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Jewish Ritual & Cannabis: What Went on 2500 Years Ago?

A recent discovery at an ancient Jewish temple showed early Jewish culture used cannabis in their religious practice. An ancient temple with two altars was discovered at what is now called the Judahite Fortress at Tel Arad in the Negev desert. Inside the fortress,...

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No study needed: Stoned drivers pose deadly threat

FILE – In this May 25, 2020, file photo, agents Amanda Toma and Ashley Brodeur work with customers outside in the parking lot of cannabis purveyor Berkshire Roots in Pittsfield, Mass. Laws legalizing recreational marijuana may lead to more traffic deaths, two new...

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Gardening: Cannabis in 7 steps

[Canniseur: Wherever it's legal (or not) a whole lot of us are staying at home these days of COVID-19. Since you're home, may as well plant your favorite plant and make some grow your own action! The quality of homegrown can frequently be way better than store bought...

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Strain Reviews

Quarantine Showed Me the Beauty of Indica Strains

[Canniseur: Ah Indica. Love it. I wish we no longer had this distinction between Sativa and Indica, but that's not going to change anytime soon. I frequently don't know when to use "Indica" other than bedtime when I can't truly enjoy the Indica effect. It does help me...

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Working on a Dream

[Canniseur: Legal cannabis cannot hope to compete with the black market until the laws and regulations governing production and distribution look more like the wine industry. As of this writing, California, as are most other states, is woefully behind working this out...

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Cannabis Comes Closer To Circle K

[Canniseur: If 7-11 is anti-cannabis because of some cultural craziness they have, we'll have to take our business to Circle K, which to my knowledge is mostly an east coast chain in the U.S., although I've seen some popping up in the midwest. There's even one in Ann...

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