WTF Is a Steamroller Pipe and How Do You Use One?

WTF Is a Steamroller Pipe and How Do You Use One?

Original Post: Merry Jane: WTF Is a Steamroller Pipe and How Do You Use One?

[Canniseur: These pipes are over the top. Not in a bad way, but they’re the biggest pipes I’ve ever seen. Sort of like a bong without water…and sideways. These are crazy and fun.]

Meet the simple pipe with substantial results.

Wait, so not all pipes are the same?

We hate to break it to you, but even within the category of pipes, there is still a world of variation and competing opinions on which design is best. Some enjoy going “full Gandalf” with long wooden pipes, while others prefer the water filtration provided by bubblers. By contrast, the steamroller is about as simple as glassware gets.


What Is a Steamroller Pipe? 

Imagine the mouthpiece a bong. Now turn it sideways. That’s more or less the concept behind the steamroller, a horizontally-aligned pipe that’s long and narrow. There’s a reason for that added length! The additional space between the bowl and the mouthpiece allows for smoke to cool before being inhaled.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of hitting a cheap chillum — essentially a short, conical pipe with no carb (the hole one holds and then releases) — you will likely recall the unpleasant sensation of having hot smoke hit your throat too fast.

While chillums do not have a carb, the steamroller, by contrast, has one in a rather unique place. On a standard pipe, you’ll usually find the carb on the side of the bowl, but on a steamroller, the carb is actually situated opposite the mouthpiece (at the far end of the pipe). In some cases, the carb is also larger than normal, which allows for a more powerful hit to be inhaled once the carb is “cleared.”

Thus, the steamroller can come in handy when you’re planning on taking some monster hits. This is actually the signature characteristic of the steamroller: it packs quite the punch. Naturally, this is how the steamroller earned its name. When it comes to steamrollers, if you’re not careful, it can flatten you! (Remember those old anti-drug PSAs? Us neither!)

How Do I Use a Steamroller? 

Now that we’ve gotten the precautionary warnings out of the way, let’s talk about how to get the most from your steamroller.

In terms of practical use, the process is as simple as packing the bowl, placing your finger or palm over the far end of the pipe, lighting the flower, inhaling, and finally removing your hand to clear the hit. While a bong is able to reduce the harshness of larger hits by filtrating the smoke through water, steamrollers are a “dry” pipe. This means those using a steamroller pipe should be prepared for a sizeable, potentially-jarring hit.

Efforts to avoid this scenario can certainly be applied. Most importantly, start slow with your steamroller. For this reason, steamrollers are also not the ideal method of consumption for beginners or for folks who have a low tolerance for THC. Don’t be the person that lets someone clear a massive hit off a steamroller during their first cannabis experience. It’s just bad etiquette.


What Kinds of Steamrollers Exist? 

All steamrollers meet the criteria described above, but beyond that, there’s certainly a number of options to consider.

Some steamrollers feature small feet or claws that allow for the pipe to sit comfortably on a table. In the context of cannabis consumption, there’s nothing sadder than watching a glass steamroller slowly roll its way off a table — and to its own demise.

Another option on some designs is an internal percolator. Percolators are water chambers, which, in the case of a steamroller, means smoother hits without the hassle of cleaning out the soiled water from your pipe afterwards.

Similarly, some steamrollers can be enhanced with a keck clip. Keck clips allow for the bowl to be easily attached and removed, which is a big win when it comes to keeping your equipment clean. Ditto for ashcatchers, which are available for some steamrollers, as well.

When it doubt, start simple and go from there!

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Original Post: Merry Jane: WTF Is a Steamroller Pipe and How Do You Use One?

What Is a Sploof and How Do You Make One?

What Is a Sploof and How Do You Make One?

Original Post: Merry Jane: What Is a Sploof and How Do You Make One?

[Canniseur: I’ve never heard the term sploof, but I like it. Hiding the scent of cannabis is not easy to do…unless you’re smoking something like hash or other concentrates. This is a handy reference for building your own sploof. Haven’t heard of a sploof either? Read on.]

Every weed lover who has ever tried to toke in secret — whether in a hotel, garage, or their parents’ house — has been confronted with the challenge of what to do about the smell. In the days before vaporizers and other, far subtler methods of consumption, getting high usually required that something be lit on fire. The ensuing smoke, which smells distinctly of cannabis and has a great affinity for sticking to clothes and cars, was a target on the back of anyone hoping to avoid detection — especially in an indoor setting.

Enter the sploof.

If the term sounds unfamiliar, perhaps you know it by one of its many other unofficial names. The mute, doob tube, and whoopee are all regional variations on what essentially amounts to a homemade air filtration device. Though the quality and effectiveness of a sploof is reliant on its construction and materials, the core conceit is to lessen the pungency of the hits you’re exhaling.

Yes, vaporizers, tinctures, and all matter of other products now exist, but for those of us who know we’ll never find a superior experience to lighting up a joint, hitting a pipe, or ripping a bong, the sploof can serve as an essential tool in the modern stoner’s arsenal.|


Before you turn to a sploof, make sure you’ve done the prep work first. This mostly boils down to assessing whether there are any sizeable gaps between doors and the ground or windows that don’t fully shut.

If the goal is to ensure as little smell as possible escapes from the room you’re in, damp paper towels are a great option to help seal the room. You may always wish to invest in strongly scented candles, although it should be noted that strong smells can sometimes evoke suspicion.

The Basic Sploof 

If you’re looking to recreate the sploof you once used in your college dorm room, the required materials are quite simple:

  • Cardboard toilet paper roll
  • Rubber bands
  • Dryer Sheets

Take two to three dryer sheets (any of the major brands will work, just pick a scent you don’t hate) and use your rubber bands to affix them tightly to one end of the toilet paper roll. Voila! You now have a rudimentary sploof.

Modifying Your Sploof 

Not interested in dealing with dryer sheets? One option is to grab some activated charcoal from your local pet store (it’s often used for home aquariums), and go with that instead. In this case, you’d fill your sploof with the charcoal, using an unscented dryer sheet on both ends during storage but removing one when it use. Activated charcoal  may be slightly more cumbersome to work with than dryer sheets, but its effectiveness as a filter is definitely superior.

For a more durable sploof, substitute a plastic bottle for the toilet paper roll. You’ll want to lop off the end of your bottle of choice (nothing over 20 ounces), and then repeat the steps above, either by affixing a dryer sheet to the bottomless end, or first filling it with charcoal and then doing the same.


The Premium Sploof

While the basic model is certainly charming from a nostalgia perspective, it is nowhere near as effective as what you can buy with a trip to the hardware store. Want something that will last? Grab yourself some PVC or ABS pipe. Get it cut to your preferred length, then fill it with activated charcoal. You’ll also need two plastic caps that you’ve drilled holes into. Fix these caps on either side (one with dryer sheets blocking the opening) and you’ve got a sploof worthy of Home Improvement.

Additional Options

Prefer to write the check and let someone else do the tough part? Step up your game and simply buy a full-size air purifier, which is arguably the ultimate solution to keeping bad smells away.

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Original Post: Merry Jane: What Is a Sploof and How Do You Make One?

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