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Are You a Canniseur of Cannabis?

What Does it Mean to be a Canniseur of Cannabis? Is it the same as being a wine connoisseur? During the 25 or so years I worked in the wine business, I discovered a lot of people like wine but about 90% weren't particular about what they drank. They were, however,...

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Florida Marijuana Laws

[Canniseur: Knowing the cannabis laws in your state is pretty important. Florida's cannabis laws are complex and severe, but have been evolving. If you're one of the many tourists attracted to Florida, or even if you're a resident, learn how to stay out of trouble. ]...

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Gardening: Cannabis in 7 steps

[Canniseur: Wherever it's legal (or not) a whole lot of us are staying at home these days of COVID-19. Since you're home, may as well plant your favorite plant and make some grow your own action! The quality of homegrown can frequently be way better than store bought...

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Tips for Planning Your Spring Cannabis Garden at Home

There’s a lot to consider before making the decision to create and sustain a cannabis garden. Cultivators can never know too much about growing cannabis, so being educated about the process and diligent about the health of the crop will make a world of difference.

We’ve collected some articles designed to help you prepare your home garden for spring. Happy planting!

PHOTO Gracie MalleyREAD: How to Prep Your Home Garden to Grow Cannabis

While cannabis is similar to plenty of other crops that home gardeners might be used to, given that the same key ingredients are soil and light, the cannabis plant still requires some unique expertise. Ahead of the planting season, Cannabis Now spoke with two experts to get their take on how home growers

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Strain Reviews

Video: Cannabis and the Gut

[Canniseur: Watch this animated video to learn or remember basics about cannabis health benefits. This video takes a balanced view of the potential benefits and harm for using cannabis for your intestinal issues and other health problems. Essentially, we need more...

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Tips to BBQ In Place With Weed

[Canniseur: It's Memorial Day weekend. The traditional beginning of summer, but we're mostly staying in place, so a BBQ is a really wonderful thing to make after you've braved the market, found some meat and veggies for the grill. So if you have to stay at home with...

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5 Trusted Medical Marijuana Brands

[Canniseur: We're all interested in understanding which cannabis brands are reputable and which are less than desirable. While I'm sure there are plenty of other quality brands on the market, here's a list of globally recognized reputable medical cannabis. These are...

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