LGBTQ, Cannabis Industries Shared History Shines In Pride

LGBTQ, Cannabis Industries Shared History Shines In Pride

Original Article: Green Market Report: LGBTQ, Cannabis Industries Shared History Shines In Pride

[Canniseur: Hate is not welcome here. With the SCOTUS ruling yesterday, LGBT have finally realized employment security. Finally! It’s 2020 FFS. The cannabis industry can surely step up and support both the LGBT AND the Black community. The bottom line is, we ALL can step up a bit more and support everyone’s efforts to be equal humans. ]

The shared history between cannabis and the LGBTQ+ community is long, including the landmark moment when HIV/AIDS activists pushed through medical marijuana legalization in California in 1996. There is a commonality of lived experience as well. As articulated by Laila Makled and Caroline Phillips in an April 2019 article for The Washington Blade, “Both cannabis and LGBTQIA community have lived on the fringes of society for decades, navigating a country where their acceptance was, and often still is, hard to attain.” 

Several cannabis companies are stepping up to support and commemorate Pride month. In addition to donating $15,000 to GLAAD for Pride month, edibles brand Kiva Confections has re-released their tropical-flavored Proud Camino gummies. San Francisco-based company SPARC has launched its exclusive Unicorn OG cartridge, and is donating $1 per sale to the GLBT Historical Society. Peak Extracts is offering a Pride promo with 10% off of their entire line of tinctures and topicals, and purchases of Aster Farms’ limited edition Rainbow Chip Pre-Rolls and a Coolhaus pint will benefit Los Angeles based LGBTQ+ charities. 

But Pride month is not happening in a vacuum. We are in the midst not only of a global pandemic, but a global uprising of citizens in the face of systemic racism and police brutality against Black people.  Though many cannabis companies have made strong gestures of solidarity with the fight for racial equality during Pride month, such as Envy CBD which posted a “How to Support Your Community” primer on its website, few are stepping up on the monetary end, at least not yet.

Black communities have long been disproportionately affected by the criminalization of marijuana (as reflected in this report published by the ACLU), and black trans women of color are even more vulnerable to police brutality than their cisgender counterparts. “Trans people who have done street economy work are more than twice as likely to report physical assaults by police officers and four times as likely to report sexual assault by police” according to Blueprint for Equality, published by the National Center for Transgender Equality. In case you missed it, “street economy” includes the sale of marijuana in places where its recreational use is still a crime. 

Many Pride event organizers have offered to dedicate their marches and rallies to solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, such as the All Black Lives Matter march in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 14. The organizers made inclusivity an explicit theme of their protest, which helped to highlight the invisibilization of black trans people that occurs within the context of racial justice.

The annual Pridefest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was canceled altogether to center the concerns of the Black Lives Matter movement. With all of the crossover between cannabis, LGBTQ+ and Black communities, it seems a natural step that in addition to “sharing the mike” with Black voices, cannabis companies might be moved to share the spotlight and profits from their promotions as well. With two weeks left of Pride 2020, there’s still time. 

Original Article: Green Market Report: LGBTQ, Cannabis Industries Shared History Shines In Pride

Cannabis: A Different Valentine’s Day Flower

Cannabis: A Different Valentine’s Day Flower

Original Article: Green Market Report: Cannabis: A Different Valentine’s Day Flower

[Canniseur: It’s that time of year again when we’re all supposed to share with our loved one. Apparently nothing helps love like a little cannabis! I can’t argue with that. Apparently a lot of other people figured it out as well. Cannabis sales in legal states spike around Valentine’s Day. And why shouldn’t they!]

Whether you draw a red heart around February 14th on your calendar, giddily counting the days until Cupid arrives, or draw the blinds and hunker down with Netflix and nachos until the hysteria passes, the cannabis industry is vying to be part of your Valentine’s Day experience. Given the surging interest in the benefits of cannabidiols, more consumers than ever are likely to forego the standard bouquets and boxes of chocolates in favor of cannabis-enhanced treats and personal care products to commemorate the day.

Valentine’s Day Spending

According to recent statistics from the National Research Federation, a prominent retail trade association, Americans are set up for another record spending year to celebrate their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. The projected overall spending average for the holiday is up 21 percent from last year among those expecting to commemorate February 14th with romantic dinners and good old fashioned gifting.

A BDS Analytics report found that in 2019, sales in the recreational cannabis markets of California, Florida, and Oregon were 3.3 percent higher on Valentine’s Day than any other day in February, while Eaze, a technology platform providing direct delivery of medical cannabis from dispensaries, reports a 20 percent spike in orders on Valentine’s Day. These statistics clearly reflect the market boost from those seeking to add cannabis products to the standard Hallmark fare.

For those interested in giving the gift of cannabis (with or without significant THC content) this February, options abound. Weed-infused wines and gourmet chocolates enhanced with CBD and other herbs known for their mood-boosting and aphrodisiacal properties line specialty store shelves, while online retailers lure customers with special Valentine’s Day discounts.

Cannabis Beverage = Love Potion

In addition to billing it as a surefire hangover cure, ALT’s completely clear liquid cannabis product is being marketed as the perfect additive to a Valentine’s Day “love potion”, while  California-based Humboldt Apothecary’s Green Cup-winning Love Potion No. 7 is a cannabis concoction that promises to give you that lovin’ feeling without worrying side effects.

Leading sexual wellness brand, Foria, offers a line of CBD-enhanced intimacy oils for solo or partnered pleasure. Their products include lubricant, suppositories, tonics, and capsules, as well as the option to get a sampling of these with an assortment of raw, hand-crafted chocolates in a Valentine’s Day gift package.

Apothecanna’s cannabis-enhanced “Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil” makes similar claims, and comes with some fairly glowing reviews from customers. Research from Headset, an analytics service provider for the cannabis industry, found that women over-indexed men in the massage/lubricant sector of the cannabis market during the February 12-February 14 window in 2019 by more than 29 percent, which suggests that brands like Foria, Apothecanna, and Quim (maker of a popular latex-safe cannabis lube offering a 15 percent V-Day discount) can expect a profitable week leading up to Valentine’s Day 2020.

Forget Godiva Chocolates

Satori is releasing a few new products that would fit perfectly in a gift guide for cannabis couples. Freshen your breath with Satori microdosed peppermints and you’ll be ready to meet your partner with confidence. Satori Mints allow you to conveniently ingest microdosed amounts of THC throughout the day. Sublingual absorption in your mouth allows the THC to take effect faster than traditional edibles, which must be fully digested before effects are typically felt. With only 2 milligrams of THC per mint, you can enjoy a Valentine’s Day date without feeling overwhelmingly high.

Traditional edibles can take up to two hours to be fully felt, which can be a drag when a romantic opportunity develops. Intended to improve on the user experience of edibles, our new fast-acting Strawberries in Milk Chocolate take effect quickly when compared with old-school infusion methods. These award-winning confections cut down on wait time by using VESIsorb technology, proven to help phytocannabinoids absorb more effectively into the body. Set the mood for love with fast-acting Satori Strawberries in Milk Chocolate as a delightful Valentine’s Day dessert.

For cannabis producers and vendors, Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity to win new customers and retain them with innovative products whose benefits last well beyond February 14th, ideally to become staples of an on-going wellness routine.



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Original Article: Green Market Report: Cannabis: A Different Valentine’s Day Flower

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