House of Saka High Fête: The First Luxury Cannabis Beverage Launches With Extravagant Event Nestled in the Hills of Napa Valley

House of Saka High Fête: The First Luxury Cannabis Beverage Launches With Extravagant Event Nestled in the Hills of Napa Valley

[Canniseur: Every cannabis beverage I’ve tried thus far, has tasted terrible. The women who are running this company are bold and this is an untapped market. I’ll have to taste this the next time I get to California. And it’s women run. If it tastes good, it’ll be a success. If not…]

Infused beverages are a growing trend in the cannabis industry. According to the food and drink consultancy group Zenith Global, sales of cannabis-infused beverages are expected to reach $1.4 billion by the year 2024.

While most companies, like Lagunitas or Constellation Brands, are focused on dominating the cannabis beer market, a smaller group of brands are aiming at filling the demand for cannabis wine. One such company is House of Saka.

Formed by women for women, House of Saka is a brand dedicated to the development of luxury-infused relaxation, beauty & wellness products for sophisticated cannabis consumers around the world. Last month the company officially debuted its line of luxury infused beverages, dubbed Saka Infusions, at an exclusive launch party in Napa Valley, California.

Serendipitously taking place during the rise of the Pink Moon, House of Saka premiered its pink cannabis beverages inspired by Rosé wines before an audience of top executives from throughout the wine industry, beer industry, and cannabis industry. The event was organized by Nicki Wolfe, one of the wine country’s most premier event planners.

“Boldness and innovation is the key to the new cannabis game, so when House of Saka Founder Cynthia Salarizadeh approached me, I said, I’m in, as long as I can make it unique, special, and focused on the guest experience,” said Wolfe. “We wanted House of Saka’s launch to exemplify all that is special about wine country.”

Called High Fete: The Most Luxurious Evening in Cannabis, the event lived up to its name; featuring extravagant décor and a sumptuous selection of appetizers, beverages, and a full-course meal that featured vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Interspersed throughout the venue were samples of Saka, allowing the guests to try the infused beverage for the first time.

As the four-hour event came to a close, House of Saka founders Cynthia Salarizadeh and Tracey Mason were on hand to thank their guests and reaffirm their brand’s mission.

“The concept for the House of Saka was to build the perfect luxury brand owned and operated by the most powerful and influential businesswomen across cannabis and wine, and we are confident that we have achieved this,” said Salarizadeh.


“From that start, we envisioned House of Saka to set the bar for female-centric, infused-luxury products in both the cannabis and CBD space,” added Mason. “Brands like House of Saka are the future of the industry and a platform from which we hope to inspire female entrepreneurs and draw women toward the extraordinary plant that is cannabis.”


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Valentine’s Day Is Great For Cannabis Consumers – They Have More Sex

Valentine’s Day Is Great For Cannabis Consumers – They Have More Sex

[Editor’s Note: A lover’s guide to erotic cannabis products! Nice to know that cannabis consumers have more fun. One more reason to legalize.]

Americans are expected to spend a record amount on Valentine’s Day this year despite a years-long decrease in the percentage of people celebrating the holiday, according to the annual survey released today by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

“The vast majority of Valentine’s Day dollars are still spent on significant others, but there’s a big increase this year in consumers spreading the love to children, parents, friends, and coworkers,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “Those who are participating are spending more than ever and that could be the result of the strong economy. With employment and income growing, consumers appear to be expanding the scope of who qualifies for a card or a box of candy.”

Another study from St. Louis University in Missouri,  found that cannabis could improve your love life. 133 women were surveyed and said that they consumed cannabis shortly before engaging in sexual activity. 68% of those women said that it made sex more pleasurable. From that same study, 62% of participants said that cannabis helps them achieve a more satisfying orgasm.

A different study from Stanford found that women who abstained from cannabis in the past year, had sex on average 6.0 times during the previous four weeks, whereas that number was 7.1 for daily cannabis users. Among men, the corresponding figure was 5.6 for nonusers and 6.9 for daily users. That means regular cannabis users are having 20% more sex than abstainers.


Foria makes a sun-grown cannabis arousal lube and the company is offering two bottles of its product Awaken for the price of one as a Valentine’s Day special. The company says if you order by February 7, you’ll receive it in time for the holiday.



California’s leader in ultra-premium flower Canndescent  has a product called Connect, which seems perfect for Valentine’s Day. Their Connect strains are formulated specifically to kindle socialization and deep connections with other people – perfect for your romantic evening plans. Sadly, it’s only available in California. Gorgeous gift boxes with ⅛ of flower are available at licensed California dispensaries, as are the newly-launched and extremely classy Stylus rechargeable and Ready-To-Use vaporizer pens.

Papa & Barkley

Interested in a massage? Papa & Barkley’s cannabis-infused Releaf Body Oil is the right choice.

Papa & Barkley’s full line is available in California, but everyone else can enjoy their Essentials line, which offers a hemp-based CBD oil, which can be put in any drink, food, or a nice, relaxing bubble bath.



Want to set the mood… without relying on alcohol? mood33 has crafted a delicious PASSION tonic that is infused with THC, CBD and uplifting natural terpenes – all under 33 calories per beautiful bottle. Inspire yourself and your partner with the sensuous flavors of sparkling green tea, sweet passionfruit and tart lime.



Guilt-free chocolate is the way to your love’s heart. Bhang makes a delicious 73.5% cacao CBD dark chocolate that is not to be believed. The company also makes a new nicotine-free tobacco-free all hemp Pre-Roll Straights. The Bhang team brings together its love of chocolate and cannabis in the most awarded line of cannabis chocolate bars available in the world. Developed by a Master Chocolatier with 25+ years of chocolate-making experience, these artisan bars pair the best in Venezuelan Criollo cacao with adventurous flavors and high-quality, lab-tested, CO2-extracted cannabis oil.

Ardent Cannabis

More of a DIY person? Try Goat’s Milk Sweet Quartet Caramel Infusion Kit that retails for $35. You can make delicious, dispensary-grade edibles from the comfort of your own home— elevate any treat by simply drizzling over a dessert and/or dipping your favorite fruit!. Lactose-free flavors include: Original Caramel, Spicy Dark Chocolate, Salted Bourbon and Vanilla Bean

Fog & Tree

Still not satisfied? Oil, chocolates, beverages still aren’t the perfect gift? How about

Fog & Tree Eau de Parfum, an all natural fragrance that is blended with real cannabis terpenes, could be exactly what your loved one is looking for. The fragrance will take your senses on a journey through the Redwoods of Northern California with the woodsy and herbaceous scent with fresh coastal fog.

The terpenes used in Fog & Tree are all harvested from Humboldt Seed Company’s proprietary strains. Not only are they blending their fragrance with terpenes from award-winning genetics, but they are also reaping the benefits of Humboldt’s unique terroir.

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Acreage Holdings Raises $119 Million, Possibly Largest Private Round In U.S. Cannabis Industry

Acreage Holdings Raises $119 Million, Possibly Largest Private Round In U.S. Cannabis Industry

Acreage Holdings continues to quickly take charge in dominating the U.S. cannabis scene. Today’s news of raising $119 million will comfortably position the company to go public on the Canadian Securities Exchange this year. In addition to raising what could be the largest private round in the U.S. cannabis industry, Acreage completed the roll-up of control positions in several U.S. states.

“The response we received from our investor partners was profoundly encouraging. The combination of monies raised and the rollup cements Acreage as one of the best capitalized companies in the industry with a footprint that is second to none,” Kevin Murphy, founder and CEO of Acreage Holdings said. “This gives us an exceptionally strong investment proposition to bring into the public markets in our upcoming listing.”

Currently, Acreage is one of the largest cannabis companies in the U.S. with a presence in 13 states. Now with the money it has raised, Acreage will be able to acquire additional licenses, brands, and other properties.

Acreage currently owns or operates licenses in 13 states (but is close to pushing that number to 15) and plans to use the monies raised to acquire additional licenses, brands and other properties to increase its reach, breadth of offerings and depth of management team.

“We are planning on listing on the CSE for many reasons, including the positive reception that the Canadian institutional investment community has shown to the U.S. cannabis industry and to Acreage in particular.  Additionally, the CSE has become the exchange of choice for U.S. companies like ours,” Murphy continued.  “The liquidity on the CSE is incredibly attractive to Acreage, and we know that retail investors in the U.S. have become comfortable with that exchange. We expect to see a tremendous response to our offering this fall.”

Initially, the company had planned to raise $50 million, but the addition of former Speaker of the House John Boehner and former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld drew widespread interest from investors. The round was quickly oversubscribed and accomplished in less than three months. In addition to that, Acreage had no need to hire bankers in order to bring in the investors and was able to accomplish this task on its own.
In a move that hasn’t been commonly seen in the cannabis industry, Acreage plans to put its investors before the executive team by making the new shares in the company senior to the management held shares. In a recent interview on the Midas Letter, Murphy said, “Every round of financing that we’ve ever done we’ve subordinated our own shares to those investors because it’s our goal; yes, to enrich ourselves but I often say you know I don’t like losing my own money but I’ve got a very, very hard time losing somebody else’s money and so that’s the way we’ve done it and that’s the message we’ve conveyed to our investors and that is why on this last round of financing that we’ve just done, we were about 5 to 6 times oversubscribed for it.”

“Our objective with our investors is to set the standard in terms of professionalism and competency in order to remove as much risk from cannabis investing as possible,” said George Allen, the President of Acreage Holdings. “It is a mission that will remain paramount to us as we transition from a private to a public investor base.”

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MARIA & JANE Trailblazes Inclusive Media for Women in Cannabis

MARIA & JANE Trailblazes Inclusive Media for Women in Cannabis

Boston, July 17, 2018 /AxisWire/ You’ve likely heard of Mary Jane, but have you met Maria & Jane? In the rapidly changing landscape of legalized cannabis, it’s crucial to keep up with news about new regulations, research, and opportunities for innovation. However, with the mountain of media coverage, it can be hard to know where to start. Maria & Jane is a fresh conversation about what’s happening in cannabis, from the point of view of ground-breaking female entrepreneurs busting through the “grass ceiling.” Maria & Jane offers in-depth “what do I need to know” information and inspiration for anyone, whether they’re an industry insider or if they’re just starting out with a new cannabusiness.

Maria & Jane is a fantastic resource for the entrepreneurially minded woman who is too busy running her business to waste time hunting and pecking for the news. In order to follow an industry that shapeshifts daily, Maria & Jane curates breaking stories, deep insights, and digs deeper into best cannabusiness practices with an in-depth weekly newsletter and podcast interviews with business leaders and influencers. Various topics include:

  • Who is the New Cannabis Consumer?
  • New Rules & Regs, e.g. How to Avoid Common Food Safety Compliance Mistakes
  • 10 Steps to Trailblaze & Stay Focused in an Uncertain Industry
  • Communication Strategy to Differentiate New Products
  • How to Generate “Buzz” for Products and/or Your Business
  • Advocacy and Education for the Medical Community

In a casual “coffee shop” style, Maria & Jane engages leaders to speak candidly about the “do’s and don’ts” of business, like how to launch and sustain funding for a cannabis start-up. For lessons learned and mentorship opportunities, Maria & Jane makes it easier for its audience to work smarter, not harder by connecting women who are passionate about cannabis, or who are curious about how they can get more involved with its rapidly expanding business opportunities.

So, why Maria, and not Mary? Founder Jacqueline Carly feels it’s important to honor and elevate the voices of all women, regardless of age, race, or sexual preference. Carly notes, “Maria & Jane is a way for me to put my Latina spin on it, honor my heritage, and say ‘hey, I’m doing something here with all women, inclusive of everybody.” In a world with staggering inequity for people of color and the criminalization of marijuana laws, Maria & Jane’s intersectional frame is particularly relevant and necessary.

At its core, Maria & Jane is a fun and informative media company dedicated to inspiring and informing women in (or interested in) the rapidly growing cannabis business landscape. By subscribing or sponsoring episodes of the Maria & Jane weekly podcast, women can help other women grow. Maria & Jane offers a one-of-a-kind, inclusive platform that sparks creative conversations about what’s happening in cannabusiness and more importantly, what’s possible when women join forces. In cannabis and beyond, girls run the world, so why not listen into the latest with Maria & Jane?

For press and media inquiries, please contact Christina Silva at (email) or (339) 674-7537 (phone).

About Maria & Jane’s founder, Jacqueline Carly

Carly has been working with women in the health, nutrition and wellness space since 1999. From 2006-2013, she successfully ran Fitarella, a wildly popular health & wellness site and was the #1 vote getter for Oprah’s OWN online video competition with 9.4 million verified votes. Jacqueline has a strong background in holistic plant nutrition and science, which sparked her interest in the burgeoning legal cannabis industry. She is also founder of GetPlanty, a plant-based lifestyle company. Maria & Jane is her latest brainchild, which creates a platform for diverse viewpoints and experiences for women in cannabis business. Follow M&J on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @MariaAndJane.

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Marapharm Ventures To Acquire Full Spectrum Medicinal

Marapharm Ventures To Acquire Full Spectrum Medicinal

Marapharm Ventures Inc.  (MRPHF)  announced that it has entered into a Letter of Intent dated June 21, 2018 to purchase all the shares of  Full Spectrum Medicinal Inc. Marapharm will have until September 30, 2018, to conduct due diligence on Full Spectrum, with a view to negotiating the terms of a definitive agreement in order to complete the transaction. The company did not provide a valuation for the proposed transaction.

Marapharm’s plan is to merge the privately-owned Full Spectrum Medicinal (FSM) Licensed Producer application with Health Canada. According to the company statement, the goal would be to become one of the best organic cannabis Licensed Producers specializing in premium flower on a commercial scale, saying that it would set a new standard for quality, cost of production and profit. The company went on to add, that unlike, Canada’s existing 84 Licenced Producers, Management’s “organic” focus and strategic model would be to build long-term value by increasing the portfolio and penetrating the legal cannabis space with flower, oils, and edibles in a fast-growing market.

The press release stated that “The business plan would be to rapidly expand with the development of standardized engineered bio-secure facilities. These are optimum-sized, state-of-the-art and scalable buildings. The efficient design reduces energy and subsequently the cost of cultivation. This allows for indoor grown quality cannabis at close to sun-grown crop costs. The first rapid assembly building is scheduled for delivery to the approved site, close to Salmon Arm, British Columbia.”

Marapharm is a publicly traded company investing in the medical and recreational cannabis space, since 2014. Marapharm has rapidly expanded to include having cultivation, production and dispensary locations in the key North American states of WashingtonNevada, and California and are seeking expansion opportunities worldwide. Marapharm stock was lately trading at 25 cents on the OTC Markets and 35 Canadian cents on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

On June 20, 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that October 17, 2018, will be the date that marijuana will be legal across Canada.

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