How To Smoke Out Of a Bowl

How To Smoke Out Of a Bowl

Original Post: High Times: How To Smoke Out Of a Bowl

When you think of the classic smoke sesh, it (typically) comes in the form of rolled paper, a bong, or a bowl. However, if we had to pick which one would be the most common, it’s hard to side against the bowl. It’s compact, easy to use, and best of all—it gets you ripped. With all of today’s fancy-schmancy weed toys, it’s easy for the bowl to get undersold. It might not have all the bells and whistles of today’s most luxurious paraphernalia, but there’s no denying that the classic bowl will always be a staple of stoner society. If you’re just getting into smoking, you might not know exactly how to smoke weed out of a bowl. But it’s pretty safe to say it’s not rocket science. Either way, let’s take a look at how to smoke out of a bowl.

How To Use A Bowl For Weed 101 is now in session.

Clean Your Bowl

The first step in how to use a bowl for weed actually serves as somewhat of a precursor to the actual act of smoking—simply cleaning the bowl. Because, well, you can’t learn how to smoke weed out of a bowl if the bowl itself is unusable.

Obviously, you can avoid this step if it’s the first time using the bowl, but if it’s used, you’re going to want to clean that bad boy up before learning how to smoke out of a bowl. There are plenty of cleaning solutions you can buy at your local smoke shop, but we just prefer to use the good old fashioned combination of warm water and rubbing alcohol. Let the bowl soak in an alcoholic bath for a few hours. This should help loosen up all the excess resin. Then, simply rinse out the bowl with warm water, and you should see loads of resin make its way out of the bowls openings. Make sure you rinse well, or else you’re going to taste alcohol when you smoke (not ideal).  Wipe down your bowl with a cloth, and now you’re ready for step two of learning how to smoke out of a bowl.

Grind Up Your Bud

Technically, you can do step one and two at the same time, considering you’re going to have to wait a while for your bowl to soak. Again, if you don’t have to clean your pipe, then this is really your first step. But it’s integral when learning how to use a bowl for weed.

Just put your nug into the grinder, and start turning. You don’t want to grind all your herb into a fine powder, so it won’t fall through. We actually suggest grinding your bud up without a grinder, just to get a firm pack. But obviously, to each their own.

Pack It Up

Now, it’s time for the buildup for the main event in how to use a bowl for weed. Use your thumb and index finger to pick up the ground up herbs to place into the bowl. Make sure you pack the bud in there enough so that it won’t fall out, but don’t pack it to the point that it’s hard to take a good hit. You’re going to want a smooth airflow in order to get the best hits, especially if you’re just learning how to smoke weed out of a bowl. In terms of amount, it’s up to you, but typically, the weed should pretty much fill up to the top of the bowl.

Light It Up

Now, this is the part where some first-timers might need a little advice. Regardless, it’s not very difficult to master how to smoke out of a bowl.

Before we learn how to smoke weed out of a bowl, we’re going to cover cornering the bowl. This is especially important if you’re smoking with others. You can, of course, just burn the flame over the whole bowl, but in order to preserve greens (as well as not having to take huge hits of ash), cornering is a must. When you bring your lighter to the bowl, make sure you only burn a small section of the buds on the inner edge of the bowl. That way, you can continue smoking the “greens” until all the corners of the bowl are turned to ash.

Take A Hit

Let’s talk about actually taking a hit. Unlike most one-hitters or tobacco pipes, your classic bowl is going to have a carb on the left side of the piece. Now, to properly hit it, keep your thumb firmly planted over the bowl while you’re lighting it. Inhale a little while the carb is blocked, then remove your thumb. Continuing pulling it in until you feel it in your lungs. If you really want to get super-duper high, hold the hit in for a few seconds. The magic number for a solid weed hit is three seconds. Once you exhale, you should instantly feel a little head rush. Don’t worry, you’re going to be high in a couple of seconds.

Ash The Bowl

After you’re done coughing, laughing, and questioning your own existence, you’ll probably find that your bowl is just purely ash. Once all of the green is gone, it’s pretty safe to ash it.

Of course, that’s not to say you’re done smoking—ashing it is only preparing yourself for another round of greens.

Simply turn the bowl upside down, and tap the back of the piece to knock the ash out. If it’s a little clogged, you can hold the carb and blow the ash out through the actual bowl. Be careful to not inhale though; you might get a bunch of ash in your mouth.

If it’s still clogged, try using a paper clip, toothpick or any small, sharp item to scrape the resin from the bowl. At this point, it’s simply rinse and repeat until you’re stoned to your liking.

Voila! Now you know how to how to use a bowl for weed. Like all things reefer-related, learning how to smoke weed out of a bowl takes practice. Don’t be discouraged if you need to ask how to smoke out of a bowl more than once—everyone starts somewhere!

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Top 10 Trippiest Scenes From Movies

Top 10 Trippiest Scenes From Movies

Original Post: High Times: Top 10 Trippiest Scenes From Movies

One of the greatest effects of smoking the ganja is its ability to make just about any form of entertainment, well, more entertaining. Perhaps the greatest weed pairing is a trippy film, something that can dazzle the eyes just as much it stimulates the mind. There are plenty of movies out there that appeal to weed smokers, but which ones are the most visually appealing? The list is endless, so we decided to condense it just a bit. We came up with the top 10 trippiest scenes from movies, just for you. Take a look at what we managed to put together.

Alice In Wonderland: Down The Rabbit Hole

Alice In Wonderland has drawn parallels to drug use, specifically, LSD, since it was originally conceived in 1865 by Lewis Carroll. The 1951 Disney iteration was no different, and despite being a movie geared towards children, the general consensus has been that there are several drug references hidden throughout the film.

The most prevalent is the rabbit hole scene, which has drawn parallels to an acid trip. While we can certainly choose from a plethora of scenes from the movie, the rabbit hole scene remains the most iconic, not to mention the trippiest.

Young Sherlock Holmes Pastry Scene

Young Sherlock Holmes might be the most obscure film on this list, but the 80’s cult classic is definitely deserving of its ranking on this list. Although the movie was rated PG, it did feature some adult themes, as seen in the iconic pastry scene, which featured a number of delicious baked good coming to life.

Obviously, this was the result of intense hallucinations; the very hallucinations Sherlock and Watson were hired to investigate. So despite the movie’s overall innocence and family-friendly, nature it did feature at least one aspect most adults can certainly get into—tripping their faces off.

Batman Begins: Taste Of Your Own Medicine

One wouldn’t typically associate a Batman movie with the word “trippy,” but that’s only under the pretenses that Christopher Nolan ISN’T involved. Nolan’s take on the Dark Knight re-imagined the superhero genre and gave the universe a gritty realism yet to be experienced on the big screen.

One of the main villains of the first film, The Scarecrow, utilized a fear toxin that would make his enemies hallucinate, and see their deepest darkest fears. Perhaps the trippiest scene of Begins, is when Batman uses the Scarecrow’s medicine against him, which causes Dr. Jonathan Crane to envision Batman as a giant humanoid bat, complete with fangs and a foreign black sludge dripping from the mouth.

Definitely some weird and wild stuff.

Requiem For A Dream: The Final Scene

Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem For a Dream remains one of the most haunting and iconic cautionary drug tales, and, at times, one of the trippiest.

Between the riveting score and flashbang drug sequences, Requiem For A Dream has more than enough visually enticing scenes. However, perhaps its trippiest is the harrowing final scene, where all of the main characters meet their horrific fates in a drug-fueled end montage.

This scene will definitely make you think twice about trying drugs. Well, other than pot, of course.

A Nightmare On Elm Street Dream Sequence

Wes Craven’s original horror masterpiece, A Nightmare On Elm Street, remains one of the most iconic films in the genre today.

While the movie has spawned several sequels, as well as an underwhelming reboot, none of the follow-ups have been able to match the sheer horror of the first.

One of the film’s most memorable scenes featured a young Johnny Depp and his ultimate demise by the dream demon himself, Freddy Kruger. Aesthetically, the scene more than qualifies as one of the top 10 trippiest scenes from movies, ever.

Dumbo: Pink Elephants

It should come as no surprise to readers that another Disney movie managed to make its way onto this list. Early Disney movies were definitely weird as hell, and Dumbo was no exception. The scene where Dumbo begins to hallucinate a parade of pink elephants, should without a doubt qualify as one of the top 10 trippiest scenes in movies.

This part of the movie is guaranteed to scare children, and, conversely, serve as an aesthetically pleasing trip-fest to those looking to get a little kooky.

We can’t wait to see what Tim Burton has in store for the live-action remake. Disney may have banned pot in their parks, but definitely not in their movies.

A Clockwork Orange’s Iconic Scene

Stanley Kubrick remains one of the most iconic directors in cinema lore, and it’s safe to say his unique filmmaking style was ahead of its time. His widespread shots and eery use of music could make any scene polarizing, however, it was his strange, perfectionist mind that truly separated his films from the pack.

A Clockwork Orange is perhaps Kubrick’s most well-known movie, and it’s certainly one of his most memorable. Between the strange costumes, phallic-shaped props, and bizarre music, the movie is definitely one of the weirder films of the last few decades.

The above scene, which is one of the movie’s most famous, also happens to be trippy as hell.

Enter The Void

2009’s Enter The Void, which was reportedly the result of director Gaspar Noé tripping on shrooms while watching the 1947 classic The Lady in the Lake, is considered one of the trippiest drug-induced films of the last decade.

While it certainly features its fair share of weird scenes, it’s hard to deny the scene that features the main character, Oscar, tripping on DMT, is by far the film’s trippiest.

Trainspotting: Nightmare Baby

Another heroin-fueled film to add to the list, except this time, Trainspotting falls under the category of a black comedy. The tones might be different but the overall message remains the same—don’t do heroin.

One of the movie’s freakiest scenes involves the movie’s main character. Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) and his battle with withdrawals. During his detox, Renton has gruesome nightmares, which are presented to the viewer in a pretty harrowing manner.

The nightmare baby at the end, which is seen crawling on the ceiling and turning its head around 180 degrees a la The Exorcist, is perhaps one of the most haunting images in recent memory, and definitely one of the trippiest.

Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas

When it comes to trippy drug movies, it doesn’t get much better than Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. The cult movie, based on Hunter S. Thompson’s novel of the same name, features one of the most iconic acid-induced scenes ever.

Johnny Depp’s character, Raoul Duke, checks into a Vegas hotel, tripping on acid. Luckily, the viewers get to be a part of the ride, as the movie depicts all of the visuals one typically experiences while using LSD.

The classic scene will forever go down as one of the trippiest scenes from movies.

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‘Weed-Infused’ Porn Studio Offers Roseanne Barr Contract

‘Weed-Infused’ Porn Studio Offers Roseanne Barr Contract

Original Post: High Times: ‘Weed-Infused’ Porn Studio Offers Roseanne Barr Contract

Roseanne Barr has been a stalwart of the media over the past week or so for, essentially, all the wrong reasons. The revival of her hit show Roseanne was abruptly canceled after the actress/comedian concocted a racially-charged tweet about former President Barack Obama’s advisor, Valerie Jarrett, calling the ex-cabinet member a cross between a character from the Planet Of The Apes films, and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

To make matters worse, Roseanne, during her apology, blamed the popularly prescribed sleep medication Ambien, for her racial outburst.

Surprisingly enough, however, Roseanne has managed to nab another job offer in the midst of her life-altering controversy. However, it’s not necessarily in an industry Roseanne Barr is all-too-familiar with: pornography.

A Not-So-Decent Proposal

According to a report from The Wrap, a recently-launched porn site, XBlaze, has made Barr the target to star in an opening scene for their upcoming BBW line, XXXLBlaze. Apparently, the site is also ready to hand Barr a whopping $150,000 to star in the short scene.

The company’s CEO, Jeff Dillon wrote, even wrote an open letter to Barr, in an attempt to coax the actress into uncharted territory. In the letter, Dillon commended Barr for standing true to her beliefs and never being one to mince words.

“Part of what makes you unique as an actress, entrepreneur, and media personality is your attitude, specific beliefs and openness in saying exactly what you think and feel,” Dillon said. “Sometimes that can get you into trouble, especially in this politically correct world we now live in. While this is not your usual brand of mainstream entertainment, we are certain that someone like you, a superstar still VERY influential in today’s pop culture, can pull off the performance of a lifetime as an adult entertainer in an industry that allows its stars to be themselves.”

The site XBlaze, if you couldn’t tell by its name, is actually supposed to be billed as a sort of hybrid, marijuana-infused porn site. Barr, who has admitted to smoking marijuana in the past, could actually be viewed as a somewhat sensible choice for the young company, considering how much media attention the actress has gotten in the wake of her Ambien-fueled rant. Not to mention the fact that the comedian has said she’d be open to doing porn in the past—perhaps something that Dillon took notice of.

Back in 2013, Barr actually received an offer to enter the adult industry, after she jokingly (we think) said she’d be willing to ditch mainstream show business in favor of starring in, what she called “geriatric porn.” Shortly after, Vivid Entertainment founder Steven Hirsch expressed a desire to work with Barr, but nothing came to fruition.

But perhaps, with her career in limbo, Roseanne could re-think her prospects of working in the adult entertainment industry. Especially, in a weed-infused sector of it.

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‘Weed-Infused’ Porn Studio Offers Roseanne Barr Contract was posted on High Times.

New Competitive Weed Cooking Show Coming to Netflix

New Competitive Weed Cooking Show Coming to Netflix

Original Post: High Times: New Competitive Weed Cooking Show Coming to Netflix

After Netflix’s weed-themed sitcom Disjointed was abruptly canceled, the streaming service needed to find a replacement for its pot-leaf shaped hole. With marijuana’s ever-increasing prevalence in pop-culture, finding a niche show should be as easy as 1,2,3. Luckily, the streaming service, was, in fact, able to find a different kind of cannabis fun, this time, with a new competitive weed cooking show coming to Netflix in June.

High Cuisine

The show, aptly titled Cooking On High, is set to debut on June 22nd. The show will be hosted by comedian and YouTube sensation, Josh Leyva, known for his diverse array of wacky characters, viral skits, and odd challenges. He’s also starred in the movies Laid in America and Dance Camp, both of which were released back in 2016.

Joining Leyva is fellow comedian and noted cannabis activist Ngaio Bealum, who will serve as the show’s primary “culinary weed expert.” Bealum was the original host of the television series Cannabis Planet and has published the West Coast Cannabis Magazine, a non-profit cannabis magazine. He also has a weekly column in the Sacramento News & Review, where he answers readers’ questions about cannabis and the laws surrounding it.

As for the show’s format, the new-age cooking program will pit 10 chefs against each other to see who can come up with the best tasting and most creative dish for a panel of four celebrity judges. The only caveat? All of the recipes must get you stoned. That means, presumably, the chefs will also have to master the art of decarboxylation and extraction of THC, in order to ensure their dishes are both delicious and potent.

Other than the basic premise, and the castings of Leyva and Bealum, not much is known about the show, other than the fact that it’s rated 18 and over (you know, because of the whole ‘weed’ thing). Guest hosts have yet to be named, and it remains to be seen what sort of weed-infused dishes the contestants will be required to chef up. But if the show turns out to be a pot-centric version of classic competitive cooking shows like Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, or the ever-popular Cutthroat Kitchen, we should be in for quite the treat.

However, if all the contestants are as stoned as the judges figure to be, temper tantrums should be expected to be kept to a minimum.

Talk about getting ‘baked.’

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New Competitive Weed Cooking Show Coming to Netflix was posted on High Times.

Complications Arise From High Demand for Medical Cannabis in Germany

Complications Arise From High Demand for Medical Cannabis in Germany

Original Post: High Times: Complications Arise From High Demand for Medical Cannabis in Germany

When Germany legalized medical marijuana just over a year ago, government officials may not have realized just how over their heads they truly were. The demand for the plant, for medicinal purposes, has been much higher than anticipated, and as a result, the newly christened industry is still figuring out how to meet the needs of its thousands of patients. Typically, such a hot commodity would bode well for the future of a new medical marijuana program, but as complications arise from high demand for medical cannabis in Germany, it appears that these early humps have actually caused more problems than it has solved.

Insurance Companies Are Flummoxed

Germany’s medical marijuana program, which was legalized back in March of 2017, vastly underestimated the demand for the plant. Insurance companies have scrambled to cover the costs of prescriptions as the number of approved patients continue to rise.

According to a report by the Germany-based insurance company, Techniker-Krankenkasse, in conjunction with the University of Bremen, and translated by Business Insider, the number of eligible patients who have requested to be reimbursed for their medical marijuana, has skyrocketed from 1,100 to around 16,000 as of February 2018.

In the past, insurers would only occasionally cover the costs of medical marijuana, but as a result of Germany’s new law, they are always required to reimburse patients for the full price.

To make matters worse, Germany’s varying medical marijuana treatments have proven to be much more costly than other traditional treatments. Herbal remedies can cost patients between $350 and $2,600, which can be up to four times more expensive than alternative medications.

Still, this hasn’t necessarily deterred insurance companies from approving its applications. Techniker-Krankenkasse approved around two-thirds of its medical marijuana applications last year, which amounted to around $2.7 million.

A Supply Shortage

In addition to strapping insurance companies, the high demand for medicinal marijuana has caused a shortage in product.

In the early stages of the program, Germany only approved four companies to import medicinal cannabis and supply its patients. Cannamedical Pharma, one of the four companies, has been responsible for almost all of the medicinal cannabis supplied in Germany. Unsurprisingly, Cannamedical has had trouble meeting Germany’s increasing demands.

“The supply shortage was a serious issue not only for us but also for patients depending on this medicine,” said Cannamedical sales manager, Niklas Kouparanis.  “At the moment, we have only one cannabis producer in all of Europe, located in the Netherlands. This producer has to meet the entire European demand for medicinal cannabis, which is almost impossible.”

While Germany continues to find ways to fix their MMJ program, it will, in the meantime, continue a vetting process to weed out patients seeking marijuana prescriptions without the proper qualifying conditions.

“Before the health insurance company pays for it, any added benefit the drug may have must be justified,” said Techniker-Krankenkasse manager Jens Baas.

While the new program has struggled with meeting the demands of its patients, some of the early roadblocks in year one of the endeavor should be expected. Take California’s brand-new recreational marijuana industry, for example, who has also had its fair share of issues with maintaining its supply. Obviously, some of Germany’s problems are troubling, but most of their issues should be straightened out when the medical marijuana program is past its infancy. Hopefully, that’s sooner, rather than later.

The post Complications Arise From High Demand for Medical Cannabis in Germany appeared first on High Times.

Complications Arise From High Demand for Medical Cannabis in Germany was posted on High Times.

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