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Vaping Cannabis is Confusing. 4 Things to Know

Are You Confused about Vaping Cannabis? Vaping cannabis has been all over the news over the last several months. Between vaping extracts, concentrates, and whole flower the terms can be confusing. Dispensaries typically list a long menu of "extracts" and...

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The Price of Advocacy

[Canniseur: This might look like a growing story, but it is most assuredly, not. This is a story about states and the mentality that's taking the small cultivators out of the market for legal cannabis. MIsguided regulators, legislators, and lobbyists are killing the...

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The Good New Days

[Canniseur: The author of this article is a well known long-time grower in ... well, if we told you ... As a former illegal and now legal grower, she does raise some fascinating points. We usually only remember the good things when looking backward, but there was a...

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Strain Reviews

Afghan Kush Cultivar Review (Sativa Hybrid)

Afghan Kush Cultivar Review: Total Score: 92 Afghani Kush is a "sativa hybrid" (according to the dispensary) cultivar. For me, Afghan Kush has wonderful long-ago memories that have nothing to do whether the strain is indica or sativa. Exclusive Provisioning, Ann...

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Cannabis on the Brain: Does it Inspire Creativity?

[Canniseur: The several studies cited here are older, but demonstrate the dangers of attempting to determine how something affects someone. In this case, the something is cannabis, but none of the studies used control groups to help analyze their data. These studies...

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