Pop Art Meets Glass Art with The K. Haring Collection

Pop Art Meets Glass Art with The K. Haring Collection

Original Post: Cannabis Now: Pop Art Meets Glass Art with The K. Haring Collection

[Canniseur: This is a promo. When I first looked at the glass, I thought it was just plain lab glass, which it is, until I looked harder. The decoration on the glass was drawn by none other than Keith Haring, an artist who had a regrettably short but impactful career that brought social awareness to many issues. It’s worth a look and a read, and possibly purchase one of these pieces to get this impactful art into your mind. They’re functional and they’re art. I wish he hadn’t died so young.]

The K.Haring Glass Collection is an exclusive line of glass pipes and accessories featuring artist and social activist Keith Haring’s iconic graphics, which incorporate broad, bold strokes and groundbreaking imagery that helped spread messages of peace, love equality and compassion in the 1980s during the AIDS epidemic….

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Pop Art Meets Glass Art with The K. Haring Collection was posted on Cannabis Now.

The Energy Consumption Quandary of Cannabis Growers

The Energy Consumption Quandary of Cannabis Growers

Original Post: Cannabis Now: The Energy Consumption Quandary of Cannabis Growers

The rapid expansion of indoor cannabis cultivation comes with a unique set of challenges, particularly in states where recreational cannabis is legal and more product is being grown.

In 2012, a study in California found that legal, indoor medicinal cannabis cultivation utilized 3 percent of the entire state’s energy consumption. With recreational cannabis now legal, and the potential for California’s cannabis economy to become the world’s largest, energy consumption and its impact on the grid are becoming pressing issues for utility companies and state officials.

A traditional indoor cannabis farm using high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights with 10,000 square feet of flowering space can draw up to 550 kW of power for just lighting alone—that’s 6,775 percent more than a modern commercial office space of the same size.

The cannabis industry is going to continue to grow rapidly. For the industry and those charged with supplying power to it, that begs a question: How do we reduce the energy consumption of indoor cannabis farms?

Fluence Bioengineering is Creating Solutions

California is already trying to proactively answer this question. Recently, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) partnered with commercial cannabis producer, Amplified Farms, to determine if LED technology is a viable alternative to HPS lighting.

Amplified Farms designated two identical flower rooms to the trial, with all variables consistent except for lighting. One room contained 21 1,000-watt double-ended HPS fixtures; the other contained 21 660-watt Fluence SPYDRx PLUS fixtures.

A third-party consulting firm, Cadmus, monitored both rooms for the entire flowering cycle to collect energy and environmental data, including energy consumption of lighting systems; plug loads; and HVAC, along with measuring photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD), temperature, and relative humidity and CO2 levels. Along with the energy metrics, Cadmus also collected yield and potency results for all strains in the study.

Energy Savings of LED vs. HPS Lights in the SMUD Study

The study found a 20 percent savings in total energy, and a 34 percent savings in lighting energy when comparing the Fluence room to the HPS room. In addition to the energy savings, the study noted the Fluence room achieved higher THC levels than historical averages and yields within a range of historical averages.

  • Overall energy savings of 20% with LED lights (7,628 kWh)
  • Lighting energy savings of 34% with LED lights (5,344 kWh)
  • Overall demand savings of 7% with LED lights (4.2 kW)
  • Lighting demand savings of 33% with LED lights (7.3 kW)
  • Simple payback of 3.3 years for the LED upgrade

Based on the results of the study, SMUD now offers financial incentives to help cover the cost difference between energy-efficient LED technology and traditional HPS fixtures. You can view the entire report of the SMUD study here.

Fluence’s Full Array of LED Lighting Solutions

The results of the SMUD study are similar to those that Fluence has found with other growers. Overall, the company’s LED lighting solutions result in less energy spend, increased space for production, and higher yields and quality.

All of Fluence’s LED lighting solutions are designed and built in Austin, Texas. Each series is purposefully designed to deliver uniform broad-spectrum light distribution for a range of grow applications.

  • The SPYDR Series is ideal for vertical farming—from veg to bloom—with an average PPFD up to 1,030 µmol/m2/s over a 4’x4’ canopy. The SPYDR Series is designed at 4.6” thin, with a recommended mounting height just 6” from the top of the canopy.
  • With energy efficiency reaching 2.3 µmol/J and an average PPFD up to 1,085 µmol/m2/s over a 3’x4’ canopy, the VYPR Series is designed for greenhouse and indoor growers as a cost-effective solution.
  • The RAZR Series is designed for the world’s largest and densest vertical farms, offering a cost-effective way to increase yield, quality, and profit margins.
  • The RAY Series features a slim form factor available in three lengths and six spectral options. It’s a utility-player LED fixture ideal for research facilities, vertical farms, side-canopies and intra-canopy light.

To find out how Fluence can help you take your indoor farm to the next level, visit their website.

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The Energy Consumption Quandary of Cannabis Growers was posted on Cannabis Now.

The Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer Delivers a Customized High

The Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer Delivers a Customized High

Original Post: Cannabis Now: The Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer Delivers a Customized High

Looking for a portable vaporizer that does it all? The Grizzly Eclipse vaporizer is a versatile 3-in-1 device that uses three separate tanks, allowing you to interchange between vaping dry herb, concentrate and e-liquid.

The clever thing about this vape is that the base unit recognizes which tank is screwed on and displays the associated symbol (leaf for dry herb, honeycomb for concentrate, or drop for e-liquid) on its screen.

This automatic detection means that the temperature, wattage, and coil voltage are synced to each tank – which is pretty neat! You can then adjust the functions to your preferred vaping settings. In case you aren’t sure where to start, Grizzly provides a paper insert with recommended settings for your first setup.

For our review, we’ll be sticking to cannabis, testing the device with dry herb and concentrate.

Dry Herb

Using a mellow Lady Benbow strain for some all day puffing, we found the Grizzly Eclipse vaporizer allows for a great flavor profile, but low to average vapor plume. The tank heats up to a max of 385 degrees F which is a little on the cold side for herb, yet the fast heat up time makes it worthwhile. Simply hold down the main button for five seconds to initiate the heating setting. The display screen shows the degrees clocking up until it stops at your selected temperature. Once at temperature, the draw resistance is comparable to other dry herb vaporizers – you have to pull much harder than a CO2 vape pen or joint, but there is no need for heavy or labored drags.


After spending time with herb only, we switched over to concentrate to see how the Grizzly faired. Using some Gemstone indica wax, the vaporizer produced big vapor and bold flavor. The wax was efficiently heated and lasted for multiple hits; plus, clean up was simple with the provided Eclipse accessories (along with a cotton swab, not included). The Grizzly Eclipse feels like a great option for taking concentrates on the go. The device is around six inches, give or take depending on which tank you are using, so it’s better suited for a bag than a pocket.

The Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer Overall Experience

Once set up properly, the experience of using the Grizzly is simple and effective. The device feels well-made. It’s weight, shape, and rubber grip detail feel nice in the hand and the tanks are easy to interchange. After the initial charge, the battery life was excellent. The inconvenient initial setup time is a drawback – the device requires charging for four hours before the first use and you have to run the heat cycle with empty tanks before packing them for use. The max temperature on the herb could be higher, but both the herb and the concentrate tasted great.

The Grizzly Eclipse was designed in Toronto, Canada by Grizzly Originals to be versatile, durable and convenient – and we certainly agree. With some of the expected issues that come with being a 3-in-1 vaporizer instead of a single specialized tool, the vape is by far the most modern design out there. This product is great for the multi-category consumer. Instead of dealing with multiple devices for your different materials, this device will simplify your routine.

The Grizzly Eclipse vaporizer is available through Namaste Vapes. It’s important to note that the Grizzly Eclipse comes with a one year warranty, but this does not include the glass pieces – so don’t drop the tanks! But should you need one, replacements are readily available through the Namaste Vapes website.

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The post The Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer Delivers a Customized High appeared first on Cannabis Now.

The Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer Delivers a Customized High was posted on Cannabis Now.

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