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Buying Weed During COVID in Michigan

I'm just finishing a stay in Ann Arbor and stopped at two of my favorite cannabis vendors to see what the state of this State is. There are some really disturbing trends that I saw. COVID Buying Procedures Buying cannabis has changed during our COVID experience. I...

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5 Cannabis Harvest Tips for a Successful Outdoor Season

A very important story if you're growing your own. Botrytis is a fungus that works great in the wine business ... sometimes ... but can totally ruin your cannabis harvest. There are ways to spot it and eliminate it from your plants without the use of chemicals. Read...

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How To Prune Your Cannabis Plants

[Canniseur: If you want to grow your own, you need to watch this. It's just over 4 minutes long and worth your time if you want to grow quality cannabis.l Many plants on Earth benefit from being pruned from time to time. The cannabis plant is certainly one of those...

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Strain Reviews

Cookies n’ Cream – From The Spot, Pueblo, CO

Cookies & Cream Strain Review: Total Score 93 Cookies & Cream sounds like a yummy snack...or meal. Once upon a time, I loved my Oreos and milk. Smooth, unctuous delicious. I used to be able to eat a whole bag of Oreos and drink a quart of milk, but no more. I don't...

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50 Surprising Benefits Of Cannabis

Cannabis is good for you. Really? The answer is more and more affirmingly YES as we get more results from good research and not just anecdotal evidence that might or might not be an 'old wives tale' (an expression we need to get rid of in the English language) or some...

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Video: Inside a High-End Cannabis Dispensary

If you're in a state that doesn't have legal cannabis, I feel for you. It'll come eventually. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this store. Cannabis shops are just like any other retail operation. There are low end, middle of the road and high- end stores. High-end...

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The Best Strains of CBD Flower

Not all CBD is created equal. Many types of plants have different varieties, each with their own distinct properties. Plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, and even roses come in several varieties. Cannabis hemp plants act in much the same way. Due to cross-breeding and...

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