The Best THC Cartridges of 2018

The Best THC Cartridges of 2018

[Editor’s Note: Check out these top rated THC cartridges ranked by flavor and potency. Buyer beware though. Make sure you know how your choice of cartridge was made.]

There are tons of THC cartridges to choose from. Here are some of this year’s best

THC cartridges made getting high while visiting family a breeze this holiday season. They look just like e-cigs and best of all they won’t leave a smell on you. So there was no need to Febreze yourself on the way back from that “walk” with your cousins.

The concentrated cannabinoid content and the consumption method make cartridges perfect for anyone in need of discreet and quick relief. If you’re not a fan of waiting to find out whether you’ll be in the 9th dimension or nowhere with edibles, cartridges are the move for you.

Their convenience has made them one of the most popular cannabis products over the last few years and as a result, the market is now saturated with tons of brands to choose from.

How is a consumer supposed to decide? You won’t know what you’re getting until you buy it, try it and have it lab tested at a reliable facility. If you’re not about that life, here are the best THC cartridges we came across this year.

Best in Flavor

MPX Strawberry Fields

MPX Strawberry Fields

Melting Point Extracts or MPX makes some of the finest cannabis products out of Nevada and Arizona.

This is an extremely accurate representation of the actual Strawberry Fields strain. The sweetness from the Strawberry Cough lineage comes out strong on every pull,

710 Labs Lemon Tart Pucker

Best THC Cartridges of 2018

710 Labs

710 Labs products are available in California and Colorado. Their team selects the genetics and grows them in-house before extracting some of the most sought-after products in the industry. Their sauce pens contain no distillate or cutting agents. It comes from the

This is another one with flavor to match its name. On the inhale you get the sour lemon and on the exhale, the taste of baked goods lingers on your tongue from the Dough Dawg (Animal Cookies x Stardawg) in the lineage. The effects were euphoric and energetic, providing enough energy to walk around and socialize for a couple of hours.

Green Dot Labs Coin Style Full Spectrum Extract

Best THC Cartridges of 2018

Green Dot Labs

Green Dot Labs is an extract focused cannabis-brand based out of Colorado. Sticking to their belief of “Quality In, Quality Out,” they make some of the highest quality extracts in every consistency a connoisseur could ask for.

Their Full Spectrum Extract brings the familiar flavors of their concentrate line into a portable cartridge for on-the-go enjoyment without any extra baggage. That means no additives.

Exclusive Melts Lemon Banana Sherbert

Best THC Cartridges of 2018


Exclusive Melts is the winner of several High Times Cannabis Cup awards, including TWO first place victories at the last World Cup. They use strains and flowers from some of the world’s most renowned breeders, including DNA Genetics.

The flavor was prominent and mouth-watering. It was a smooth and tasty hit down to the last drop and there was enough potency in the high terpene extract for effects to settle in after a few pulls. With a flavor that enjoyable and no distillates or additives, it didn’t take long for the cartridge to empty out.

Nexus OG Live Resin Sauce

10 Best THC Cartridges of 2017

Nexus Live Resin Sauce Pens were one of the first to bring natural terpenes and potency to the California market. Live resin lovers looking for something more convenient than a messy wax pen have found the answer.

It tastes like the flower smells. Not like some added flavoring. Nexus claims there is no additives and no distillate. You get a large cloud with every pull and strong effects follow. One of the smoothest, cleanest hitting cartridges on the market. The OG has that gassy aroma you usually only find in the actual OG Kush flower or live resin.

Like the rest of the live resin sauce or high terpene extract carts on this list, you won’t be able to keep it for long.

Even though there are tons of vape pen cartridges on the market it’s hard to find ones that shine. The best THC cartridges function properly from start to finish. They’re also filled with clean, quality medicine that hasn’t been tampered with.

Best in Potency

Happy Sticks Orange Crush

Best THC Cartridges of 2018

Happy Stick

Happy Sticks are an up and coming cannabis brand based in California with a focus on cartridges. They’ve won a High Times Cannabis Cup and recently took 5th and 7th in the cartridges category with their new line of sauce pens at the Emerald Cup competition.

Their Orange Crush is a great flavor that matches the name. When vaporizing, you can expect smooth vapor going in and out.

In fact, it can take multiple hits back-to-back with minimal irritation. The flavors are tasty and usually unlike cannabis. If you prefer the taste of cannabis-derived terpenes, their La Jolla Diesel sauce pen has a taste unique to weed.

It never takes long for the potency to settle in. One to two large hits should have you cruising for a while.

Field Sour Sunset Sauce Pen

Best THC Cartridges of 2018

Field Extracts

Field Extracts pheno hunts and cultivates the flowers they use for their hash and cartridges in-house in California. Their cartridges are a mixture of distillate and high terpene extracts. The ratio of distillate to sauce varies by the viscosity of their high terpene extracts.

Taking a big pull from their Sour Sunset sauce cartridge was a slap of gas from the sour diesel and sunset sherbet with some earthy undertones from the Cookies lineage. The potency crept after three moderate hits. It was a wonderful mix of being couch locked and euphoria.

Honey Vape Girl Scout Cookies

Best THC Cartridges of 2018

Honey Vape

HoneyVape is based out of California. They were one of the first brands to put distillate in cartridges and they’ve maintained a quality product and excellent customer service over the years.

Their Girl Scout Cookies cartridge smokes smoothly with earthy notes and a hint of sweetness. Each pull is packed with potency, it only takes a few hits to blast off.

Each cartridge is filled with clean distillates and tasty terpenes. There is no hint of additives or residuals.


10 Best THC Cartridges of 2017

Stiiizy is attempting to influence, inspire and innovate the cannabis industry. They quickly made a name for themselves, racking up tons of positive reviews, a strong following and an award at the High Times So Cal Harvest Cup.

The stealthiest and most convenient cartridge on the market. You just plug in a pod of THC distillate and inhale. Repeat until the cartridge is empty, toss, and replace. You’ll never experience any burning.

When taking a huge pull, it chucked clouds, but there was some irritation.

Best of Both Worlds

Tree Base Klear Str8 Lemonade

Best THC Cartridges of 2018

Tree Base Klear

Tree Base Klear is making unique flavored cartridges that hit hard but taste smooth. They’re made with clean distillates for high potency with natural terpenes that have flavors and aroma that come from cannabis plants.

Tree Base Klear collaborated with Str8 Organics to bring us their Str8 Lemonade cartridge. On the first inhale, you can tell where the name comes from. It starts with a piney and sweet citrus that’ll leave your mouth watering for more. On the exhale, there were gassier notes.

On top of great flavors, the distillate provides potency on a consistent basis. It only takes one or two large pulls to get to where you need to be.

The best THC cartridge will depend on your preference. If you’re looking for potency, go with a distillate cart. Flavor chasing connoisseurs are better off with sauce pens and full spectrum extracts.

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Products Revolutionizing the Way We Consume Weed

Products Revolutionizing the Way We Consume Weed

Editor’s Note: Technology advancements have improved our cannabis-use experiences. Vape pens have come a long way over the last few years, while distillates are improving our edible results.

The face of cannabis consumption has evolved far beyond pipes, papers, and the pot brownie. While the classics are still enjoyed by many, there are several products revolutionizing the way we consume weed for the better. Vaporizers are becoming more portable, infusing dishes has never been easier, and there are a few innovations we have to thank for that.

Cooking with Cannabis can be Easier

The world of cannabis cuisine completely changed with the introduction of distillates. In the world of weed, distillates are made by refining concentrated cannabis oil to remove impurities and further isolate cannabinoids. Compounds that produce the aroma and flavor of cannabis like terpenes and flavonoids are removed during the distillation process. The lack of flavor makes it easy to dose dishes without adding a strong weed taste to every bite.

Additionally, having a distillate helps you skip the decarboxylation process. That means you won’t have to stink up your whole house or apartment trying to cook up some cannabutter that might not even work.

Furthermore, unless you’re lab testing your flower and product during the process of making cannabutter, it’ll be hard to tell how strong the final product is anyway. With a lab tested syringe of distillate, it will be much easier to know exactly how much THC or CBD is in each meal.

If you live in a place with medical or recreational cannabis, it shouldn’t be difficult to get your hands on a syringe of distillate. You can also dab your distillates but the effects can feel different from smoking or dabbing other products that have the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes typically found in the plant.

If you lack access to distillate or enjoy cannabutter, there is now a product that simplifies the decarboxylation process. The Ardent Nova Decarboxylator was designed to fully activate your product’s THC content at home. The Nova creates less smell and less mess than the process of making cannabutter. Put up to 1 ounce of flower or 5 ounces of kief in, wait for 2 hours and you can sprinkle the finished product on any food or eat it raw to get medicated. Every device comes with instructions on understanding dosage based on personal needs.

Smart Vaporizers

Vaporizers for dry herbs have made it easier for consumers to taste and make the most of their cannabis flowers. However, dry herb vaporization hasn’t changed much since Storz & Bickel introduced the Volcano, Crafty, and Mighty vaporizers. Portable dry herb vaporizers have gotten slimmer over time, but the efficiency hasn’t improved much if at all.

On the other hand, daily dabbers have struggled to find a device that accurately mimics the experience of a proper low-temperature dab. The original vaporizers for concentrates had red hot coils powered by cheap batteries. They may have made consuming concentrates on-the-go less of a hassle but efficiency took a major hit. On top of tasting burning oil, it took much more of your stash than it would have with a nail, torch and dab rig for the same effects.

Puffco Peak

About a year ago, Puffco introduced the Peak, which was the first concentrate vaporizer to actually bridge the gap between convenience and quality. It only took one dab out of the device to tell that it was a game changer. It had the flavor of a perfectly-timed low-temperature dab without the torching, waiting or timers.

Much like their extremely portable Puffco Plus pen, dabs are loaded into a ceramic cup instead of being loaded directly onto a heating element. Two taps on the device’s only button will heat it up. Single clicks allow you to toggle through four different heat settings with the option to double tap and “boost” during a session for larger dabs. The device can also automatically adjust the amount of heat if things are still hot from the last dab.

The company has also released several attachments and accessories to make the Peak the ultimate companion for traveling dabbers.

Dr. Dabber Switch

A few months ago, Dr. Dabber introduced a device that could handle all of a cannabis consumers vaporization needs. The Dr. Dabber Switch effectively vaporizes oils with the option to vaporize dry herbs as well. You won’t have to plug the Switch into a wall for it to operate but you’ll have a harder time carrying it around when compared to the petite Peak.

However, the Switch shines with a wider range of temperature options, shorter heat up times, a longer battery life, a quartz cup option and the ability to deliver consistent hits without the need to eventually purchase $40 replacement atomizers. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, consistency and versatility, the Switch excels.

If you’re not planning to travel with it frequently, the Switch is the ultimate replacement to the complications presented by butane-filled torches. With a Switch, you’ll be done cleaning the dab off with a Q-tip before you’d even start dropping the dab with a traditional low-temperature dab on certain quartz bangers.


THC cartridges have made traveling and consuming cannabis easier than ever before. To make cartridge vaporizers stealthier and sleeker, the makers of Juul vaporizers brought their pod-based vaporization technology to their PAX Era device without the nicotine content. Instead, PAX Era pods are filled by various producers of cannabis oil.

The PAX Era is also smartphone compatible. With the PAX app, colors and temperatures can be adjusted. You can also control the size of each hit in case you prefer microdosing throughout the day.

We’ve been finding ways to improve cannabis consumption well before its use was acceptable. As the plant becomes legal in more places, more minds are coming together to find more efficient ways to consume cannabis products. As consumption methods continue to improve, we’ll happily research and document the evolution.

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Ultrasound Increases Yields And Cannabinoid Extraction Speed

Ultrasound Increases Yields And Cannabinoid Extraction Speed

Could ultrasound be the next step in the evolution of cannabinoid extraction? Researchers in Hungary tested how ultrasound could impact the speed and efficiency of cannabinoid extraction. The results were promising. In fact, they found ultrasound increases yields and cannabinoid extraction speed.

Using Ultrasound During Cannabinoid Extraction

study that was published in The Journal of Food Science and conducted at Sopron University in Hungary looked into the benefits of ultrasound cannabis extraction. A team of Hungarian researchers used alcohol as a solvent and low-frequency ultrasound to enhance the extraction of bioactive chemicals from the cannabis plant. There was also a control extraction with no sonification to draw comparisons from.

Alcohol is a popular solvent used for small extractions like Rick Simpson Oil and it is also used in medical extraction facilities. The extraction equipment is small and easier to obtain than the necessary tools for other extraction methods.

The team of Hungarian researchers conducted an experiment on the influence of time, input power and methanol concentration on the extraction of phenols, flavonoids, the ferric reducing ability of plasma (FRAP) and the overall yield.

Influence On Yield

One of the most notable advantages researchers found to using ultrasound were increased yields. In fact, higher values were obtained during the ultrasonic process when compared to the control extraction. Researchers praised the potential of using ultrasound technology to increase the yield of cannabinoid extraction.

“Appreciably higher extraction of cannabinoids was achieved on sonication against control,” the study report stated.

Extraction Speed

One of the greatest advantages noted from the ultrasound-assisted extraction was the influence on extraction speed. A typical extraction can take anywhere from thirty minutes to a few days. The experiment found the optimal extraction time with ultrasound was 15 minutes.

“On comparing the ultrasonic process with the control extraction, noticeably higher values were obtained for each of the responses,” researchers said.

Researchers also noted that the time and the solvent “significantly affected the extraction.” Using ultrasound on other solvents could lead to even more effective extractions but more research would need to be conducted.

Certain extractors are already taking advantage of ultrasonic cannabis extraction with other solvents. It is nonthermal so there isn’t enough heat to cause the degradation of active ingredients. It is energy-efficient so costs are low, it doesn’t add any hazardous or toxic chemicals and best of all research has shown it shortens extraction time while increasing cannabinoid yields.

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Ultrasound Increases Yields And Cannabinoid Extraction Speed was posted on High Times.

Lauryn Hill, Cypress Hill, Gucci Mane: Here’s the Music Lineup for Cannabis Cup Central Valley

Lauryn Hill, Cypress Hill, Gucci Mane: Here’s the Music Lineup for Cannabis Cup Central Valley

After the epic lineup at the SoCal Cannabis Cup, we’re excited to announce another roster full of Grammy award-winning and legendary musical acts for the Central Valley Cannabis Cup at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds in Sacramento.

Music Lineup for Cannabis Cup Central Valley

There will be a performance from Ms. Lauryn Hill who will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of her debut solo album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Lauryn Hill, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane: Here's the Music Lineup for Cannabis Cup Central Valley

After a killer performance at the SoCal Cup, we had to have Lil Wayne with us at the Central Valley Cup.

Lauryn Hill, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane: Here's the Music Lineup for Cannabis Cup Central Valley

Gucci Mane will be blessing the High Times stage for the first time in Sacramento.

Lauryn Hill, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane: Here's the Music Lineup for Cannabis Cup Central Valley

Rich The Kid will be bringing his unparalleled energy to the High Times stage once again.

Lauryn Hill, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane: Here's the Music Lineup for Cannabis Cup Central Valley

There aren’t many multi-platinum hip-hop groups that also advocate for medical and recreational marijuana. That is why we’re honored to have Cypress Hill and Mix Master Mike performing for us at the upcoming event.

Lauryn Hill, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane: Here's the Music Lineup for Cannabis Cup Central Valley

Fans of the boss, Rick Ross will be happy to hear that he’ll be back to light the stage up for us in Sacramento.

Lauryn Hill, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane: Here's the Music Lineup for Cannabis Cup Central Valley

Another Grammy award-winning musician joining us at Central Valley is Ludacris. He has had a successful career as a performer both on-stage and on-screen. He has also never been shy about his love for weed.

On top of the music lineup for Cannabis Cup Central Valley, you can expect the usual festivities. As with the last cup, there will be absolutely no shortage of weed or fun activities.

The event will take place at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds which is located at 1600 Exposition Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815. The two-day event will go on from May 4th to the 5th. Doors are at noon for VIPs. General Admission can enter after 12:30 pm.

There will be more announcements on our social media pages and website. You can grab early bird tickets at

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What Are the Benefits Of Vaping Weed?

What Are the Benefits Of Vaping Weed?

Cannabis vaporization came into popularity when users began to realize the benefits of vaping weed versus smoking. Traditionally cannabis has always been combusted but now we have the technology to vaporize. In fact, there are portable, desktop and oil pen vaporizers for added stealth on the market now. When comparing the differences between smoking and vaping we’ll focus on dry herb vaporizers.

Smoke vs. Vapor: What Are You Inhaling?

The greatest distinction between smoking and vaping is combustion. If any combustion occurs, you’ll be inhaling more than just cannabinoids.

In fact, a study that was designed to evaluate the efficacy of herbal vaporizers illustrated it. The study used the same type of cannabis to both vaporize and smoke. What they found was the vaporized cannabis consisted of mostly cannabinoids with a trace of three other compounds. On the other hand, combusted smoke had over 111 compounds including a wide range of toxins.

One of the only advantages to smoking over vaping is it won’t cost you much up front. However, a vaporizer used over a long-term will save you weed and money. Another advantage of smoking is simplicity. To many packing a bowl or rolling a joint comes easier than packing a vaporizer.

Another study found that cannabis users who vaporize were less likely to report respiratory symptoms. So what are the benefits of vaping? Users can still get the benefits of cannabinoids without the pyrolytic smoke compounds.

Finally, research from Leiden University found that the effects of using a vaporizer gave similar results to smoking with less harmful side effects. “The final pulmonal uptake of THC is comparable to the smoking of cannabis while avoiding the respiratory disadvantages of smoking.”

Avoiding combustion also drastically reduces the lingering smell of cannabis. Vaporizers will have an easier time going unnoticed after and during the consumption of cannabis.

Why Do Some People Still Prefer Smoking?

When it comes to your health, vaporization seems like the best method of inhalation. Despite the growing awareness of the benefits of vaping, many people that have tried a vaporizer still choose to smoke regularly. This is because vaporization comes with a few deterrents.


Some vaporizers have learnings curves that make it hard to use and share with beginners. Others have to be repacked in order to be shared. Passing a joint is an easier and more universal way of sharing cannabis.


Another thing that deters people from vaporization is the initial cost. The best portable vaporizers for dry herbs cost up to $300 but they bring out the best qualities from your cannabis. Anything under a hundred dollars is unlikely to effectively vaporize your herbs. Consider purchasing one of the top portable vaporizers a long-term investment.


A large downside is the cleaning process. When smoking a joint you can just toss it when it starts to taste more like paper than weed. However, a dry herb vaporizer needs to be cleaned regularly for optimal function.

You’ll have to brush the chamber out whenever you’re done vaporizing. Some people move onto the next pack when the weed turns yellowish-brown while others will cook it until it is dark brown. It will also require a deep cleaning every once in a while because oils will build up wherever air travels from the chamber to the mouthpiece.

When it comes to desktop vaporizers, they come in many different styles. Some have a whip for a mouthpiece, a water attachment or the fillable balloon. There are just more pieces to clean and take care of when you compare it to smoking.


Portable vaporizers need to be charged. If you forget to charge it and don’t have a charger or a place to charge you’re stuck with a temporary paperweight. In those situations, it is much easier to find papers and a lighter if you don’t already have them handy.

The benefits of vaping weed are mostly health and stealth related. There are many cons to vaporization that have kept many people from fully adopting the method of consumption. As vapor technology becomes more accessible and more people realize the benefits, will people will abandon papers and pipes in search of a cleaner high?

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