Cannabis Helps Seniors with Health Ailments, Study Finds

Cannabis Helps Seniors with Health Ailments, Study Finds

[Canniseur: Short, but timely article. Seniors seem to benefit from some cannabis consumption in whatever form.]

A new study points toward cannabis’s potential for helping seniors with common health ailments such as MS, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and spinal cord damage. Symptoms of these ailments can include sleep disruptions, pain and anxiety.

The study will be highlighted at the American Academy of Neurology’s 71st annual meeting, Science Daily reports, where the researchers will refer to the medicinal use of marijuana as being a safe and effective option for many of their participants.

“Our findings show that medical marijuana is well-tolerated in people age 75 and older and may improve symptoms like chronic pain and anxiety,” said study author Dr. Laszlo Mechtler of Dent Neurologic Institute. “Future research should focus on symptoms like sleepiness and balance problems, as well as efficacy and optimal dosing.”

The study concluded that 69% of the participants had some kind of symptom relief. It’s reported that 49% experienced reduced pain, 18% saw an improvement with sleep, 15% saw neuropathy improvement and 10% saw improved anxiety symptoms. 32% of the participants reduced their use of opioids.

There were varying ratios of both THC and CBD in the tinctures, vaporizers and capsules used by the participants over a 4-month period.

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Marijuana Breathalyzer Shows THC Remains in the Breath for 2-3 Hours

Marijuana Breathalyzer Shows THC Remains in the Breath for 2-3 Hours

[Canniseur: Measuring THC in breath is a major breakthrough! It’s long been a problem in discerning a high from 30 minutes ago vs yesterday’s high. This new device might be just right the solution.]

Hound Labs, a leader in breath diagnostics, announced results of its second clinical trial in which researchers measured THC in breath.

Results from this study confirm – for the first time in a clinical trial – that THC is present in breath for two to three hours after smoking, which is the same duration as peak impairment according to government studies. The trial also concluded that detecting THC in breath for two to three hours requires the capability to measure complex molecules in breath at extraordinarily low levels – to one trillionth of a gram per liter of breath (pg/L).

“In our trials, we discovered that THC rapidly moves from blood into breath and consistently appears in breath in very low concentrations for two to three hours,” said Dr. Kara Lynch.

Hound Labs created the world’s first marijuana and alcohol breathalyzer for employer and law enforcement use. This marks the first time a handheld device has the sensitivity required to determine recent marijuana use. Existing methods for testing THC in blood, urine, and saliva do not differentiate recent marijuana use from past use because THC can remain long after impairment subsides. Breath, on the other hand, was shown in the clinical trial to contain THC only for two to three hours, which correlates with the window of peak impairment.

“In order to solve the challenge of determining recent marijuana use, we spent five years developing new technology that enables unparalleled low levels of detection in a portable device,” said Dr. Mike Lynn, co-founder and CEO, Hound Labs. “We have been testing this technology in collaboration with one of the world’s premier research universities. After years of research and development, we are excited to have validated the Hound science and technology that will advance our collective understanding of THC in breath.”

Hound Labs has partnered with several companies to begin manufacturing its breathalyzers and anticipates providing commercial versions to charter customers later this year.

Photo: Hound Labs

Original Post: Only 420: Marijuana Breathalyzer Shows THC Remains in the Breath for 2-3 Hours

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