This Portland Sex Club Offers a Pot-Friendly Patio Where You Can Smoke Naked

This Portland Sex Club Offers a Pot-Friendly Patio Where You Can Smoke Naked

[Canniseur: Portlandia! But why not? Why not consume, and get a little buzz along the way along, with your healthy helping of sex? Wear as much or as little clothing as you’d like.]

Portland’s Hawks PDX is not like any other cannabis consumption club across America’s legal weed landscape. That’s because Hawks isn’t an edible-friendly coffee joint like they have in Denver, or the dispensary-adjacent dab rooms that are popular in San Francisco. Instead, Hawks is a members-only sex club that also welcomes cannabis consumption, allowing visitors to toke up in the nude on a clothing-optional smoking patio.

According to a dressed down piece of investigative reporting from the Willamette Weekly’s Meghan O’Dea, Hawks’ interior features all the trappings of a sex club, with glory holes present in the walls, porn playing on loop, and plenty of wet wipes.

Outside on the smoking patio, though, a more serene scene includes dab rigs, rolling papers, and joint smokers passing pot and mingling — some with towels, others without. Hawks caters to a clientele mostly made up of gay men, but also features a weekly “bisexual night.”

Across the states with adult-use legalization, finding a place to light up outside of private residences runs the gamut from difficult to impossible. Some select cities permit highly regulated consumption lounges, while most cities — and entire legal states — ban public consumption altogether. Since Hawks requires a membership for access, the Southeast Portland sex club can set its own rules about on-site consumption without explicit licensing from the state.

Turns out, bud in the bedroom is a pretty hard proposition to ignore, even if your preferred sex/smoking setting is in the middle of a crowded club.

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Canada’s Legal Cannabis Is Almost Twice as Expensive as Black Market Weed

Canada’s Legal Cannabis Is Almost Twice as Expensive as Black Market Weed

[Canniseur: I’ve always believed it would take years of legal cannabis to move the black market into the background, but Canadian bureaucrats have their heads firmly up their terminal sphincters. If legal cannabis is more expensive than the black market, guess which one will win out? The Canadian market is upside down for price, and probably upside down for product quality, as well.]

Canadian researchers documenting the country’s transition to nationwide cannabis legalization released a new report this week comparing legal and remaining illicit marijuana markets. The report highlighted an issue that has plagued cannabusiness across emerging post-prohibition markets: price conscious customers.

According to the latest deep dive from Statistics Canada, and first reported by CBC, nearly 60% of Canadian cannabis consumers purchased weed from the black market during April, May, or June of this year. The reason for their loyalty to the illicit industry? Canada’s legal weed costs nearly twice the price of black market bud, and the disparity is still growing.

After surveying 572 Canadian cannabis users and tracking pricing data from both legal and illicit online pot sellers, Statistics Canada found that the price of a fully licensed gram averaged to about $10.65 during the second quarter of 2019. Conversely, the same quantity of black market weed costs only $5.93 on average. With a $4.72 per gram difference between licensed distributors and local street dealers, it is no surprise that Canadians are ditching the sparse selection found in dispensaries for the tried-and-true ziplock bag.

And compared to the first quarter of 2019, the price of legal weed and the gap between the two sectors of the market have only grown larger, with the first three months of the year seeing legal and illicit pot prices sit at $10.21 and $6.23 per gram, respectively.

In addition to supply shortages in the legal market, and localized barriers to access, experts also pointed to the steep costs associated with legalization as an impetus for the massive price gap. Without product testing, packaging, or taxes, black market pot can arrive at market for much cheaper than its licensed counterpart.

“There’s an excise tax built in. Then, depending on the province, there’s GST and HST on top of that,” Brad Poulos, a lecturer in the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University in Toronto, told CBC. “There’s compliance costs that legal cannabis producers have that the illicit market doesn’t have to worry about. Add it all up and there’s quite a cost disadvantage.”

Thankfully, Canada’s initial legal cannabis supply drought is expected to shore up before the year is out, with fully stocked dispensary shelves hopefully shifting the price of licensed pot to a more reasonable average.

Canada’s Legal Cannabis Is Almost Twice as Expensive as Black Market Weed was posted on Merry Jane.

Baker Mixes Up “Moana” With “Marijuana,” Creates World’s Best Birthday Cake

Baker Mixes Up “Moana” With “Marijuana,” Creates World’s Best Birthday Cake

[Canniseur: Funky funny Friday. All I can say is “Oops.”]

At every level of customer service, the golden rule is that the customer is always right. So when an Atlanta, Georgia bakery received a request for a “marijuana” themed birthday cake, the staff put together its best sheet pastry, and broke out the weed leaf decals. The cake even featured a green My Little Pony character with bloodshot eyes and a joint dangling from its snout. The only problem? The customer in question had actually ordered a Moana-themed cake, and was expecting something a little more Disney-friendly.

In a social media post that has now gone viral, Atlanta resident Kensli Davis wrote that her mother had ordered her a cake for her 25th birthday featuring characters and imagery from her favorite Disney movie. But once the cake arrived, it quickly became clear that her mother’s order had turned into a hilarious game of telephone.

“So my mama called and ordered me a cake telling them how much I loved Moana (because really I do),” Kensli wrote on a Facebook post which has now been shared more than 13,000 times. “Well, needless to say, these people thought she said marijuana.”

It’s unclear why the mishap occurred, and as far as we know, the baker didn’t use any psychoactive ingredients to give the cake an even more adult vibe. But no matter how the cake came to existence, you certainly can’t criticize the execution, with green frosting lettering and some of the most perfect pot pastry imagery we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Thankfully, Kensli is an adult, and found the cake just as funny as we did. She was even happy to chow down on a blazed My Little Pony instead of Moana, writing on Facebook: “That ice cream cake was still good though.”

Now, what bakery do we call to get our own?

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Baker Mixes Up “Moana” With “Marijuana,” Creates World’s Best Birthday Cake was posted on Merry Jane.

Bus Drivers in Alberta Banned From Smoking Weed — Even on Vacation

Bus Drivers in Alberta Banned From Smoking Weed — Even on Vacation

[Canniseur: I can almost appreciate the sentiment regarding transporting people. But with all due respect, not allowing people to partake in a completely legal activity on personal time, crosses the line. I suspect this will not hold up in court. We need accurate THC testing ASAP.]

Hot on the heels of national cannabis legalization, Canada’s transportation organizations are having a hard time turning away from outdated drug test regulations.

School and charter bus drivers in the Great White North got a rude awakening this week, when management at Alberta’s Prairie Bus Line announced a new zero tolerance cannabis use policy for employees.

According to the Red Deer Advocate, Prairie drivers bring more than 5,000 children to school every day in Alberta and operate coach buses that travel across the border into the US. Since the work requires complete sobriety, Prairie says that their drivers will not be allowed to consume legal weed, even if they’re off the clock.

“We don’t put a time frame on it,” Prairie Bus general manager Scott Hucal said. “Either you’re impaired or you’re not impaired.”

With the announcement of the new zero tolerance policy, Prairie became the latest in a line of Canadian transportation agencies struggling to reconcile fair drug testing policy in the face of nationwide legalization. Earlier this month, the country’s aviation authorities, Transport Canada, updated its cannabis policy to bar flight crews from consuming the plant up to 28 days before any flight.

Even though marijuana intoxication only last a few hours, the drug remains in the human body for up to a month after consumption, making time-sensitive drug testing nearly impossible. And so while employers are able to detect a drunk employee with a breathalyzer, the same cannot be said for cannabis use — yet. Responding to those inaccuracies, employers in transportation fields have constructed long wait periods or total bans on weed use to avoid any delayed positive tests. Outside of cannabis, it is highly uncommon for management to test prospective and current employees for legal drugs or even alcohol. 

As it pertains to Alberta’s Prairie Bus, general manager Scott Hucal noted that court challenges could eventually outlaw indiscriminate employee cannabis testing as a breach of Alberta’s Human Rights, Citizenship, and Multiculturalism Act. That said, Hucal added that the company will continue its zero tolerance policy as long as possible.

“It’s such a new horizon, but in the end, because we’re transporting students and adults — we have a zero tolerance level,” Hucal said.

Bus Drivers in Alberta Banned From Smoking Weed — Even on Vacation was posted on Merry Jane.

Michigan Gov. Says State Could Fix Roads If Everyone Bought $2500 of Pot

Michigan Gov. Says State Could Fix Roads If Everyone Bought $2500 of Pot

[Canniseur: I’m ready to do  my part! Even though Governor Whitmer said this with her tongue firmly in her cheek, there is something greater going on. Taxes on cannabis alone won’t fix Michigan roads. Michigan needs commitment from lawmakers. Most of the country needs commitment from lawmakers to help fix our national infrastructure which is in horrible disrepair.]

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If Twitter is any indication, there are plenty of willing participants ready to act on Governor Whitmer’s tongue-in-cheek statement about using pot taxes to fix potholes.

If you’re sick and tired of the potholes littering Michigan’s highways, backstreets, and cul-de-sacs, it’s time to start doing your civic duty and smoke another joint. And another, and then another.

Because according to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, if Wolverine State residents want to fix their broken roadways with legal weed taxes, it’s going to take more than just a few ounces of OG.

“At its height, the taxes for marijuana will raise about $42 million dollar per year for infrastructure. We have a $2.5 billion dollar [road damage] problem,” Governor Whitmer said at the Mackinac Policy Conference in Detroit, Splinter News reported. “Every man, woman, and child would have to smoke about $2,500 of marijuana a year to fix our roads.”

“And let’s be honest,” the Governor added, “at that level, no one’s gonna care about the damn roads.”

But while Whitmer was undoubtedly attempting to dissuade any notions that tax revenue from legal weed could be a save-all for the state’s infrastructure problems, that’s not what the internet heard. And on social media, tokers from around the world started offering their services to support Michigan’s pot-for-potholes pipe dream.



On a serious note, though, Whitmer’s number only considered Michigan residents. If the state attracts its fair share of 420-friendly tourists to boost sales stats, it could, in turn, help pay for more roadwork. And considering the reactions to the Governor’s statement, it might not be such a bad idea to add “Pot for Potholes” to the state’s official visitors guide. We’re booking our trip now.

Michigan Gov. Says State Could Fix Roads If Everyone Bought $2500 of Pot was posted on Merry Jane.

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