Canniseur Corner

Why Can’t We Learn from Lessons in the Recent Past?

Yesterday, I came across a story by Livia Gershon titled "Legalizing Marijuana: Lessons from the Post-prohibition Era". This story got me thinking; We're in an era of legalization or rather the re-legalization of cannabis throughout the U.S. and indeed the world. The...

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Gardening: Cannabis in 7 steps

[Canniseur: Wherever it's legal (or not) a whole lot of us are staying at home these days of COVID-19. Since you're home, may as well plant your favorite plant and make some grow your own action! The quality of homegrown can frequently be way better than store bought...

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Cannabis Harvest Timing: Earlier vs Later

Every time I harvest cannabis, I make a conscious choice; do I want to harvest a heady, clean buzz that borders on psychedelic, or a descent into the depths of my couch, with my eyelids growing heavier by the second, and the room slowly falling dark?  Harvest timing...

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Strain Reviews

9 Best Marijuana Strains of the 2020 Harvest

[Canniseur: I can't say any more about the year or the strains than the author. So I'm going to leave it at that. Here are 9 terrific strains, whether for 2020 or 2016, it doesn't matter. What does matter that this has been a turducken year, but not as good as a...

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Miracle Gro for Cannabis!!!

Some years ago, Scotts Fertilizers, yes the same people who sold you stuff to keep the crabgrass off your lawn, made it clear they were going to direct the marketing of their fertilizers to the cannabis growers in legal markets. There are other companies in this...

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Strain Review – Lazercat Cannabis Live Rosin

This is not an ordinary strain review. If you've read my reviews, you'll know I'm a fan of whole flower consumption. I like flower because it's holistic. The whole plant might be better than the parts like trichomes, THC, CBD or any other partial use of the plant. I...

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Pot DOES NOT Make You Stupid

The idea that the use of cannabis results in a decline in cognitive ability, at any age, has been thoroughly discredited in this study. It's a long term study, the first of its kind, I believe, and it unequivocally shows that cannabis is not responsible for cognitive...

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Ninja Sex Party Is An Orgy For Your Ears

[Canniseur: Ninja Sex Party sounds like it's something it's not. This is a great rock duo with a phenomenal sense of humor that comes out in their music as well as their costumes. And they have a social consciousness about them. You can't ask for more; great music,...

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The Best Strains of CBD Flower

Not all CBD is created equal. Many types of plants have different varieties, each with their own distinct properties. Plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, and even roses come in several varieties. Cannabis hemp plants act in much the same way. Due to cross-breeding and...

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