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This City Looks to Become the ‘New Amsterdam’

[Canniseur: In the long run, Vegas's casinos should be nervous about 'consumption' cafes. In the short run, not so much. Until alcohol sales can be combined with toking, I don't see the sustainability of consumption lounges. And, my prediction is...when it's realized...

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Can You Get High From Too Much CBD?

[Canniseur: CBD has a lot of good effects on pain, epilepsy, and a host of other ailments. I do not believe it is non-psychoactive. There is now research backing this up. It's hard to determine exactly what the effect is now, but it does have an effect on a person's...

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Is Luxury Weed the New Status Symbol?

[Canniseur: High end weed and its accoutrements is all about quality and stepping up your cannabis experience. Sure weed quality is important, but so is the feeling of holding a well balanced vape pen. Or, using an artist created bong. Yes, not everyone can afford...

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‘Beyond Buds, Next Generation:’ Water Hash 101

[Canniseur: Many types of hash, concentrates, butter, sugar, shatter, dabs, wax are available in today's market. There's all sorts of names for cannabis concentrates. Most all are made with a solvent of some sort; alcohol, butane, whatever. Water hash is a different...

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