest of the nation, traveling with pot is still considered risky business.

Unfortunately, hundreds of people are still getting busted every day just because some bored cop discovered a small stash of weed in the vicinity of their phone, wallet, keys. Some of these encounters result in only a small fine — not the end of the world, yet still a pain in the *ss — while others can land otherwise law-abiding citizens inside a jail cell. And if you’ve never been to jail, please take our word for it: It is not somewhere most humans belong, even for a night. Ever get into a fist fight over a smelly blanket? Just spend a couple of days in county, you’ll get your chance.

Unless you live in a legal state, leaving the house with weed should be done in a manner that makes it difficult for cops to find it if they pull you over and decide to conduct a search. This is not rocket science, kids. The reason most folks end up getting popped on a possession charge is mostly due to their unwillingness to recognize that stereotypes do exist, and there are indeed cops out there that will dig a little deeper to find wrongdoing if you are the wrong color.

But more importantly, these people fail to understand that appearance is everything. Sometimes avoiding an unwanted run-in with the law is as easy as just taking a few simple precautions to avoid arousing suspicion. Yes, it is true, I have been locked up — several times — but never, not once, for marijuana possession.

It’s not because of the police’s lack of trying, let me tell you. Throughout the years, I’ve had my vehicles given the equivalent of a full physical, complete with a five-finger prostate exam, by cops hoping to bust me for weed. But they’ve never had any other choice than to let me go. It’s not that I’m such a smuggling pro, I just understand the basics.

Clean Car, Smart Car

During a traffic stop, the first thing a police officer does when he or she approaches a vehicle is look inside. Before so much as uttering the words, “License and registration, please,” rest assured a cop has already noticed if your car is clean or in complete shambles.

If the latter is true, this only gives them more of a reason to look closer. If you have marijuana, that’s something that you do not want to happen. So, always make sure your car is clean. Fast food bags or junk food wrappers on the floorboards, clothing flung all over the backseat or complete interior chaos have all been known to get cops sniffing around where they aren’t wanted. In fact, years ago, my vehicle was searched because an Indiana state trooper thought a McDonald’s french fry that had fallen in the cracks of the passenger seat was a joint. Did he actually believe this deep-fried potato was pot? Who knows. But he did use it to establish probable cause. Of course, he didn’t find anything. But the point is he went looking.

Don’t Toke and Drive

It is also a good idea when traveling with weed not to partake while driving. If you end up getting pulled over, you can almost guarantee the lingering odor of grass is going to prompt a search. And even if no herb is discovered, the next step could be to summon a roadside drug test and try to make a drugged driving (DUID) arrest.

Some states have a zero-tolerance policy on driving with pot in your system, so while the police might not be able to bust you on a possession charge, they can still use DUID as a reason to lock you up. Of course, you’ll lose your license for a while and probably even be required to attend weekly (sometimes daily) drug abuse classes. Try telling your boss that you have to leave early every day for the next year to see a drug counselor.

Life with a DUID will get harder than it needs to be. It’s just more hassle than it’s worth. Save the cannabis consumption for your final destination and don’t forget to hide the paraphernalia as well.

Look, stepping out into the world with your phone, wallet keys and weed is something that most cannabis consumers do every day without ever encountering any problems.

But until the herb is legal all across the nation, it’s going to take some common sense to ensure you get to where you are going without taking a detour to jail. Just follow the traffic laws and never take along enough weed to get you into any real trouble. And pro tip: Go ahead and rip those Bob Marley stickers off your back window right now. Those d*mn things just scream, “Hey officer, I’ve got weed in the car, come get me!”

We just want to help you avoid any situation where you might need your phone, wallet, keys and bail.

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11 Glass Artists Who Changed the Game

11 Glass Artists Who Changed the Game

[Canniseur: Finally, glass art bongs are getting the recognition they deserve. While most simple glass pipes these days share a common design, the high end is something else entirely. These artists are at the high end of the high end with their fantastic artwork.]

“Degenerate art” is a euphemism used to describe highly stylized pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and other smoking apparatuses, coming from a fascinating 2011 documentary that looks inside the world of functional art glass.

Artists working in this largely underground scene have always been marginalized, but in February of 2003, they were quite literally criminalized: Hundreds of businesses and homes across America were raided by law-enforcement, the culmination of an elaborate federal undercover sting operation dubbed “Operation Pipe Dreams.”

Fifty-five people were arrested for crimes related to the sale of drug paraphernalia—including famous actor/comedian Tommy Chong—and many of the country’s most talented functional glass artists spent the night behind bars, stripped of all assets and facing the possibility of serving a long prison sentence (although Chong was the only one to actually serve hard time).

But that was more than 15 years ago. Today, the cultural conversation around functional art glass no longer focuses on government censorship and oppression. Now it’s all clickbait stories about how a bong just sold for $100,000, or the opening of a new mainstream gallery show focused on the incredible creativity and technique exhibited by the movement’s leading practitioners.

But how did we get here, and who propelled this degenerate art form to such dizzying heights?

The contemporary history of functional art glass begins exactly where you might expect—with a stone-cold hippie trying to make ends meet as he followed the Grateful Dead.

Bob Snodgrass

(Courtesy of Bob Snodgrass)

Long before becoming the “Godfather of Glass,” Bob Snodgrass was an inveterate tinkerer who worked a straight job in a machine shop. But in 1971, he saw a glass pipe displayed in the window of a head shop and met the artist who made it. They shared a smoke and by the time they were done, he had a new calling in life.

Snodgrass would eventually invent a series of groundbreaking techniques that set his work apart—most notably “fuming,” which involves vaporizing silver, gold, or platinum to release fumes that bind to the surface of glass.

He also invented the popular sidecar style of pipe after spending the night on a friend’s waterbed and finding it impossible to set down a standard pipe on the unsteady surface.

But Snoddy contributed the most to the functional art glass scene by selling his one-of-a-kind pipes to Grateful Dead fans as the band endlessly toured the country. Over time, this created a market for “heady glass” from coast-to-coast and well beyond.

“The first time I encountered the Grateful Dead scene, a friend told me he had tickets and I should bring my bus so we could camp in the parking lot,” the artist told Leafly in a feature on his life. “He said I was going to sell glass like I’d never sold glass before.”

Jerome Baker Designs

A talented and influential artist in his own right, Jason Harris (head of Jerome Baker Designs) profoundly changed the game by turning his passion for heady glass into a thriving professional business, paving the way for the modern industry to follow.

His company began in 1991 in a dorm room, and grew to over 70 employees working out of a large production facility—until he was taken down in Operation Pipe Dreams.

But even after the devastation of his arrest and the federal case against his business, Harris refused to back down. He now operates a thriving custom glassware outfit with offices in Las Vegas, New York, and Maui.

For more on Harris and his craft, check out Leafly’s documentary of him and his crew making a giant bong.


A self-taught glassblower working out of a small town on the Oregon coast, Ryan “Buck” Harris often finds inspiration for his work in the beauty of the nature that surrounds him, like his best known piece, a pipe shaped like an angler fish skeleton.

Buck changed the game by consistently pushing for the acceptance of functional glass work in the world of high art, through both the intricacies of his sculpting work and his sharp business acumen.

Jason Lee

Jason Lee has been blowing glass for nearly 25 years and specializes in line-work, or what he calls “non-specific geometric patterning.” The depth and precision of his work have created a standard for other glassblowers to follow and these continue to set his work apart today.

Robert Mickelsen

(Courtesy of Mickelson)

After dropping out of college in the mid-’70s, Robert Mickelsen apprenticed with a professional lampworker for two years before traveling the country to sell his glasswork at outdoor craft fairs for a decade.

In 1989, he began marketing his work exclusively through galleries, including prestigious institutions like the Renwick Gallery of American Crafts at the Smithsonian Institution and the Corning Museum of Glass. He also served for six years on the board of directors of the Glass Art Society.

As one of the first and most prestigious glass artists to move from the insular arena of fine art to the underground functional art glass scene, Mickelson and his sculpture-like pipes changed the game by bridging two worlds that lacked common ground for far too long.

Wicked Glass

Jimi Cummins, far better known as “Wicked Glass,” saw a glass pipe for the first time in 1995, while strolling down “Shakedown Street”—a gaggle of unofficial vendors gathered in a parking lot outside of a Grateful Dead concert. There he met Bob Snodgrass.

Inspired by Snodgrass, his art, and his life journey, Jimi would dedicate the next two decades to learning the craft himself and developing his own signature style.

Then, on April 20th, 2013, he set off in an RV converted into a mobile glassblowing studio with nothing more than a vague plan to log four hundred twenty days out on the road.

He ended up spending the next four and a half years crisscrossing the country, creating commissioned works in his vehicle and hand-delivering them to customers.

Best known for his octopus motifs, Jimi didn’t change the glassblowing game so much as bring it back to its roots, while using social media to connect with the community.

“Bob Snodgrass was one of my major inspirations for getting in the RV,” Cummins told Leafly in a feature on his life. “I didn’t want to sell to shops, I wanted to sell my glass direct-to-consumer like he did, but I had no idea how. Until I discovered Instagram and realized I could connect with people while I’m traveling and sell my work that way.”

Having worked his way up by building a network of followers on social media, Cummins’ pipes are currently in high demand. His use of social media to create personal connections around his art is an inspiration to both fellow glassblowers and the collector community.


Inspired by the intricacies of sacred geometry, Justin Cothren (a.k.a. WJC) consistently creates breathtaking patterns in glass while pushing the boundary of what’s considered possible in the glass medium. He’s also a pioneer of a technique called a desk flip.


Banjo began making pipes in 1995, inspired by everything from Legos and farm tractors to Star Wars and the visionary art of Alex Grey. Over time, he’s earned a reputation for bringing skill and vision to crafting intricate and organic forms.

His best work imbues a whimsical, almost psychedelic feeling to pieces based on musical instruments, motorcycles, and what he calls “throne goddesses.”

Marble Slinger

Technically and stylistically, Slinger’s biggest contribution to the world of functional art glass can be seen in his marriage of Graal-style glassblowing with traditional functional pipe forms. Graal is a high-level style of glassblowing developed in Sweden in 1916 that requires multiple artists to work at once, who using molten glass to carve and shape layers, encase them in clear glass, and then add more layers on top.

Slinger is best known for producing the documentary Degenerate Art, which helped bring the movement out of the shadows and inspired a new generation of artists to take up the torch.

Rose Roads

One of Japan’s best known glass artists and among the finest crafters of borosilicate glass pendants and marbles in the world, Junichi Kojima (a.k.a. Rose Roads) creates “dottacellos” or “thousand-dots designs,” which take a pointillism approach to creating patterns and images of mind-blowing complexity.

Tammy Baller

While she boasts a diverse body of work, Tammy Baller is best known for bringing verve and wit to her satirical glass sculptures of iconic figures, allowing you to puff out of everyone from Jerry Garcia to the Wicked Witch of the West.

Original Post: Leafly: 11 Glass Artists Who Changed the Game

We Would Eat Just About Anything When We’re Stoned, But We Won’t Eat That!

We Would Eat Just About Anything When We’re Stoned, But We Won’t Eat That!

[Canniseur: Some of the strangest munchie food I’ve ever heard of is described in this article. Exactly where Mr. Adams found these foods is open to conjecture. If the food he describes here sounds good, you’re in big trouble.]

Sometimes getting ripped up on marijuana can lead to some rather questionable decisions. Now, before some of the more overzealous readers use this statement as a cue to move directly to the comment section to start digitally chastising us about how cannabis doesn’t make a person do anything more questionable than booze or prescription pills, we should probably clarify that what you are about to read has nothing to do with any of that.

Not in the slightest.

This piece is strictly dedicated to those who suffer from one of the most vile afflictions that marijuana consumption has been known to rile up, none of which, however, involves addiction, stoned driving, or the inability to select the perfect pot stock. Nope. What we’re about to get into right here is more serious than all of that, and it is a topic that is rarely ever discussed among the countless venues that are supposedly dedicated to covering the cannabis culture.

Look, we’re just going to rip the Band-Aid off here: Some of you stoned sickos out there have been making some sleazy choices when it comes to the types of junk food you’ll eat when the munchies set in. Typically, we’re not ones to judge, but, in this case, we cannot hold back. You must be stopped!

While we can certainly appreciate the culinary creativity that most cannabis connoisseurs seem to be capable of unleashing in the kitchen after the late night munchies set in and transform those hunger pangs into a full-blown case of animalistic gluttony, we have recently been made aware of some less than appealing recipes – if you can even call them that — that has forced us to intervene.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for raiding the cabinets and assembling myriad ingredients that our old friend THC tells us will complement each other well once they hit our taste buds, but a line must be drawn when pseudo-succulence starts turning stomachs – namely ours. Although we must admit that we would eat just about anything when we’re stoned, we would not eat this.

Warning: This content may require a barf bag.

Bacon and Ramen Wrapped Hot Dog

We can certainly understand how this munchie monstrosity was brought to life. Ramen noodles and hot dogs are cheap, food standards that can be found in the kitchens of any residence containing humans 24 and under. And bacon, well America’s favorite variation of cured swine is supposed to make everything taste better, right? Gawd, let’s hope it works some kind of miracle on this sad dish, which, if we’re being honest, looks like a sign that the family dog needs to see a vet. We’re not saying this low-rent fusion doesn’t taste good, but we’re never going to get it close enough to our lips to find out. No, you see, there is technology out there that people with jobs have a tendency to use when they get hit by the munchies – it’s called Grubhub.

PS: We’re also hearing reports of people eating hot dogs with grape jelly. Man, don’t make us come over there!

SpaghettiOs Pizza

This one isn’t even funny, gang. One of our main rules when it comes to assembling munchie fare is that it is never acceptable, not ever, to combine foods that kick ass (like pizza) with stuff that a single mom might feed a 5-year-old kid named Brice. Incidentally, this rule also applies to the ramen wrapped hot dog nightmare from above, unless, of course, you are working with cylindrical meats that are made with all beef! But come on, guys, piling a glob of SpaghettiOs on a pizza crust and topping it with the cheese of the week is not gastronomic genius – it’s the first step toward gut rot, and it could lead to someone blowing chunks. Our advice: if this food combination ever starts to sound appetizing at all, you should probably think about changing strains or taking a pregnancy test… like immediately.

Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich on White Bread

This particular munchie design offends us in almost every way imaginable. This one says: “Yes, I’m stoned, but I’m also too lazy to actually turn on the oven so that I can at least try to whip up something sensible to appease my ravenous ways.” It is one of those meals that can only be consumed while wearing sweat pants – you know, to show the world that you’ve completely given up on life and everything in it. But, listen, if a few slices of generic white bread, peanut butter and pickles is all you got in the house, we understand. Times can get hard. But how about just opting for a basic peanut butter sandwich, which is classic fare respected in nearly every societal class, and save the pickles for the day when you happen to have some hamburger in the fridge? After all, just because you’re high doesn’t mean you have to all of a sudden assume the palate of a raccoon.

Please, try and respect yourselves.

Frosted Flakes With Cheese

At no point could we ever get stoned enough to be persuaded to stick something as repugnant as this in our mouths. Not even if a giant flaming wad of space gunk came crashing down to Earth tomorrow — eliminating most of the food supplies — and the only sustenance left on the planet for us to eat was Frosted Flakes and Kraft singles, would we touch a bowl of this soggy ipecac with a 10-foot pole. It would take a special kind of munchies to get us to even stand in the same room with this crap! Come to think of it, if there is actually a massive object currently hurting through the universe on a crash course with Earth, we hope it is on a quest to snuff out those sickos who mau down on this slop. Of course, we’d never tell anyone that they should stop smoking marijuana, but if this is the kind of food it makes you crave, then maybe it’s time to pull back a little.

Popcorn and Ketchup

Look, there are only a few abnormalities in the world of food that could make us curl up in the fetal position in the corner of the room and pray for death, but putting ketchup on popcorn ranks pretty high on the list. In fact, topping popcorn with anything other than salt and butter should be considered a crime against humanity. We hear some of you even have the nerve to make tacos out of this garbage. Get that out of here, right now! Maybe this makes us a little conservative in our munchie morals, but we don’t care. Again, save the condiments for when you’re broke *ss can actually afford to pair them with foods that make sense. Summer is rapidly approaching, so, you know, all of that goopy stuff goes great on grilled burgers and hotdogs (sans ramen noodles, of course).

Doritos and Mt Dew

We’re not going to lie, you got our gag reflexes with this one. It seems that some people who get the munchies enjoy eating (or drinking) a soup-like concoction that involves mixing up crushed Doritos and Mt. Dew. Not only is this gross, but it is also a bit masochistic. Seriously, what level of highness does one have to achieve before soggy chips and sugary soda is the go-to choice for taming hunger? Do you people really hate yourselves that much? Our only solace here is that anyone who consumes this despicable mixture on the regular is probably going to be forced to quit soon when their doctors tell them they have bizarre, new form of diabetes that only happens in people who eat like imbeciles. That is if their stomachs do not give up on them first and conjure some wicked beast in the thick of the night that crawls out of the closest available orifice and ambushes them while they are sleeping. Good riddance, as far as we are concerned.

We Would Eat Just About Anything When We’re Stoned, But We Won’t Eat That! was posted on Cannabis Now.

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