Weed Week in Review April 30, 2021

Weed Week in Review April 30, 2021

The week in weed: This week we’ve got a mish-mash of stories. States are beginning to really recognize that marijuana arrests have been mostly racially driven. I don’t know if a pardon is as good as expungement, but it’s a start on a road that should have been traveled decades ago. States are also beginning to recognize that the ‘criminalization’ of weed was not the right thing to do. It’s time to recognize that cannabis is just there. It’s always been a part of human culture and turning it into a ‘hippie’ drug was not appropriate.

There are still the naysayers in the crowd, who think it should still be illegal. Then they bring up the specious argument about all the societal problems. This argument is specious because taking all the arguments for the three main drugs; alcohol, cannabis and nicotine it would be clear which ones should be ‘banned.’ It’s not cannabis. Sure, there are plenty of problems with weed, but they’re not as bad as alcohol, tobacco or other legal drugs…think opioids. Society will always have issues with drugs. There have been drug problems for over 5,000 years. It’s not going away, so let’s get sane.

Author laments ‘potent’ marijuana

Should states regulate marijuana by its potency? Some say yes

‘This is not your Woodstock weed’ — these states are taxing marijuana that has higher THC levels

The criminalization of marijuana in Georgia began in the 1930s

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome impacts daily and weekly marijuana users

City Council Adopts Resolution to Accept $75,000 Grant for Cannabis Justice

Majority of Americans support legalization of marijuana

D.C. marijuana activists stage ‘Joints for Jabs’ to promote vaccines

New Mexico marijuana legalization poses a serious threat to Colorado’s lucrative border-town pot shops

Drinkable high: Are THC-infused beverages the next trend in legal cannabis?

Resident Urges Committee to Pause on Cannabis Sales

Border weed: How the hometown of tater tots became a cannabis capital

Enrollment explodes in Northern New Mexico College’s cannabis program

US appeals court denies cannabis firm Harborside’s bid to end 280E

20-Year Cannabis Study Shows Few Cognitive Impacts on Twins

Five States Where Republicans Are Trying to Block Marijuana Legalization

5 Things To Know: New Bill Aims to Legalize Marijuana in North Carolina

Montana Marijuana Legalization Bill Passes in Senate

Birmingham to pardon 15,000 with marijuana convictions

Weed Week in Review April 23, 2021

Weed Week in Review April 23, 2021

This week in weed, we passed 4-20 for another year. The 50th Hash Bash was held in Ann Arbor. And at the same time, we’ve got legislators who want to tax cannabis on the basis of how much THC it has in it. Bad idea. Until we tax liquor the same way, what difference does it make. We still live under the influence of stupidity.

Yeah, we’re angry this week. The real news this week is our President and his refusal to remove cannabis from the Federal Drug Schedule. President Biden has consistently been talking out of both sides of his mouth about removing cannabis from Schedule 1 where there can be no legalization anywhere. He does say that if the states want to legalize cannabis, it’s OK. That’s out of one side of his mouth. Out of the other, he doesn’t believe in legalizing cannabis. There’s a face issue here as in ‘losing face.’ President Biden was one of the architects of the onerous drug laws passed in the 1990s. OK. It’s almost 30 years since that was passed and we believe it’s time to just let it go. Let the past go, Joe.

Here’s a bunch of stories about our president and how two faced he’s being about removing cannabis from of Schedule 1.

President Biden Supports States’ Right To Legalize Cannabis

Enjoy Marijuana? Joe Biden Doesn’t Care About You

Biden’s Opposition To Marijuana Legalization ‘Has Not Changed,’ Press Secretary Says

Why Biden’s marijuana stance is 10 years behind the curve

Biden’s blunt opposition to marijuana legalization

Americans From Both Parties Want Weed To Be Legal. Why Doesn’t The Federal Government Agree?

Cannabis policy of the Joe Biden administration

Will Democrats keep their promise to decriminalize marijuana?



Weed Week in Review April 16, 2021

Weed Week in Review April 16, 2021

LEGALIZATION! It’s happening! In the week before our national holiday, “4-20” it’s time to take a quick look at legalization across the USofA. It’s happening,,,but with some sad exceptions. A majority of the citizens in our country live in an adult-use legal state. In the last 2 weeks, New Mexico, Virginia and New York have legalized. There are still several more states looking at legalizing. It seems like legislators are beginning to understand that a majority of Americans want to end the racist prohibition of cannabis. They have come to understand that legalization works, brings revenue into government coffers and people aren’t running around naked in the streets.

Sadly, there are still a few outliers. Wisconsin, Mississippi and several other states still have legislatures that don’t represent (or respect!) the people who elected them! Really. Almost all those legislatures are run by “Tea Party” republicans. So they’re a sham. Georgia, famous for other bad things these days along with both Carolina’s, North and South, just seem to be stuck in the 1970s. There is one powerful state senator in North Carolina who professes to support at least medical cannabis, but this will probably go nowhere as it has in the past. Also a few states in the far north who just don’t seem to get it these days.

There’s only one thing left; The Federal Government! For some reason, President Biden won’t just sign a document that would remove marijuana from Schedule 1 and decriminalize it at the same time. That would allow so many things like banking, which pot shops desperately need. Right now weed is a cash business, just like the old days when you bought your weed from your local, friendly dealer. This is not good with so much cash hanging without a place to put it.

Here’s are some articles without any comments that are showing what’s happening in the legalization space these few days before 4-20!

Virginia lawmakers OK recreational marijuana possession, cultivation

Virginia becomes first Southern state to legalize cannabis

New York Legalizes Adult Use Cannabis

For Cannabis Activists, New York’s Legalization A ‘Big Deal’

Two Missouri Communities Decriminalize Cannabis Possession

New Mexico governor signs bill to legalize recreational pot

NC bill to legalize medical marijuana now has key supporter

And finally a few stories that aren’t so good:

Mississippi Supreme Court Hears Challenge To Medical Marijuana Measure Approved By Voters

Legal weed’s first year in Chicago: High arrest rates for Black people, a boutique experience for others

Marijuana Legalization Bills Died In Three States This Week As Others Move Forward

There’s still a lot of bad news out there on the legalization front, but it’s getting better.

HAPPY 420!!!



Weed Week in Review April 9, 2021

Weed Week in Review April 9, 2021

OK! One week away from 420…OK, a bit less than a week!!! More and more states are legalizing adult use. Some unexpected states are considering medical marijuana. Where weed is legalized, medical or adult use, more tax money is flowing into the state coffers. The states are legalizing, but how about the US? This week, Weed Week in Review has a story about why Biden isn’t decriminalizing or legalizing weed along with some more stupidity from states about THC levels. While I wouldn’t drink a Chardonnay with 20% alcohol, some might. Why should weed be any different than alcohol? Stigma? People still trying to control what they cannot control? Check out the stories for some interesting takes on the path to legalization of marijuana.

Biden Is Too Busy To Decriminalize Marijuana, Harris Says

OK I get it. President Biden is very busy. He’s trying to get a lot of stuff done, like infrastructure. But given the racial overtones and reality of cannabis prohibition, he shouldn’t be too busy for a simple stroke or two of the pen. First stroke; Remove cannabis from Schedule 1. That would remove all sorts of problems with research, banking and other issues at the federal level. Second stroke of the pen; Signing an executive order to legalize and decriminalize marijuana and make sure it goes into the Federal Register. Bam!!! Done!!!! That’s all it would take. Then let the House and Senate duke it out trying to figure out how to make money from weed through legislative legalization. C’mon Joe, give it a go. This is a big guess; President Biden was one of the architects of the draconian drug laws enacted in the 1990s, he just might not want to deal with legalizing marijuana. It might make him look like he was wrong. Guess what? He was wrong!!! He was wrong then. He’s wrong now for not doing anything about it.

Are Higher THC Levels In Legal Cannabis Becoming Too High?

Sometimes idiots are just idiots. I have to wonder why there are people who worry about the THC content of weed? It’s really beyond me. Higher THC levels are frequently associated with “better” weed, but this is so far from the truth that it’s barely worth discussing. Marijuana is so much more than the percentage of THC in the bud, that I have to think that only stupid people believe that the best bud can be measured by the THC content. There are over 300 already identified chemicals in a cannabis flower and probably more to be discovered. THC, while an important part of what consuming bud is all about, is only a small part of the story, no matter what the THC content is.

The Case for Cannabis

This is a publication from Louisiana. Louisiana has some of the most restrictive anti-cannabis laws in the US. There’s no surprising news in here, but it’s worth a read if only to see what’s happening in the minds of some very conservative people. Legalized cannabis hasn’t changed anything in law enforcement in the legal states. In the illegal states, the police still put a lot of their effort into enforcement of the outdated, racist and illogical laws surrounding cannabis. It’s getting ridiculous that many state politicians are so set against legal cannabis that they can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s a dumbass way of thinking. People are NOT running around naked and screaming. Automobile accident rates HAVE NOT GONE UP in states where cannabis is legal. In fact, the impact of legal cannabis has been so minimal that it’s hard to see anything at all except for one thing. Tax revenues have gone up significantly in legal states.

Washington’s Legislature moves to address equity in the cannabis business

Racial equality and equity in the weed business is a problem. Black people make up about 10% of the population in the US. They make up less than 3% of marijuana retailers and far less a percentage of producers. This is not good, nor is it fair especially because the arrest rate of African – Americans is measured in multiples of the arrest rate of white people. Most of the retail operations are becoming multi-state operations that are well funded, have deep pockets and have only one interest; making money. Lots of money. Making money is a good thing. Our culture is a capitalist society where making money is both expected and desirable. But if we leave out 10% of the population from the get-go, that’s not only unfair, but will also engender some discord amongst communities of color. The legislature in Washington State is beginning to address this situation. Will it be enough? I don’t know. This is an issue we will continue to follow and as we see updates, we’ll publish the links and comment on this developing story.

NC bill to legalize medical marijuana now has key supporter

The Carolina’s, both North and South have been very retro when it comes to the legalization of marijuana in any way, shape or form. In North Carolina, even in a super liberal place like Asheville, shops that sell rolling papers and pipes won’t utter the ‘m’ word (marijuana) because they’re afraid that the ‘State’ might be listening in. In this case, I’m very glad the legislature is finally taking up legalizing weed for at least medical purposes in the state. I’m not convinced that it will actually pass the legislature, much less get to the desk of the governor to sign, but I’m hopeful that the draconian, stupid and outdated laws might actually go away and at least there will be medical weed. This is a story worth following and we’ll see if it can move forward in any meaningful manner. While I’m hopeful, I’m also not hopeful. The repubulican party in North Carolina might just be too entrenched with the weird trumpian notions of what is right and what is wrong.

Weed Week in Review April 2, 2021

Weed Week in Review April 2, 2021

Hard to believe that we’re already 1/4 of the way through 2021!!! This week, Weed Week in Review congratulates two states for legalizing adult use cannabis!!!! Both New Mexico and New York have legalized adult-use cannabis. In New Mexico, it took a special session of the legislature and in New York, it just took a slog to get there. That puts the number of states with adult use cannabis at 15 and still growing! And don’t forget to scroll down to the other stories about beverages and how pot shops are evolving.


Cannabis legalization bill heads to Lujan Grisham

This is big. I mean BIG!!!!!!! BIGBIGBIG Both New York’s law and New Mexico law are attempts to bring some racial equity to the market.  I’m hopeful this will really happen with these new laws. It’s been almost 100 years of racist policies and it’s about time we started to truly address the issues that US racism has never truly confronted before. This is a landmark day in the legalizing of a plant that never should have been illegal in the first place and bring the number of states within shouting distance of a plurality of states with legal adult use cannabis. I’m currently in Utah where, believe it or not, there is legal medical cannabis. I thought Utah would be the last state to have any sort of cannabis legality, given the LDS church stance on alcohol, caffeine and other mind altering drugs. You have to love the Governor of New Mexico. She called the legislature on it’s inability to pass legislation. She called a special session for just this. Many legislators were upset because they’re Catholic and it’s holy week. So Gov. Lujan-Grisham essentially locked them all in a room and told them to come out when there was legislation for her to sign. They passed it in three days. It’s not perfect, but it does have expungement in it. It’s a start.

Chemung Co. Sheriff, ‘Legalizing Marijuana You’ll See More Motor Vehicle Accidents and Fatalities’

Sometimes an idiot is an idiot. The Sheriff of Chemung county is living in the dark ages. Maybe not the dark ages, but certainly in the past. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, he still refuses to believe in the facts. In Colorado, the state with the most experience in legal adult use cannabis, the accident rate has actually gone down. Teenage use of cannabis has gone down. Nobody is running through the streets all naked and having hallucinations. Everyone is calm and nothing has really changed. There will always be a few die-hard (none as good as the movie) idiots who believe the racist propaganda that’s been promulgated over the last century. I feel bad for them, but I look around and people are still bamboozled by propaganda. Goebbels was right. So was P.T. Barnum.

Cannabis finds a place in grandmother’s cupboard

Granny won’t have an excuse for forgetting stuff any more if she consumes marijuana. According to me studies, consuming cannabis actually improves cognition and memory.  This is bad. NOT But it does make one of my many excuses in cannabis moot. I thought I cold use the role of cannabis in my life as an excuse to say I can’t remember, since a German study and a few other studies have validated the idea that weed is good for cognition and memory. Not only is that a good thing, but … … uh, I can’t remember the rest. 😉

Oh Hi Cannabis Seltzer Hits Oklahoma Via OK CannaBev

More beverages are coming that are infused with cannabis. This particular beverage is made with water soluble weed (OK, THC). THC is not normally soluble in water It need oil to be dissolved, but someone patented a process that makes the molecule dissolve in water. The compant then adds terpenes and other chemicals from the plant and Voila! a CannaBev beverage. The downside of this is it’s a 10mg dose, which for some is an overdose. But with faster acting cannabis (water soluble) might alleviate some of the problems with edibles. I’ve long had issues with edibles because of the lack of consistency and the length of time it takes to become active. Not good. I still like flower, mostly because it’s cannabis and I can pretty much see (and smoke) what I’m getting. I can toke as much as I would like and I know what the buzz is going to be. I might be a bit old-fashioned, but I do know what is going to happen up to a point.

Pot Dispensaries Are Getting Retail Makeovers: Cannabis Weekly

It’s about time. At the end of the day a weed shop is a retail operation. These days their ambience might be anything from post hippie to ultra cool and slick. The few dispensaries that are ‘slick’ seem to be forced ‘slick’. i can’t explain it any other way. When I first started building a wine cellar, the best wine store I went to was Sam’s in Chicago. Sam’s was in an old building that had a fire and his best wines were down in the basement with beams burned from an old fire. You could rummage around and find treasures, if you were lucky. And I found more than a few. I really dislike pot shops being called dispensaries. Was Sam’s a wine dispensary? I’m happy that there is some attention beginning to be paid to the retail experience. And that’s exactly what it should be.

Weed Week in Review May 7, 2021

Weed Week in Review May 7, 2021

Holy Smoke!!! It’s already the 5th month of the year. Just amazing. Where has this year gone? I guess without major upheavals and craziness, that the crazies are there, but more in the background.

Where does the proposed Medical Marijuana bill stand, as the session nears an end?

I had to put this one first because apparently the District Attorneys in Alabama have their collective heads stuck very far up their collective asses. Twenty-three (23) of these idiots wrote a letter to the legislature writing that ‘marijuana is a gateway drug’. Where have these people been living for the past 10 years? What could they actually be thinking? It’s scary that people, and supposedly educated attorneys. could even think this is a true statement. Aren’t DAs supposed to deal with the truth? Apparently not in Alabama.

US Congress Passes Cannabis SAFE Banking Act

OK. Congress didn’t pass the SAFE Banking Act. The House did, and if the Senate passes it, then Congress will have passed it. But until then, this is a huge step toward getting the business of cannabis normalized.

Medical cannabis producer loses license

Yes, you can lose a license if you’re living dangerously. It happened to one producer in New Mexico. This producer (New Mexicann) had been using solvents dangerously and had in fact, started a fire. It’s a fine reason not to use solvent extracted oils. Or any oils for that matter. Stick with sticky bud!

The Endocannabinoid System and Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency

If real, this explains a lot of things.The endocannabinoid system is huge in our bodies, yet we know very little about it. Why? I’ll leave that to you to figure out.

Sunset Blue: The Sedative Strain That Will Help You Unwind

Another day, another strain. This one sounds like it might be a good one for end of day unwinding. Certainly more healthy than a martini although I like those too.

Chuck Schumer’s Marijuana Legalization Plan Has A Joe Biden Problem

Why would anyone thing that President Biden has any interest at all in reviewing the Schedule 1 placement of cannabis. He was, after all, a senator who passed the onerous laws in the 1990s. That was his legislation. He’s certainly not going to back down now. Not in his political best interest, even if it is in the people’s best interest.

25% of Americans Now Consume Cannabis (Up 56% Since 2018)

A bit of a confusing headline. But more and more people are trying cannabis. That’s obvious. And probably a good thing, especially if they don’t consume as much alcohol or nicotine.

Medical marijuana patients protest high prices, low supply in market

The market for cannabis and cannabis products will absolutely have shortfalls and high prices as long as the state regulators continue to treat it as something outside of the normal drug channels like alcohol.

Minority Entrepreneurs Face Uphill Battle To Enter Legal Marijuana Market

Yes, this is true. It’s disgusting and it’s true. We’re not moving away from our systemic racism with cannabis legalization. That’s become clear over the past several years. Yes, there has been some expungement, but not enough. Yes, some states are trying to help minorities into the marketplace. But the big companies, with shareholders to answer to, are playing as if minorities just don’t exist. Well big boys, they do!

Cannabis compound known as Delta-8 sparks debate

We don’t know what we don’t know and we do not know all the compounds in a cannabis plant that can have a psychoactive effect and how the non-psychoactive compounds in the plant affect the psychoactive compounds. There must be a reason that every strain is different and every strain is different when grown by a different grower. Strange plant this cannabis sativa.

Neat idea, Canna Bumps: Thanks for keeping marijuana illegal

This one sort of defies everything I’ve ever known about cannabis. It’s sort of a WTF product because…WTF? Why on earth would you want to snort your weed. Just seems like a way for cocaine lovers to get weed instead of cocaine or is it cocaine in disguise?

Weed Week in Review March 26, 2021

Weed Week in Review March 26, 2021

This week, Weed Week in Review is following several stories including the special session to be called in New Mexico for one reason only…legalizing adult use cannabis. Amazing. And don’t forget to scroll down to the cancer stories (there are two) as well as the best marijuana songs ever recorded…and there have been a lot of them.

Lujan Grisham: Special session to legalize cannabis likely by month’s end

I’m currently in New Mexico and I LOVE this governor. She’s got the priorities straight on legalization of cannabis, even if the legislature can’t get their shit together. They have a “framework” for legalization. They just can’t seem to pass it. So now the governor is going to help them along. The New Mexico Senate kept saying is was close, but obstreperous members of the Senate just couldn’t get it together. Even after it’s passed and there’s a legal framework, it can be amended, changed or whatever to get all the pieces of the cannabis sales puzzle together to do this right. If it were me, I’d put them all in a room and lock the door. I’d open it only after they get some legislation passed. Too bad it’s not me!


OK. I get it. There’s a coterie of people who like to roll fancy joints that are more like sculpture than a joint. I love to roll a perfect joint, which to me is a perfectly round and even from end to end roll…like a cylinder. Now if they had a contest for that…but this isn’t it. This contest might be more about rolling sculpture and using the RAW papers as papier-mâché, better known as paper mache. did that when I was much younger. While it still seems like fun, it would be better not to smoke these beautiful sculptures.

Cannabis is no longer ‘dangerous’

Is cannabis dangerous? Was cannabis ever dangerous? Apparently, the UN thought it was. The United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs in December passed a resolution, supported by India to remove cannabis from the list of the most dangerous drugs. This is an amazing thing. Cannabis was made dangerous by racism and bigotry, not by the nature of the drug itself. After WWII, the rest of the world slowly picked up on the uniquely American concept that weed was dangerous. African countries, Asian contries…they all picked up on the concept that marijuana was a dangerous drug. The whole thing was promulgated by the good ol’ USofA. This country was the place where the concept of suppressing black populations by any means possible made laws that were patently. For some strange reason, the animosity toward people of color just seems to be a disease that’s unique to our white Anglo Saxon citizenry.

Recent Survey Finds Many Parkinson’s Disease Patients Turn To Cannabis

Not a surprising development for another disease. Now Parkinson’s patients are finding that cannabis can relieve their symptoms and not have some of the nasty side effects that some of the powerful drugs Usually a bevy of drugs are prescribed for Parkinson’s, but they all have many side effects that can, in some ways, make the disease worse than it already is for them. About 10 million suffer from this disease globally and if cannabis can help, then why not. It doesn’t have the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and it’s possibly just as efficacious.

Marijuana Melodies: Searching for the best songs celebrating weed and 4/20

This one is strange, but wonderful to me. A music publication in western Michigan is asking readers to name the best marijuana song ever. I thought of three or four, but I don’t know if they’re worth a contest. Most of them are old, except maybe Cab Calloway’s “The Reefer Man, Trixie Smith’s “Jack, I’m Mellow” (WARNING: There’s some nudity in this one.) or Toby Keith’s “Wacky Tobaccy” are at the tops of my list. I’m going to be interested in finding out which songs are voted by readers of the site; Local Spins. It’s going to be interesting and I’m going to follow this.

The ‘other’ way cannabis can help treat cancer &

A Cancer Survivor’s Guide to Using Cannabis to Cope With Chemotherapy

Two articles about cancer and cannabis. There’s been a lot written about the healing aspects of cancer and cannabis. Some kinds of cannabis (think RSO…Rick Simpson Oil) or many other ‘remedies’ that are supposed to treat cancer tumors. Sadly, the only evidence SO FAR, that cannabis can reduce or eliminate tumors is anecdotal, so we can’t go there…yet. But we do know from research that cannabis can bring relief to the ravages of chemotherapy. It’s sad that cancer can only ‘sometimes’ be beaten back with chemotherapy and/or surgery, frequently both. But cannabis comes to the rescue each and every time! Check out these two stories that demonstrate how cannabis can help those who have cancer.

Weed Week in Review March 19, 2021

Weed Week in Review March 19, 2021

This week, Weed Week in Review is only publishing nice stories about weed. The worst thing that could happen to the weed world (NOT) is there was nothing terrible happening…at least on at the top of the heap. True, the New Mexico legislature just can’t seem to get their shit together and pass a law. The law can be modified, but it needs to be passed. There a few other negative stories this week, but nothing that can’t wait. We need some good and happy news. This week’s column does that.

What is “loud” weed?

Oh my. I love this term. Loud. New to me, it does describe exactly what I love in weed. I”m just surprised that nobody else (or me!) thought of this years ago. Loud weed seems like it might be the term I’ve used only a few times in my marijuana consuming days (and there are many of them) to describe the bud I’m smoking. Loud. Makes sense as great weed is loud in my head. As a general term, loud weed is “powerfully aromatic, pungent, high quality, potent, and cerebral experience.” Loud  cannabis strains include: Loud, Loud Dream, and Loud Scout.

The Proto-Indo Europeans and Indo-European Cannabis Cult

Stone age stoners! YES!!! While they may have gone a bit over the top with cannabis, they did so because to these civilizations weed was magic and helped them to see their god(s). Well, for some it’s still that way and that’s fine. Starting in 2016 there were a slew of articles about how weed being the original cash crop, 5,000 year old “dope dealers” and other strange things that we’re finding out about ancient and not so ancient cultures. But you’ve gotta start someplace and apparently it started more than 5,000 years ago. It probably started as a magic plant and then got religious overtones as these kinds of things do. I would bet that cannabis culture is over 10,000 years old. Just because we found about a culture that’s 5,000 years old, they couldn’t have been the first. Culture has to develop and that takes time.

8 Easy Ways To Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Sometimes you want to get some smoke ready for your pipe or you want to roll a joint. But you are somewhere without all your cannabis accessories and that includes a grinder. What do you do? You read this article, that’s what. Here are 8 ways you can get your bud into pipe consistency or into joint consistency. Good to learn this stuff for weed survival when away from home. Some of them are pretty funny, but they all work. For me, I prefer to “grind” up my weed with my hand when there’s no grinder.

Can Cannabis Help Pancreatic Cancer?

I have a personal history with pancreatic cancer. My mother died of it, about a month after she was diagnosed. It had destroyed her liver and was moving on to her lungs and brain. Pancreatic cancer is close to 100% fatal after 5 years. To be sure there are a few outliers who live longer than 5 years, but very few. There is no treatment that works. There’s also no diagnostic tool that allows a test for pancreatic cancer. By the time you don’t feel good and get a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, it’s probably metastasized and is riddling your body. If cannabis can help with pancreatic cancer…WOW! And there is evidence that it might just be able to do that.

Stoners Emerge as a New Target for Marketers: Cannabis Weekly

This article is actually from Bloomberg and I couldn’t find it on Cannabis Weekly, so here’s your link to at least read this. Of course stoners are a market. Lots of companies thought stoners were just couch potatoes and since the market was not legitimate, they didn’t waste marketing dollars on the stoner market. Now that weed is at the starting gate for going mainstream, companies are taking notice. And they’re not just trying to sell Cheetos to stoners. They’re trying to figure out how to go beyond the stoner stereotype phase and find out what stoners like. My guess is that all the fancy marketers in the world will find out what I suspect. People who consume cannabis are just regular people. OK, maybe we like snacks more, but we’re susceptible to good marketing and advertising, just like everyone else.

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