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Survey: 50% of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana

[Canniseur: This little bar chart from says it all. Whether or not there's scientific evidence for all the beneficial things cannabis can do, Americans are truly realizing that there's no harm that comes from cannabis legalization. None. Further, American's...

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Wizard Stones: The Magic of Making Cannabis Diamonds

[Canniseur: The rapidly changing world of concentrates continues to amaze. Now there's a crystalline form of THCA that looks like quartz. t's amazing to watch the crystal grow in the video.] Heat, pressure, and time. The three components required to form a diamond...

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What Is Crumble Wax and How Do You Smoke It?

[Canniseur: I certainly learned a lot from this article. There are so many different kinds of concentrates and new ones seem to come around weekly. It's hard to keep up with the changing and evolving technology.] Why go with crumble wax when there are a handful of...

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