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100 years of Gaslighting Cannabis

Cannabis gaslighting started in the early 1900s when Mexicans started arriving here to escape the civil unrest of the Mexican revolution. They brought with them the use of cannabis for relaxation and the ‘high’ it gave the smoker. Their term for it was marihuana.

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5 Cannabis Harvest Tips for a Successful Outdoor Season

A very important story if you're growing your own. Botrytis is a fungus that works great in the wine business ... sometimes ... but can totally ruin your cannabis harvest. There are ways to spot it and eliminate it from your plants without the use of chemicals. Read...

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Strain Reviews

Notorious THC – Home Grown Strain Review

Notorious THC is a strain that is sold for home grown cannabis. It was really impressive…for about an hour or so. Reviewed using our 4-20s review method, Notorious THC ultimately suffers from pitfalls that await home grown cannabis.

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Can Women Achieve Orgasm With This Company?

Can cannabis help women have more and better orgasms? Here's a fascinating company that is saying just that! Is it true? I don't know, because I'm a guy. If it is, are men next? Or do the companies in the cannabis market leave men alone because orgasms are easier for...

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US Cannabis Harvest Price Report 2020

Here's where the price of your favorite plant is going. Short story, prices are up. Long story; limited supply. Leafly has provided a good report on the price trends in cannabis. Cannabis is a two crop per year plant in certain climates. In an indoor grow operation,...

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COVID-19 & Cannabis

We read through several articles culled from the web about the possible relationships between COVID-19 and cannabis. Nobody doing this research seems to want to make a direct correlation between cannabis and COVID-19. Is this a result of lingering stigma around cannabis? Make up your own mind.

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