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Cannabis in Chile? Not So Fast

Cannabis in Chile? Not So Fast

Cannabis in Chile Chile is the largest consumer of cannabis in South America, according to Wikipedia. It is? Can cannabis in Chile be safely obtain by a casual user or visitor? Chileans appear to have very low key approach to weed and it made for a surreal experience...

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California to Send National Guard to Raid Pot Farms

[Editor's Note: Contraband markets take a long time to dry up. Good legislation is needed to make it more profitable for the illegal growers to become legal growers. It's that simple.] California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced this week he would be sending the state’s...

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Plant Growth Regulator (PGRs): Weed on Steroids?

[Editor's Note: Are PGRs carcinogenic or safe? Why do some countries ban the use of PGRs? Should you use synthetic or natural PGRs?] Why is there such an interest in the PGRs for cannabis? For those of us who have held dense buds of cannabis, many have likely thought...

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5 Canadian Films to Watch While High

[Editor's Note: These are great pairing suggestions. Some are short, some long, but you'll probably enjoy them all when stoned.] Are you ready for one of the greatest pairings in history? Cannabis makes the perfect companion for a trip through the National Film Board...

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The Home Hashmaking Buyer’s Guide

[Editor's Note: If you want to learn how to make extracts. This isn't just a recipe, but it an equipment guide as well.] With all the effort that goes into growing your own beautiful cannabis, it’s a shame to think that you might be throwing away your leftover plant...

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