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What We’re About

To know about Canniseur is to know we are a for-profit organization, cannabis news source. We also believe in giving back and supporting our world. We support the three Ps of business – People, Place, before Profit. To that end, we will give 10% of our net proceeds to worthy causes such as; LGBT organizations, Veteran organizations, and drug education programs.

The Canniseur Philosophy

We’re here in part, because today there’s a lot of news about the cannabis industry. Our desire is to make today’s marijuana news available all in one place. We want to make it easy for everyone to find pertinent marijuana news when you need it.

Cannabis is like wine. All the issues surrounding wine are applicable to cannabis. There are many comparisons and we’re just beginning to see even more ways cannabis is like wine…at least as far as the respective industries are concerned. Make no mistake, our governments, federal, state and local, treat the alcoholic beverage industry as if it was a drug industry. And it is! The cannabis industry is beginning to shape up in the same way as wine industry did in the 80s and 90s. Craft Beer is much the same way. Given that legal cannabis is a highly regulated business, laws are somewhat shaped by the people who consume the product.

Affiliate Marketing

It is our pledge to you that our reviews are truthful reviews.
Canniseur, in some instances, makes money from referring you, our website visitor, to quality products. These are products that we have reviewed and used ourselves. If a product does not make the grade, you’ll hear that from us. Not all our reviews are of affiliate products, but we will certainly let you know when it is.

Contact us if you have a cannabis-related product or service you would like our team to review.

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