Top 6 Marijuana Strains To Unleash Your Creativity

Top 6 Marijuana Strains To Unleash Your Creativity

Original Article: Green Market Report: Top 6 Marijuana Strains To Unleash Your Creativity

[Canniseur: OH BOY!!! My personal favorite kind of cannabis are cultivars that make me feel or be more creative. The feel part is probably the most important point. Enjoy these strains!]

Editors Note: this is a guest post.

Cannabis can be used in countless ways. It relieves stress, chronic pains, and a wide plethora of other conditions. Besides medicinal uses, people consume marijuana to relax or help them fall asleep.

The great thing about the times we live in is that it’s an era of marijuana legalization and getting a hold of exactly the type of weed you’re after is easier than ever. If you don’t believe that to be true and you’re in Nevada, just look up Las Vegas Dispensaries and large cities in other legal states are increasingly becoming hotspots for cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

One of the most popular misconceptions about cannabis is that it turns you into a lazy, unmotivated couch potato. While it certainly rings true for some of the strains out there, it is worth remembering that there are others, which can fire up your imagination, breathe life into conversations, and expedite the creative process.

The trick lies in knowing which strain to choose for those particular moments when you are trying to get in the right headspace to get that creative spark going. If that’s what you’re after, be sure to check out one of these six strains listed below.

Jack Herer 

Named after one of the greatest cannabis rights activists in history, this strain will elevate your mind up to a point where you will be spitting out new ideas one after another.

Besides the euphoric effect, Jack Herer is a treat to smoke due to its fruity, peppery flavour. Whether you’re enjoying it in the form of a joint or bong hit, it will pack a punch that you will not soon forget. Another advantage is that contrary to other popular strains, Jack Herer leaves you clear-headed without the all-too-familiar dazy feeling one might get after the high goes away.

Jack Herer was recognized for its inspiring qualities by the international community of enthusiasts, having won numerous awards for its potency and creativity-friendly effects.

Berry White 

Also known as Blue Widow or White Berry, this particular strain of cannabis is a sativa-dominant hybrid, which already gives away that you’re in for an energizing kick!

A hit of Berry White will definitely inspire many creative endeavours. Additionally, the high is very balanced, eliminating the risk of increased anxiety and paranoia which is often associated with sativa-dominant hybrids.

Berry White will leave you energized and ready to create, while keeping your mind focused instead of going all over the place and ruining your experience.

Tangerine Dream 

Many people in the community will refer to it by Tangie, but regardless of the name it goes by, this strain is recognized and appreciated by artists and other creative individuals. Its main benefits include a long-lasting high — an uplifting experience with just enough relaxing qualities to keep you in the zone for a while.

What makes Tangerine Dream really stand out though, is its refreshing aroma and an unmistakable, fruity flavor. Aptly named after tangerines, this strain really does bring to mind those delicious citruses.

Whether you’re a musician, writer, or any other type of a creative soul, Tangerine Dream is definitely a strain that should end up in your stash one day.


An incredibly powerful strain with a non-threatening name, Jillybean is the queen of fun. The effects are almost immediate, and the most reported feeling after consuming it is overwhelming bliss and euphoria.

Jillybean is a favorite of creatives and social butterflies alike, as it enhances the quality of your social interaction and increases empathy for fellow human beings. You can recognize it by the strong aroma of orange with a hint of mango — it’s similar to Tangerine Dream in this aspect.

This particular creativity-enhancing strain works especially well if you’re in need of a long, uninterrupted session of brainstorming and piecing together your ideas, especially if you’re participating in a collaborative effort!

Kali Mist 

If your creativity is hindered by a lack of energy, then this strain might just be exactly what you’re looking for to boost you up and get those creative juices flowing at a higher rate.

The perfect pick-me-up strain, Kali Mist’s rejuvenating qualities were oftentimes hailed as “psychedelic” by users, due to its focus-enhancing and ego-crushing abilities. Kali Mist is the perfect choice when you need to open up your mind to new, challenging ideas.

Be wary of its side effects though — if you’re planning a longer session in Kali Mist’s company, make sure you have enough water to stay hydrated, as this strain is infamous for causing intense cottonmouth in some users.


Although its name may suggest otherwise, the LSD strain won’t make hallucinate or trip out like you would on psychedelics. The similarity lies in the euphoric feeling that comes with smoking this type of cannabis.

Just like all of the strains listed above, LSD is also a sativa-dominant hybrid, but the characteristic attribute that sets it apart from the rest is the strong, but not overwhelming body high that accompanies the energizing effects.



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Original Article: Green Market Report: Top 6 Marijuana Strains To Unleash Your Creativity

5 Trusted Medical Marijuana Brands

5 Trusted Medical Marijuana Brands

Original Article: Green Market Report: 5 Trusted Medical Marijuana Brands

[Canniseur: We’re all interested in understanding which cannabis brands are reputable and which are less than desirable. While I’m sure there are plenty of other quality brands on the market, here’s a list of globally recognized reputable medical cannabis. These are all extracts.]

Ever since recreational cannabis has stolen the stage, people tend to forget that cannabis is one of the oldest and most trusted medicines on the planted.

The medicinal properties within the plant are responsible for managing the symptoms associated in patients suffering from Epilepsy, Autism, Chrohn’s Disease, Cancer, PTSD, and Chronic Pain to name just a few.

These brands have developed some of the best practices and formulations in the industry to treat a myriad of ailments with patents pending across the globe.

Our team decided to break down a list of the most respected medical brands and products within the cannabis industry globally.

Here they are:


1.) Charlotte’s Web:

More than just CBD: CBD plus naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and more in every CBD oil serving. The team from Charlotte’s Web uses limited, select ingredients to ensure you have the absolute best hemp extract possible. Their CBD oils include Charlotte’s Web premium hemp extract, carrier oil, and flavor. That’s it. Their products are U.S. Hemp Authority Certified. Charlotte’s Web CBD oils are whole-plant extracts that include a variety of of beneficial compounds, including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids.


2.) Aunt Zelda’s:

Aunt Zelda’s is a pioneering, data-driven developer of cannabis-based plant medicines. Our products are the result of years of research and development by founders, Mara Gordon and Stewart Smith, in consultation with knowledgeable physicians and world-renowned researchers.

Utilizing proven time-tested extraction processes improved with modern technology, Aunt Zelda’s offers medicines of precisely measured potency and purity that empower patients to dose to the milligram and unlock the therapeutic potential of cannabis.

If you prefer to obtain lab tested products created for specific ailments, Aunt Zelda’s will help you get there!

Aunt Zelda’s mission is to alleviate patient suffering through medical cannabis.  We help you, our patients, live fulfilling, healthy lives.

They provide unmatched expertise in the correct use of medical cannabis matched to disease-specific products with the highest purity in California.

Their goal is to create a positive and supportive community for medical cannabis users. They aspire to be your trusted source of cannabis resources and its safe, effective and responsible use


3.) HOPE Grows for Autism:

Formulation by: Zelira Therapeutics

HOPE is a Proprietary formulation specifically to address patient symptoms associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The HOPE® Franchise has received support from organizations such as HOPE Grows for Autism, a leading autism advocacy group based in Pennsylvania. It has been the top performing product within the state and will soon be available for patients in Louisiana and throughout the US and Australia.

In a company press release in December 2019, Zelira Therapeutics leadership said, “Our company will have the ability to distribute the HOPE® portfolio along with our additional products through licensing agreements with multi-state and international operators…”

HOPE 1 and HOPE 2 are part of a growing family of proprietary medical marijuana formulations. HOPE™ is created by extracting, isolating, and then re-assembling the medicinal compounds from the marijuana plant to achieve specific, targeted effects. HOPE™ was formulated with autism in mind and has quickly proved to be beneficial to other chronic conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, neuropathy and others. HOPE™ has since become its manufacturer’s best-selling tincture.


Available as a tincture, blended in 100% olive oil.


THC + CBD + Terpenes

Found in the trichomes of the plant, terpenes are plant oils with unique aromas and distinctive​ flavors (pine, citrus, mint) and are known to play​ a key role on the overall effects of each strain. ​ Terpenes also play a key role in differentiating​ the flavor and scent of marijuana. Some terpenes​ might promote relaxation, while others energy or​ focus.


4.) Ilera Holistic Healthcare:

ALAFIA — which means ‘inner peace’ in the Nigerian “Yoruba” language — is scientifically formulated, lab tested and pesticide free. Currently on the market are two formulated PURE CBD tinctures: Isolate CBD with 500mg and 1000mg  and Full Spectrum CBD with 500mg and 1000mg.  This product is Additional CBD products will be released at dispensaries in the state of Louisiana only.

“Our vision has always been patient access and affordability,” said Chanda Macias, chief executive officer of Ilera Holistic Healthcare. “It was imperative for us to bring high-quality products that support health and wellness.  Patients now have the ability to purchase ALAFIA over the counter without a prescription anywhere it is available.”  Dr. Chanda Macias said back in January 2020

5.) Haleigh’s Hope:

Extra strength has double the concentration than the regular strength, allowing the consumer to take less oil but still get the same desired therapeutic effect as the regular strength. Extra Strength products are recommended for people over 100 lbs.

This organically grown, whole plant extract contains a broad spectrum of naturally occurring plant based compounds that are clinically proven to provide a powerful combination of antioxidants and neuroprotectants. Haleigh’s Hope® was created from a proprietary genetic plant strain that was carefully bred and cultivated over seven years to achieve a precise combination of clinically proven, therapeutic plant compounds..

Haleigh’s Hope® grows, extracts, produces, packages and ships 100% of our product from our facilities in Colorado. Because we have exclusive control over our products from seed to sale, we ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency in the industry. Every batch of our product is lab tested for safety and quality.

Safflower is a cold pressed seed oil that is non-GMO and organic, and does not need to be shaken.

Exclusively grown and manufactured in Colorado, USA.


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Original Article: Green Market Report: 5 Trusted Medical Marijuana Brands

100+ Of The Most Important Women In Weed 2020

100+ Of The Most Important Women In Weed 2020

Original Article: Green Market Report: 100+ Of The Most Important Women In Weed 2020

[Canniseur: This list includes two women I know. Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins are some of the hardest working women in this crazy semi-legal world of cannabis. It’s difficult to be a woman in any profession and get noticed. The cannabis industry seems even harder. Congratulations Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins who are the show-runners and talent for “The Marijuana Show“. You’re being noticed and applauded for your efforts!]

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are releasing our annual “Most Important Women in Weed” list for 2020. This list includes women in the industry that have collectively moved the industry forward with all of their hard work, continuous dedication and effort.

This year we opened up the list for nominations and received almost a thousand nominees. After consideration of each, we have developed what we feel is one of the most inclusive and carefully curated lists of the most accomplished and impressive women in the cannabis industry.

As we could not name them all, we would like to thank and celebrate all of the women who have dedicated their precious time to the advancement of cannabis globally.

It is because of each one of these ladies that this industry remains in the lead above all others as far as female leadership is concerned.

This list is in no special order. Each one of these women provide a great contribution to the cannabis industry in their own unique and badass way.

Thank you to every one of you for all that you do!

The “List”

Dr. Chanda Macia

Yvonne DeLaRosa Green

Mara Gordon

Rosie Mattio

Shawna McGregor

Lori Ferrara

Gaynell Rogers

Stormy Simon

Trista Okel 

Lori Ajax

Amy Dawn Bourlon-Hilterbran

Kim Rivers

Amanda Soens

Dona Frank

Kat King

Sara Payan

Hannah Daphna

Sandra Castaneda

Erin Gore

Wendy Kornberg

Kristin Nevedal

Wendy Turner

Brittany Nicholson

Emily Paxhia

Jessica Billingsley 

Gia Moron

Andrea Brooks

Tahira Rehmatullah

Tracey Mason

Lindy Snyder

Jasmine Rose Gunderson

Shannon Hattan

Adelia Carrillo

Karen Petersen

Wanda James

Barbara Blaser

Ophelia Chong

Amanda Ostrowitz

Pamela Nicole Epstein

Melissa Mentele

Jamie Cooper

Sarah Remesch

Jessie Gill

Erica Daniels

Lizzy Jeff

Lelehnia DuBois

Whitney Beatty

Dr. Michele Ross

Manndie Tingler

Chef Lauren Gockley

Kyra Reed

Jamie Evans

Kristin Jordan

Ellie Siegle 

Sara Brittany Somerset

Linda Marsicano

Heidi Groshelle

Amber Senter

Nique Pichette

Jennifer Price

Molly Peckler 

Bonita Money

Susan Hwang

Judy Yee

Julie Chiarello

Leah Heis

Leslie Andrachuk

Terra Carver

Nancy Whiteman

Luna Stower

Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins

Beth Stavola

Alison Gordon

Penny Green

Sara Gullickson

Dr. Lakisha Jenkins

Pamela Hadfield

Jessica Peters

Dr. Rachel Knox and Dr. Jessica Knox

Tiffany Bowden

Mary Jane Gibson

Michelle Janikian

Dr. Uma Dhanabalan

Taylor Blake

AC Braddock

Kerri Accardi

Heather Sobel

Kim Rivers

Betty Aldworth

Cathy Jordan

Suzanne Sisley

Nina Parks

Luna Stower

Selena Xochitl Martinez

Angelina Penuela-Ruiz

Sarah Mitra Payan

Gretchen Gailey

Nikki Lastreto

Ann Lawrence

Sheena Shiravi

Christina Ianuzzi

Kassandra Frederique

Shannon Buyers

Celia Tapp

Kelly Archer

Katie Field

Randi Sether

Shannon Reed

Katrina Yolen

Ngiste Abebe

Brooke Westlake

Courtney Maltais

Katrina Tso

Alicia Rose Kelley

Dr. Jacqueline Harding, PhD 

Mary Pryor 

Dr. Uma Dhabalan

Heather DeRose

Libby Cooper

Leslie Hoffman

Yvonne Perez Emerson


Again, thank you to all of the women who do so much in our industry day in and day out. Your work does not go unnoticed and is deeply appreciated.

Happy International Women’s Day to all women around the world!

Special shout out to our Green Market Report co-founders Debra Borchardt and Cynthia Salarizadeh on this day!


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Millennials Are Fueling the Cannabis Economy

Millennials Are Fueling the Cannabis Economy

Original Article: Green Market Report: Millennials Are Fueling the Cannabis Economy

Editors Note: This is a guest post by New York-based writer Tiffany Harper.

[Canniseur: As the Boomer generation fades into history, the Millennial generation will be taking over…actually they already are. While I’m glad they’ve become cannabis consumers, the Boomers are still powering this market at least as far as the “n” that I’ve seen and interviewed. This is not to denigrate the Millennial influence, but to embrace it. As they enter the professional workforce Millennials will absolutely rule. Are they fueling the cannabis economy now? There are some very good points in this article. And some misstatements as well.]

Marijuana consumption is still a taboo, but it seems like the millennial generation is working hard to change this fact. They are the pioneers of recreational weed usage and the major reason why nine states decided to legalize marijuana since 2012.

Contrary to baby boomers, Millennials prove to be open to new experiences and hence turn into genuine drivers of social changes. And it’s not only about changing the social climate – Millennials are also contributing to the growth of a brand new industry. The global cannabis market size was $10.6 billion in 2018 and it was projected to reach almost $100 billion by 2026.

But how Millennials are fueling the cannabis economy? Keep reading to see what makes them so excited about recreational marijuana usage.

  • Who Are the Millennials? 

Jake Gardner, at the dissertation service, says that you need to understand the Millennials’ traits, values, and interests if you want to learn their motives to embrace weed.

Millennials are individuals born between 1980 and 2000. There are over 80 million Millennials in the US, which already makes them the largest social cohort in the States.

What are the traits of an average Millennial?

First of all, they are tech-savvy persons who use social networks and other digital tools to discover new things, concepts, and trends. They communicate and learn quickly, which makes them more flexible and prone to changes than older generations.

Secondly, they are well-educated professionals willing to embrace new behavioral patterns. Instead of sticking to tradition and social routines, the Millennials are acting independently and reconsidering old and/or obsolete values.

All this makes the Millennials the loudest supporters of recreational marijuana consumption. Various reports prove this point:

  • Nearly 55 million adults in the US currently use marijuana, with over 35 million being regular users.
  • More than 50% of all individuals who reported marijuana use were in the millennial age group.
  • As much as 76% of the Millennials believe marijuana should be fully legalized.
  • Almost 90% of the Millennials claim that weed is safer than booze.

“It seems like everyone is smoking weed these days, especially the remote writers,” says Martin Crick, the content writer from Killer papers review. Many studies reveal that Millennials are the real drivers of the cannabis economy, but let’s dig deeper and figure out the reasons why they do it.

  • Why Millennials Enjoy Cannabis?

Now that you know the traits of a typical Millennial, it is time to think about their motives to consume cannabis products. There is no one concrete reason to do it, but rather a whole set of ideas, causes, and intentions. We will point out the most important reasons here:

  • Cannabis doesn’t cause a hangover

The vast majority of Millennials prefer marijuana over alcohol because it doesn’t cause a hangover. They don’t have to suffer the day after going out and go through the pain and agony of the hangover, while they also behave better and remember everything they did the night before.

  • Marijuana is cheaper

Another major reason to consume cannabis products is the fact that marijuana is cheaper than booze. Instead of spending $50 to get drunk, they can create the same (if not better) effect for $15 to $20.

  • Weed helps them relax

Very often when an individual who feels stressed out is going to check out and test cannabis products. Unlike alcohol, marijuana is ideal for persons who want to relax and fend off anxiety. According to the report, smoking cannabis can significantly reduce self-reported levels of depression, anxiety, and stress in the short term.

  • Weed is not toxic and has zero calories

The Millennials are all about health and fitness, which is yet another reason why they prefer cannabis as the primary relaxation method. Namely, weed is not as toxic as booze and it comes with zero calories. In other words, you can consume it without damaging your body.

  • Cannabis legalization allows authorities to focus on other crimes

We already mentioned that the millennial generation is prone to nurturing and promoting certain goals and values. One of their motives to support marijuana legalization has a broader social context. Namely, state authorities won’t have to deal with weed dealers anymore, so they can focus on other crimes instead.

  • Cannabis is a good investment opportunity

Millennials are not only cannabis consumers but also investors. Reports reveal that Millennials consider marijuana products to be a great investment opportunity, which is one of the most important success factors of the entire cannabis industry.

  • What Slows Down the Cannabis Industry?

The cannabis industry is obviously experiencing a breakthrough, but there are a few obstacles it still needs to overcome in order to achieve an even biggest impact on potential consumers worldwide.

First of all, the vast majority of decision-makers are still against it and it’s hard to imagine them changing their minds anytime soon. So far, cannabis is legal in nine states, but the pan-American legalization is still far away.

Secondly, the whole topic is still very controversial. A lot of people are raising eyebrows when they hear someone talking about smoking weed, which is why so many Millennials hide the fact that they consume marijuana on a regular basis.

Besides that, numerous studies show that regular pot use among adolescents permanently lowers IQ. Needless to say, it doesn’t make the parents happy and thrilled about marijuana legalization.

  • The Bottom Line

Although cannabis usage remains a widespread taboo in the US, the millennial generation is certainly doing its best to change this fact and make it a non-controversial topic. In this article, we showed you:

  • The basic traits of a typical Millennial
  • Why the Millennials enjoy cannabis
  • What slows down the cannabis industry

What do you think about recreational marijuana consumption? Do you agree with the Millennials who want to see it fully legalized? Make sure to share your opinion with us – we would love to see how you perceive the growing popularity of cannabis products on the millennial cohort.


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House Takes First Step Pass the SAFE Banking Act

House Takes First Step Pass the SAFE Banking Act

Original Article: Green Market Report: House Takes First Step Pass the SAFE Banking Act

[Canniseur: This is the first step of the 3 necessary to make cannabis businesses safer. Now the SAFE Banking Act needs to pass the Senate, and then the President has to approve it. Ultimately, this is about big money and big business. If cannabis businesses can access traditional banking systems, more fortune 1000 companies will enter the market place. IMHO, because of this, it has a strong chance of passing the Senate by year’s end.]

House Takes First Step Toward Federal Validation of the Marijuana Industry: Votes 321 to 103 to Pass the SAFE Banking Act

In a showing of bipartisan support, the House of Congress voted 321 to 103 to pass the SAFE Banking Act.  Of those voting yes, 229 were Democrats and 91 were Republicans.  Unity amongst Democrats was particularly strong with only one Democrat vote being in opposition.  Going forward, this overwhelming amount of party support should help assuage any fears as to whether the Democrats will continue to back the bill as it moves to Senate.

What the SAFE Act Means for the Industry

Currently, banks that provide services to the cannabis industry are at risk of being prosecuted under federal law.  The risk is the same for insurance companies and landlords that operate in, or provide services to, the cannabis industry.  Consequently, cannabis companies are often forced to horde cash and jump through hoops to make payment for items as simple as a utility bill; proper insurance coverage is often difficult to obtain; and options are limited for cannabis companies seeking to rent facilities for their operations.  The lack of federal legalization has not only created several operational obstacles and inefficiencies for companies involved in the cannabis ecosystem, but by forcing cannabis companies to operate only in cash it has created safety issues for employees by making them, and their places of work, targets of robbery.

Although approval of the SAFE Banking Act would not fully legalize cannabis, it would prevent the federal government from taking action against banks, insurers and landlords that provide services to cannabis companies that are operating in compliance with applicable state laws.  Not only would such legislation go a long way towards normalizing the industry, moving from a cash-only environment would significantly enhance public safety.

It should be noted that the bill does not contain provisions relating to capital markets access for cannabis companies.  Accordingly, approval of the SAFE Banking Act would not provide cannabis companies with access to the U.S. capital markets or exchanges.

Next Steps

The next step is for the Senate to consider and vote on the SAFE Banking Act.  This process is expected to occur later this year.  While some are skeptical of the SAFE Banking Act’s chances of receiving approval from a Republican-controlled Senate, there are provisions in the bill that should appeal to Republicans.  One provision addresses Operation Choke Point, a program put in place by the Obama administration that investigated banks for doing business with payday lenders, firearms dealers and other companies at higher risk for fraud and anti-money laundering.  Another provision addresses access to banking services for the hemp industry, which should be of particular importance to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his home state of Kentucky.  If the bill is passed by Senate, it would then be submitted for Presidential approval.

Approval of the SAFE Banking Act will not fully legalize cannabis, but it would represent a significant milestone for the cannabis industry by providing access to banking services, and it could also lead to the approval of other cannabis-focused policies, and possibly, full federal legalization.

Jason Wilson
Global Cannabis Industry Expert with over 15 years of experience in the asset management, finance, and structured product space, Jason has a track record of bringing hard-to-access asset classes to market. Recently, Jason was Senior Vice President at INFOR Financial Inc., a boutique investment bank that acted as advisor to Canopy Growth Corporation in connection with entering into its strategic relationship with Constellation Brands.

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